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The toughest thing I find about blog posting is coming up with the words to accompany the pictures… Also, I often think that I need to be wary to not say the same thing over and over again every time I update a wedding post. It really is getting hard to not say  the things I want to say about each of my couples (and not sound like I am repeating myself to some extent).. The fact is that I really believe that I connect on some pretty special level when I am sharing such an important day with every couple I shoot and these two lovebirds are no exception.. to put it simply, I can confidently say that I have made a couple of lifetime friends in Garth and Bek … An amazing, hardworking pair with some of  the craziest friends and family you could ever meet.. right up my alley.

Garth and Bek, thank you so much for inviting me into your world and letting be apart of something that was so special to you guys..


Katie - You’re amazing!

Is that a reflection in the middle there? LOVE! That grand landscape one is my fave tho… so much like a painting.

Kristen Cook - Oh you’ve got to be kidding me Dan – these are some of the most amazing images from you yet. I’m speechless, truly!

Alan & Karen Woo - So real and natural, Lovin’ it Dan!

Sheye Rosemeyer - Mr O’Day, you seriously rock. Wow.
S xx

Geoffrey Sinclair - These are amazing photos, very interesting style, I love the Balloon shot

Christine Pobke - dan? what the F!!!!!!??? these are spectacular! each and every shot made me go: “whaaaaaa?” oh this worker p has much, much to learn from bossco. so much to learn. oh so much to learn. the question is: does bossco have enough patience for worker p? :) MY FAVORITE WEDDING OF YOURS EVER. hands down. they are both magnificently gorgeous. sweet jebus this is a long comment. but i mean every word of it. you rule.

Bek - Dan – you legend. Where do I start?!! You are one seriously talented individual!! Your images need no words, they speak volumes for themselves. A sincere and heartfelt thank-you for EVERYTHING. You have been so wonderful through the whole process and beyond. Your professionalism and skill, your creativity, exceptional eye for detail and passion for what you do is inspiring. Our time ‘on location’ with you and Thommo was one of the highlights of our day – we had SO MUCH FUN!! You captured the magic and emotion of our day sensitively and so unobtrusively. We just LOVE the photos and the story they tell…so so many favourites. We’ll treasure these images forever – truly beautiful!…honest…unique…perfect! Like you! :) xx

Thommo (if you’re there??) – what an asset to the team!! Dan has chosen well – you make a seamless team. Thank you so much for your energy and enthusiasm; it was a pleasure to share our day with you too. (oh and thanks again for saving my veil from flying down the mountain when the wind ripped it out of my hair!! hehe) xx

Thommo - Thank you so much Bek. You and Garth were an amazing couple and I had so much fun spending your special day with you. As for saving your veil, it is just one of the many services I am glad to offer :D

s h e r r y - Gorgeous photos! Love the ones in the field!!! And the second to last one is DIVINE.

Els Klootwijk - Hi Dan

Your photos of Rebekah and Garth are absoutely beautiful. You captured so many moods of the bride and groom – I thoroughly enjoyed. It is different from the normal formal photos taken at weddings – artistically and creatively put together. Some white and black shots are also very nice. The last two shots are superb. Great work – will let my colleagues know what a wonderful photographer you are. Take care.

maria lang - Love all the moments captured. I love what you see!

Tim - Another brilliant job. I almost want to get married again just so I can get you to take the pics.

Gemma Carr - ummm, yeah, awesome as always Mr O’day!

todd hunter mcgaw - dude.. this is like a 10.7 on the richter scale of radness. when I opened this post, my desk physically rattled & moved! (may also be because I whacked my knee on the desk when your images knocked me over) SNAP!

Jon Tinkler - Some absolutely beautiful shots in there Dan, nice work. Love the candids from the house and the sunset shots, you caught that just at the right time by the looks of it :-)