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A FEW FAVES FOR NOW // Jess and Scotty {Denmark Wedding, WA}

I was having a conversation with my good buddy Samm Blake a while ago, we were saying to each other, “We should be able to make the time to “share” a story from every wedding we shoot. It doesn’t need to be long, it just needs to be something. As professionals, we should be able to deliver that at least for every wedding we document.” Of course, without having access to that ‘button’ that would enable us to stop time… this isn’t always a reality.

I know I don’t blog often and there are so many stories I am dying to share. I guess the craziness of life and travel get the better of me and my main focus a lot of the time is just to get the stories back to my couples and then, if I manage to make the time to blog, I will.

From this day forth! I am going to make a greater effort to share more of the unique stories of the couples I am fortunate enough to document. Even if its just “A Few Faves For Now”. Let’s call it my New Years resolution. TODAY: I am going to start with just a small selection from Jessica and Scotty’s celebration from almost 2 years ago now. Their wedding took place in Denmark, WA. This wedding felt extremely real… and I say that with the best intentions. This wedding has stuck close to me for a long time. I can’t explain it, it just has.

If you would like to see more from this story just let me know and I’ll share the full story soon. A huge thank you to lovely Rae Marie for coming along as co-pilot on this one.

Love, Dan.


Pretty days - Amazing pics Dan

V. Opoku - Brilliant work as always man, that first frame is a killer.
I am looking forward to this series.

Katie - Yes! Share more! I’m so glad your resolution is to share more because I could look at your art all day! If you ever shoot in Austin, TX please maybe just consider me for a second shooter?! Love your work!

Antony Turner - Yes Dan! Show more mate. BTW – are you coming back to the UK anytime soon?

Jozef Povazan - There is such a flow in your images I love to look at them. Kudos, great work. JP

Josie - You are such a wicked story teller! Yes, more please!

Anthea - Beautiful :) Can’t wait to see more of your couples and stories in the new year!

Pedro Bellido - cool! very good pics :)

Matt Osborne - Such a great story teller Dan. Lovely Work!

Sachin - Yes, more please!..

Pedro Vilela - Love this. Please share!

Cornwall wedding photographer - Amazing set of photographs, really love your work dude!