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You have to give this little fella points for trying. Good to know that when all else fails you can threaten the target with your ninja moves!

James & Rachel 309James & Rachel 310James & Rachel 311James & Rachel 312

Pobke - bahahaaa :) did you teach him your moves, daniel? :)

kate - love this!!!

Jeremy Beasley - Haha that’s great! She has the growlin tiger pretty well sorted in the 3rd shot

Anya - Haha too funny…and cute!

scotty - so good

michael - amazing.

campo - that’s superb…great moment to capture, i bet bride and groom had no idea what was going on behind them!

Samm Blake - Awesome!!! Love love love this series :)

Stelmer - I’m pretty sure that the little gal is about to counter attack with some dragon ball z fury in the last 2 frames :P

alyda - hahahahahah brilliant!

alex - what a great unscripted moment to capture!

Luke Carrangis - Talk about capturing precious gold away from the main action! Growling Tiger and crouching Dragon- “if you won’t kiss me, then I fight you!”

Stew - Hahahahaha!! Classic!! Nicely captured.

Alan Woo - LOL, love it man! I could imagine you doing something like that when you were little Mr Ladies man.

Paul Von Rieter - What a little stud! love it.

Tim - LOL Needs to refine his style a little. Great capture.

Jacqui - ha … classic. I love that the folks notice nothing.

David Robertson - haha classic!

johnna brynn - this is awesome. you need an award for this one. :)

todd hunter mcgaw - HAHAHAHA! love.it. reminds me of myself when I was little.. (boys always tried to kiss me)

Tracy Condidorio - Soo darn cute! Love the ninja move!

tlaw - insanely hilarious!

Thea - what a cute little mover!!! You really do have the eyes Mr O’day

jeff marsh - that kid is my hero

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Fiona - Hahahah that is awesome!

Erin Lassahn - Hilarious! What a fun catch.

Gemma Carr - bahahaaaaaa – gets better and better in each shot.

jason starr - Well seen man! I think I might try a few of those moves myself.

Mary Kathryn - never can a dan o’day post go wrong. They get more brilliant with every post.

Josh Mikhaiel - Hahahaha oh man this is amazing