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Ally & Mike

Once upon a time there was a boy named Mike and a girl named Ally. They fell in love and planned to get married in Sydney and asked me to photograph it! Of course I told them I would love to spend their wedding day with them and we all lived happily ever after. I have to give a shout out to my home girl Kelly Tunney who came along and second shot this fairytale with me, she rocked it.

Thommo - WOW! Just WOW! Awesome story telling brother

jsa - “people poking heads out of many random things photographer” is probably the best tag i’ve ever seen.

Tim - Beautiful record, as always. :-)

tasj - freak (but I mean that in the best possible way)

Dijana - Love the tag! Pics are ok too x

Katie - OMG, this is ridiculously good Dan.

Phil Chester - baller as always. Can’t wait for the NYC workshop.

bettina kingma - So amazing, blown away.

john benavente - YES SIR!

john warren - so I’m thinking – there’s a lot of head poking……..then I see the tag and piss myself – great work dude, up to your usual greatness !

alyda - this is like the biggest bag of goodie gum drops i’ve ever seen.

hunter - your kung fu is strong brother.. i’ve been looking for a ‘people poking heads out of many random things photographer’ for a while now.. looks like my search has ended ^_^

Karen Buckle - SO good.

Tenielle - So beautiful, they are a curious family indeed. Adore the shadow shots in front of the gorgeous old building and her expression coming down the aisle. Wonderful wonderful

Flávia/Brazil - Suas fotos são lindas!
O seu trabalho é muito bonito e inspirador. Obrigada por dividir conosco.

johnnabrynn - i feel like i just witnessed famous people in history… if they aren’t famous. they are now. because you, Dan, know how to find the glory and honor of a human being. xox

Theodoros Chliapas - sooo great…

Ian - Lovely work here mate.

Lyn - I simply love it. All of it. A special favourite would have to be that shot under the tree overlooking the harbour, amazingly beautiful.

Andy Gaines - Amazing, as usual! Your kung fu is indeed very strong indeed! Love the ‘hand in the church’ shot!

Andreas - Lovely !

samm blake - amazing… love love all the golden light shots in the church. so so many favorites in this wedding. you have given me quite the complex my friend.

Kelly Tunney - am I allowed to say killer combo?? Was a great day with many fond memories to share. You did awesome….again

Kelly Tunney - oh and look what you can do with a nikon on that last shot – even more clevererrrrrerrr daniel

michele bowman - so wonderful!! i love scrolling through your weddings. your work is fabulous.

Mark Creery - Beautiful work, Dan! It must have been nice to know Kell had your back.

Delia - So many gorgeous moments! I even shed a tear!

Giant Marco Polo - Mr Dan O’Day what a superb collection of images. A new Planking movement called Poking is about to craze the world.

Lyndzee Ellsworth - I’ve heard many good things about you and your work is inspiring. Keep on keepin on my friend.

jason starr - I was going to comment on my favourite shots, but the more I scrolled through the more I loved! So I thought I would just say TOTALLY SIC WEDDING BRO!!!!

joanna brown - Errrrr…… I was scrolling down muttering you are kidding me, and I gasped all the way down to the end. Utterly amazing. WOW

Christina Cleary - You captured it so well!!! Beautiful Bride!
Still, too many photos of me with my concentration face! haha!

C xx

Anna - You take my breath away! Amazing!

Sandra Henri - Wow, so many amazing shots from the one wedding! Just LOVE your work!

Julianna - I especially love shots of the make-up in progress through the window – how you don’t focus on the bride but the reflection of the background on the window!

David Robertson - you are a phenomenal artist my friend! every time i see your work i’m simply dumbfounded

David Robertson - seriously mate.. so so impressive

Rebecca - Fantastic set and great story telling!

Louis Blythe - Great Stuff Mate! I love what you came up with around dolton house! How good would it be to get a bride up that fire escape!


Robyn Geering - Sigh, just magic. You have taken the silhouette to a new level – every single one of them is just amazing.

Nick - Fantastic! Loving it dude!

Ben Swinnerton - Just….BRILLIANT!!!

Brisbane Wedding Photography - The pictures were really great. Loved the last three images. Definitely a job well done!

Kristian Leven - Just come across your work – very moving – love the compositions and use of light. Will definitely be following you in the future.