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Well well well…. Josh and Marni… They have planned two weddings, one here in Sydney Australia (below) and one in New York, USA (taking place this weekend)!! I shot the Sydney wedding with my good pal Kelly Tunney rocking the 2nd shooter roll (a few of Kelly’s images are also featured here). Hhmm… I want to say so much about these two and what an amazing experience it was shooting this wedding. I will never forget this day. Marni and Josh, thank you so much for having me along, I look forward to catching up for a few in New York next month!! Enjoy !!

Jay - Awesome shots Dan, always bringing a smile to the face. Nice to see a Statue of Liberty in Sydney Harbour.

ead - you’re an inspiration dan!! thanks for sharing

Christine - beautimous, my dear daniel friend. you and kelly did a superb job. as i knew you would. :) xoxoxo

Jonas Peterson - Great stuff, buddy.

Ashley - Beautiful! I especially love the silhouette shots with the ocean in focus. Love your unique eye.

Jeremy Beasley - noiceee. statue of sydney-liberty at the end there?

David Robertson - brother, this is amazing. you really were’t joking when you told me about all the epic details!

samm blake - well this would be my favorite wedding of yours mr o’day. i love it all. i wish i got to photograph it. that black and white shot of the two men in the foreground.. wow. i love.

Julian Beattie - Fantastic, Mr OD. Fantastic! I love the B&W’s!

Rog - Rog was here

kellie - ok, danoday, it’s about time i commented. you seriously rock my world. your posts leave me speechless and inspired. love. love. love your work. this wedding, the last wedding, and the ginger and pearl post….i come back to over and over again.

Mike F. - Great last picture! such a powerful set of photos! Looks like a fun time!

suzanne - Love. Every. Single. Shot. AAaammazing guys, seriously incredible job!

Amanda Thorson - these are ok i guess :) beautiful.

Stewart Leishman - Very cool Dan! For me personally, this is one of my favourite of yours! So much colour, detail and emotion!

Tyler Branch - sheesh. such good photography.

ALMA - Off the hook Dan!

Andrew Cahill - Beautiful work. Love those really bright sunny shots!

Katie - Truly fantastic work Dan! Some absolutely RIPPERS in here. They look like such a fun couple to work with.

tasj - Big sigh!

Thommo - Amazing as always brother!

Thea - Love this all!! the first image is such a stunner to start this post off!! am loving the large art size images!! Your an inspiration Mr O’Day.

scotty - damn son!

Tim - *like*

John Benavente - is dan, is good

Steve Elmer - Duder, these be pretty flippin sweet!

jesse and whit - this look so beautiful! they represent marni and josh so well…
hope to meet you soon, dan.

Jade - Would it be weird to say I got a Jewish Godfather feel from the photos of all the men?
This looks like it was a beautiful day, what a privilege to be a part of it. All of these shots are uniquely beautiful. I particularly liked the shot in the hotel room with the bride in focus in the background and the men in hats with the crazy long beards in the foreground. beautiful beautiful beautiful. thanks for sharing!

aga - killer set dude!

Kelly Tunney - Ahhhh Daniel, we had fun didn’t we?? So much to enjoy. So many elements of goodness and sooooo many people to love. It was such a pleasure to have these 2 days with you & watch it all come together so perfectly well. Thank you to Marni & Josh for your awesomeness and good laughs too!

Mary Kathryn - Beauty is in everything you do. There is a certain shot at the ceremony (the one with the groom taking communion), it is very Martin Parr style.

kristen - Oh dear how delicious. I like groom’s sunglasses. :)

josh&marni - dan and kelly;
we love you guys and love our photo’s!!!
you guys rocked it and we had heaps of fun in the process.
thanks for going the extra mile and putting up with us so gracefully.
can’t wait to see you soon!
love, josh&marni

Adam Alex Xsight - Brilliant! What an amazing wedding!

Nani Annette - Oh gosh, Dan. Your use of light is again outstanding. Love it.

jeff marsh - that first shot looks so much like seattle. awesome post man

Lev Kuperman - man these are really lovely. so inspiring!

Ieva - Rad

john warren - oh yeah !!