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I have recently return from a trip to Hong Kong after photographing the dashing Leonard and wondrous Patricia. These two are remarkable human beings. I cannot wait to share their story with you soon. For now, just a few sneaky pictures (the rest to follow shortly)


hugh - Give me more.

Robert Meredith - Beautiful as always Dan, filled with mood and depth. Top work. x

Meg - Perfection! Not that I’d expect anything less from you :)

Carrie - Beautiful work Mr O’Day!

Alyda - You’re such an amazing artist Daniel. This series is glorious!

Justin - ahh, dan, you make it look to easy. i know it’s otherwise.

James Frost - This is mega brother !!!

marina locke - so good!!

Anneli Marinovich - Gorgeous. That last shot is immense. Look forward to seeing the rest :-)

Emily - just beautiful

Melissa Mills - Bloody nice stuff Dan

Cam - A real artist at work. Just so amazing brother.

Laura Calderwood - Magical stuff, love them

Raquel Benito - You are one of my referent in wedding photography…your work is gorgeous. I hope to take pictures like you someday! :-)

Sophie Asselin - So so so beautiful. You’re an inspiration !

Damian - Absolute amazing as always – your such an inspiration Dan, that last image is just class – thanks for the joy!!

Zosia - Superb. With a capital S and all! Love it, Mr O’Day!

BT - Top class, as always, B

fer juaristi - you are just loco brother, love them all.

Falcon - Killer shots :)

Louie - Epic dude

Julian Beattie - Freakin’ amazing, dude!

Nikki Bezel - Fourth frame in, nice, very nice.

ed peers - Where does your talent end mr O’Day…?

Henrik Mill - Excellent!

gee - monster broccoli (last one) is my favorite, very nice!

JK Blackwell - This is absolutely amazing! One of your best! x

PJ Photos - perfect man!

ryan flynn - that last image is just bonkers.

Chris Buechner - Heavenly! Can’t wait to see the rest.

Focus Films - very romantic photography. thanks for sharing this.

nirav - Lovin’ it sir.

Andy Green - Simply Stunning.

Val - Amazing pictures. Great stuff.