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A couple of weeks back two very good friends of mine Todd and Alyda decided to renew their vows after 10 years of marriage, they decided to do this in Las Vegas at a tiny little chapel with a small intimate group of good friends. Elvis was also there. It just so happens that Todd and Alyda are amazing wedding photographers themselves, did I mention that every guest at the wedding was also a wedding photographer? It all started off pretty light hearted until the vows between Todd and Alyda were shared…. No word of a lie, the most beautiful vows I have ever heard. Below is my take on the day, you can also see some of the wonderful Samm Blake’s photo’s here and some of the dashing gent Jonas Peterson’s pictures here. Enjoy!

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matt sloan - bonkers! so glad the shower scene of me didn’t ever make your blog! ;) haha! i have fallen in love with these 2 while in vegas and la. wish i could of known them on this day. such great photos. :)

alyda - ohhhhh dan!!!!!!!! they are amazing. you are amazing. So glad you were with us on one of the best day’s of our lives :). You captured it perfectly :).

todd hunter mcgaw - *uncontrollable sobbing*..

todd hunter mcgaw - *composes self*.. love your vision dan o’day.. you gots more vision than ‘vision street wear’!.. dude ‘thank you’ just doesn’t cut it here.. so so so privileged to have a friend with the rare combo of being a true sensei/master visionary AND really really ridiculously good looking.. see you soon brother..

Steve Elmer - Daneth O’day, brother, these are ripper :)

Tenielle - UMMAMAZING! How beautiful are Todd and Alyda, I love their genuine sincerity in their adoration for each other coupled with their fun loving spirit and I love your vision combined with that. Perfect pairing :)

Anya - I’ve been going up and down looking at these photos over and over and over again trying to find something appropriate to say, I can’t. Wow.

Katie - Totally awesome Dan. Congrats Mcgaws, it looks like a hilarious and amazing day!

Trish - Dan these are SMOKING!

Kelly Lee Tunney - Really Daniel, really? So easy to cry all over again! I love these two more than life itself…okay, not really but I think they are right up there and you have captured all the cute little quirky things that make Todd & Lades – and THAT’S why we love them!

Amanda Thorson - so many cameras…so many photographers! i’ve really been enjoying looking at everyones photos of the same event and seeing how different all the shots are :)

David Robertson - dude you’ve absolutely killed it! the emotions and the connection are incredible.. you’ve told a beautiful story

Jacqui - uh hum, I was actually the only guest i.e. the only one not a photographer. Love them all ;)

Leah Kua - Oh Dan…. seriously. Holy freakin’ crap!! I’ve seen a number of images from Todd & ALyda’s wedding now but these are the first ones that actually made me tear up (and laugh a lot too). Thats caused by at least 1 part being a soppy girl and 2 parts Dan’s brilliance. Love them!

hailey - oh wow! Dan your the man!! These are more then wonderful and make me wish even more that I had seen this amazing looking event!! So beautiful and so many fantastic cameo’s!! Your a legend!

Jonas Peterson - So good, man!

rowe - how amazing! ive seen a lot of photos from this super special day now but i just love the wide perspective… seeing all the photographers there with an array of equipment… todd and alyda must have felt like movies stars! im crazy about the images taken during the vowels, through the round structure (whatever that is) and those close up ones in gorgeous light afterwards… amazing!

Shella - WHOA! just awesome.

Alicia Adamopoulos - The best Todd and Alyda photos I’ve seen so far!!! Love love LOVE these. :D Awesome Dan.

Kristi Wright - These are incredible!! Love your perspective.

Chloe - Oh my. These are killer. As in Dan Make Killer Photo. I think I might love you a little bit, in my tiny photographic heart.

Gemma Carr - Ka-booooom! (that was my photo awesome radar – it just blew up)

Pobke - boom shaka laka dizzle, boom shaka lala. i’m so proud that you’re my friend. and these two lovebirds: well, i’m so grateful that i could be there to witness one of the most BEAUTIFUL, heartfelt vows ever (and that says a lot given how many weddings i go to!). (okay i don’t go to that many. but still.) :) love you all.xoox

Stew - Freakin awesome dude! Lovin all the different takes on the day. Love your view of it all!

Erin Lassahn - Holy amazing these are good! I am so glad I found your blog through Jonas’ post :) Maybe we even met in Vegas a few weeks ago, I am terrible with names! Really creative, fun, beautiful work.

Len - Dan, these are just amazing. I keep looking at them over and over again, and yes they did bring a tear to my eye. Love your work Mr. O’Day. xoxo

Sarah & Chris Rhoads - Dan!!! these are utterly lovely and a perfect portrayal of the beautiful people in them. wow. love love love.

John Benavente - OMG how many cameras!! killed it dan, my fav wedding of yours!
go the volleys :)

Shanna Jones - OMG! I LOVE it! So much personality! They were very clever to invite all wedding photographers to their wedding! ha ha!

Nick Radford - U.N.B.E.L.I.E.V.A.B.L.E DAN!

You’ve blown my mind into a million peices and then rearraged it 20 times better than it was before.

Jason de Plater - Dan this is a stunning set! The story is told so beautifully.

I can imagine you would have been a little nervous covering the event for such close friends but you definitely nailed it, well done.

stephen - every shot !!!

jeff marsh - killer spread man!

Julie Larpent - How Cool!!!

Sandy - SO great Dan! I second Leah Kua, i’ve seen this day portrayed by different (awesome) photographers, and this was the set that mad me shed a tear, even without knowing the lovely couple. Oh to have the eyes+mind of Dan O’Day.

Jason - I love it! I also love the design and style of the red shoes. They look so comfortable and fitting (that is fitting for the feet and for the celebration).

Mark - Amazing stuff, Dano! I love the last one as a stand-alone, but the whole thing is so much fun to look at. Holy paparazzi too!

Sheye Rosemeyer - Uh, yes. Just a little bit, or a lot, awesome.

Kristina Radcliffe - my favourite series!!

samm blake - Oh Dan…!!!! I love so much!! I was just teleported back into that room.. that day.. looking through these. I loved that day so much and you took me straight back there.. I loved seeing the day through your eyes. Absolutely brilliant my dear friend. love. love. love. xoxo

ps. thanks for the showing evidence of mine and pobkes vegas leggings! LOL ;)

Matt and Katie | Photographers - Damn man! These are freaky amazing photos. I shed a tear and I wasn’t even there. You captured our friends beautifully.

michelle - i love these. so much.

John Reyment - Simply Awesome, what a collection, thanks for sharing!

caz lee - dan freakin’ o-day.. you gave me goosebumps of goodness, my boy! all around pure loveliness with a bit of daaaaaaamn thrown in, too. much love! xx

Tim - Wow. All good, as usual. But, that b&w tight shot with their eyes closed is just stunning.

Dan, this is the best blog post ever.
So hilarious as what a scene looks like when a bunch of photogs are like at a photogs wedding! Awesome!

Nora - A friend told me to check these out and I am so glad I found the time to look…..Absolutely amazing images! I can’t pick my jaw off the ground. How have I never seen your work before???

Gemma Clarke - Awesomeness full stop.

brenda eden - eeek! these are awesome!

Rog - so friggin brilliant! I loved looking at these,…twice.

David Moore - Yep. These are the best. You made me feel like I was at the wedding. That’s what it’s all about. You are masterful with the wideangle.Awesome times infinity.

Nicole Ramsay - So amazingly wonderful Dan… Reminds me of when my dad got married in Vegas, by Elvis on Christmas day!. The last shot is gold – sums it all up perfectly.

Julian Beattie - It’s pretty obvious that these are awesome. But I have to comment on the amount of uncle bobs with cameras at this one. Man, you did well to keep them at bay :P Great set. Gorgeous couple. Wish I could have been there!

amari kenoly - amazing!! that’s some killer work!!

sf - how bananas is this? awesome.

Christina - that is awesome!!!! amazing work!!!! love it!

Lauren - beautiful and FUN!! They are lucky you were there!

Jenny J - i just spit soy milk all over myself.

Jonas Seaman - This is one of the most awesomeness things I’ve ever seen.

megg - LOVE your style and the sea of photographers at the wedding. amazing. the end.


Oskar Allerby - I really love the way you’ve captured the whole gang. I laughed out loud seeing like 5 cameras pointing at the “poor” photographer. ;)

Good work!