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Guess how I got into photography? About 10 years ago a good friend of mine named Megan (who was a photographer for a local newspaper) let me use her film camera for a weekend so that I could try this photography stuff out for myself. After she had a look at the pictures I took, she told me that I should really consider taking photography a little more seriously… you really think I should? I asked her… She smiled.

10 Years later my dear friend Megan informs me that she is getting married to a dashing young gent named Ross and she wanted to know if would I consider traveling up to a little town called Eumundi in Queensland to shoot her wedding. What do you say to the person that put a camera in my hands all those years ago? A big fat you bet your ass I will ! and so on October 17 last year (I am a little behind with my blogging) I did just that.

Megan works for a very cool music label called Dew-Process. Ross’s kisses are so powerful they can snap a dress strap in an instant (see below), Ross also fronts an uber cool band call Disco Nap. They have ultra cool friends who wear super sweet clothes and who sport ear to ear smiles when they clap. (I felt like I needed to make that last part rhyme)

Megan, thank you for introducing me to the world of photography and Ross thank you for introducing me to the world of your good looks in all these photo’s. You are both amazing.

I would also like to give a shout out to my bud Jodie De Rome for second shooting this beautiful beast with me. If you would like to hear more about the day go check out the amazing feature on Green Wedding Shoes (here) or you can also go grab the latest issue of Frankie Magazine where Megan and Ross’ story (and my pictures) have been featured. Every now and then a wedding comes along and leaves you speechless…

Michael Wachniak - In case you can’t see me way over here in Canada, I am currently standing and applauding. Love these, dude. You really covered the entire spectrum on this one, and I bet there isn’t even the slightest chance that these cats could love their images more than they already do now. :)

geneoh - Amazing wedding, Dan. Awesome work!

Amanda Thorson - love it, wonderful.

John Benavente - always awesome dan, well done mate!

Andrew Cahill - OMG these are just absolutely gorgeous, i went out an purchased Frankie mag last week after you posted and was so looking forward to seeing the entire post. Love your work Dan!

Mark dohring - Dan, the shot with the man and the baby both smiling is just gold, pure gold!

jennifer armstrong - fabulous moments captured of a day that looks absolutely delightful. And no wonder she said keep that camera in your hand. Your work is a feast.

Tina - you are so cool.. and Frankie love it all

Tyler Branch - always so good.

alyda - amazing amazing amazing, you have skillz!

Tenielle - From start to finish is perfection. Each and every detail, glance and moment. Love everything!

Megan Reeder Hope - Love you Mr O’Day. I cried at your comments. Was so special to have you there with us. Thank you. x

jeff ambrose - aw yeah. love it.

Kelly - LOVE everything about this wedding and how you captured it!

Matt and Katie - Fantastic Dan!

Christina - brilliant! inspiring! just love your use of lighting!!

Colibriphoto - ok. I’ve said it. I’M A NEW FAN. I’m a TOTALLY new fan. Amazing. Beautiful. Touching and most of all inspiring. Keep that camera in your hands! You are rocking it, BIG TIMES!

Catherine - Just amazing…

Stewart Leishman - It’s just all come together so well! Your silhouette’s are so smooth, like silky smooth, better than butter on toast!

Michelle K - Love love!

Sheye Rosemeyer - Pffft. Amazing pics. A feature in Frankie. Oh, and the cool clients are friends from way back.
Sure sucks to be you.

Adam Cavanagh - Stunning work as usual :)

Christine - HECK TO THE YES!!!! :) oh goodness me. the details! am i a proud pookie wookie? yessirindeed! :) do i wish i could’ve been there? yessirindeed! is this one of the most beautimous weddings ever??? YES INDEEDY! :) xoxoxoxoxo

jason starr - What can I say….Dan you da man…I guess I only get to say that once ha ha

ALMA - Killed it!!! Amazingly Awesome frames Dan.

Amari Kenoly - amazing work!!

tasj - completely sick!

samm blake - ahh dan. i love em all..love the way your eyeballs and meat heart see this world. xoxo

michele bowman - your work is always beautiful and i love looking through your posts!!

Steve Elmer - Dude, this is some “A” grade, amazing s*#t right here. RAD!

Nashville Wedding Photographers - are you kidding me? saweet!!

Laura - Um, Dan, you are kind of a rockstar. And by kind of, I mean absolutely amazing bad-ass rockstar!!! Way to rock it out my friend!:)

Ariel Renae - every single photo. stunning.

jeff marsh - yay for megan! and these flippin incredible photos man!

Kelly Tunney - What a nice little pleasure to sit here and go through your images with you – means so much to hear from you the meaning of each and every single one. I love them, I think you are amazing and love watching you grow every single day with every single image – but you know that :)

ryan flynn - outrageously good!

Mary Kathryn - never can a dan o’day post go wrong. They get more brilliant with every post

amy j. - Dan…just stunning. Gave me goosebumps. If you didn’t live on the other side of the world, I’d ask if you’d mentor me…honest to God. Absolutely, natural born talent!! Sharing this!!!

Anya Ponti - This set is amazing Dan. Love.

Jennifer - Gorgeous, gorgeous and more gorgeous. What a beautiful wedding and a fabulous photographic record.

scotty - oh dan, these are good.

Mike F. - Love this set of pics! You’ve got a great eye! I’ll definitely be back for some inspiration!

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Andreas - again, wow.

julie fitts (harmsen) - sheesh, seriously. so freaking good.

mel - best . wedding. ever (photos are awesome!)

Michelle F - Speachless

Michelle F - sorry! so speechless I spelt it wrong!

Nick - Dude these are bangin! Love your composition, the emotion you captured and killer post work.

Alyce Lalieu - Hey,
Loved these photos (of Megan & Ross’s wedding). I’m hoping to get married in Eumundi next year – this might be a bit of a stretch, but do you remember the venue of their wedding/reception?
Thank you!!
Alyce Lalieu

Roland Hale - A beautiful wedding and great photos! Amazing as always.

JK Blackwell - Congrats, Sir! You always do amazing work! The Megan-Ross wedding is so beautifully captured. I too wore a bird cage veil at my own wedding we hosted in Wellington and I wish I knew you back then! Well done on the HeadOn Award!