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David and PaoYi (pronounced the same as David Bowie) … How great is that? We only got to spend 4 hours together but we certainly made the most of it… they did everything themselves with a little bit of help from some close friends.Absolute Legends

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Tyler - Always amazing

lydia {ever ours} - love #024! rad job!

Kip Beelman - Lovely wedding lovingly photographed… I so love viewing your work Dan.

Gemma Carr - totally gave me the feel-like-I-was-there feeling. Good stuff!
Have a good time at HOTD this weekend xo

Anya - Love the last frame! Can’t wait to hear you speak on the weekend :)

Lauren - Everything I want for my wedding!! The feel, the colours, the grainy black and whites…. booodiful!

michelle - nice work dan o’day.

Jeremy Beasley - love the one of the little guy going to beat you up, or showing his muscles or whatever is happening there! #010.

Christine - Oh my word. Are thems details in a Dan O’Day production?? No wayz. *jaw drops* I am impressed! :)

Alma - Awesome Dan!

Katie - Amazing as always. That grainy black and white of them embracing took my breath away. Loving the first one and the last ones too. And the one with the sun coming through the leaves above them… and, and, and…

Julian Beattie - Great to see you doing some minimalistic stuff again, man. Love it!

samm - dan, these are awesome. those family shots have stuck in mind ever since you showed them to me a few weeks ago. they have been haunting my mind (in a good way). brilliant stuff.

Kristen Cook - Mr Daniel, you are a rockstar. Well, not in the music sence of the word – actually, you just might be… that is still to be determined until I see you perform – must put that on the agenda in two weeks time…do you even like rock? I’m more of a techno girl myself. Give me some good doof doof and I’m in my element. Like a seagull. Crouching tiger, hidden dragon. Except do not mix with alcohol. That makes me sleepy. That reminds me, no sleep makes me a bit kooky. Kooky Cookie.

Oh, and by the way, nice photos.

Angela Louise - You never fail to impress :-) Awesome work!!

Laura - GORGEOUS Dan!! Just simply lovely :) Hope all is well across the ocean!

kristen - Daniel, daniel, daniel. These are exquisite.

PaoYi - Dan – love, love, love them all :) I can’t pick a favourite because there’s too many, but love how you’ve captured how chaotic our family is – so hard to make them all stand still for a single photo! You did an amazing job and we feel so lucky that you shot our day for us :) cheers, PaoYi (…. or is it Bowie?….)

Thea - Love your work dan – love the polaroid’s pegged up!! also love the warm sepia style image too xo

David Bowie - rebel rebel!
love your frames mate

Mark - Very nice work, Dan! I’m amazed at how green it was out there.

amber - ay, i don’t know what to say. these are incredible friend, incredible.

like, total understatement probably. i have too many favorites. very good!

David Robertson - Unreal dude! Tones are so classy!

Caitlin - Serious, serious skills. Your work is inspiring me to get off my butt and pursue my dream :)

Steve Elmer - Dude, these are tight! The Family shots take on a deeper meaning after your Workshop discussion at HOTD today, right on Mate :)

Ariel Renae - stunning wedding post!!! always an inspiration, so thank you! ;)

Stewart Leishman - Everyone’s covered it above! But I need to say that given 4 hours you pulled it off and then some + some more! Awesome!

Rodrigo Vargas - This is one of my favourite weddings you’ve shot. Amazing stuff!

Kristen - Love that last shot, beautiful!

Christina - Awesome shots, beautiful lighting. So simple yet so unique!

Kristina Radcliffe - I am in love with the image of the happy couple surrounded in the white sky….Perfect image, just perfect!! x (you work is inspiring me more and more and more… I love how you see the world!!)

Hannah - This is a stunning set of photographs Dan. You’ve really captured the emotion of the day and the couple look absolutely stunning and so in love. Beautiful work!

Melissa Ellis - Gorgeous wedding. I love the use of the bunting and the birdcages. Just beautiful.