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Nimmi & Farni had a massive and awesome wedding

I shot Nimmi & Farni’s wedding earlier this year. I invite you to tip your toe into this amazing day as well. From Nimmi, Farni their family’s and myself. Enjoy!

Stewart Leishman - Very refreshing my friend!

Zoe - Lucky Lucky Bride and Groom – as always STUNNING images Dan!
You know, I especially like that flarey off centred backlit b/w peering through the dancers at the couple dancing – gorgeous!

joanna brown - Wow I can feel this, those shots are breathtaking, so rich, full of life and love amazing :)

todd - dude.. loverly stuff.. i especially like the shots from the wedding.. oh wait.

ryan flynn - such a good story. loving all the b+w’s, too. and the eyes closed (ginormous) family shot.

Andy Gaines - Brilliant and inspiring as always! Those portraits in the trees are great!

Thommo - senstational!

Teresa - just freakin’ fantastic. I feel like I just got my party on. ;)

Simon A - Love love love the colour group shot. Fantastic!

john benavente - always a pleasure viewing your work dan.
p.s. thats a big group photo :)

Jonas Peterson - You’re the Dan, man!

Jonas Peterson - LOVE the eyes closed group photo. Great idea.

Kellee Walsh - gorgeous Dan. love all the family portaits in the mix!

bettina kingma - These are all just amazing, love the tall tree shots and the gentleman with his plate of pavlova made me laugh. Love them all.

Sheye Rosemeyer - Yes, yes. Still freaking amazing.

mark dohring - Dan, just awesome photography man, The dog, the eyes closed group shot, the wide shot with the trees.

alyda - you constantly amaze me with your work daniel. i love how you capture those split second random/funny/emotional moments like no one else. loves

David Robertson - ohh myy goodness.. every single frame is just perfect

Cols Thorpe - Just awesome Dan! Love your work as always. Going to make the one forest pic my screensaver now lol!

Tenielle - Beautiful Beautiful! I love how honest your work is, in every way. It’s the closest thing to being there and seeing it for myself. So beautifully documented!

Sheridan - Awesome! Amazing colours and so many people! you really captured the day well:)

Bonnie - Haha, love the little boy on the floor!

Kelly Tunney - Oh my god… Seriously Dan, you leave everyone with no doubt to your tittles of AIPP ACT Wedding Photographer of the year the last 2 year running…. you my friend are a genius.