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A year ago today I photographed Jono and Camilla’s wedding. Some of you may recognise some of the images in this post from my “Kids being Kids and a Fox” series I blogged in December of last year. Jono and Camila, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ! Hope you guys are smiling big-time wherever you may be in the world at the moment xo

Coler - My lord this is fantastic. Absolutely killer.

Jennifer Johnston-Clark - Oh my. These are breathtakingly beautiful!!!

john benavente - 2011 CANON AIPP TAGS WINNER – DAN O’DAY

Ricardo - Amazing bro, just amazing !!!!

hunter - hahahahahahahaha! love the awesome couple standing next to big fancy trees shot.. you have great skills brother. ps.. i am a fatso-whale

Leah Kua - A cake made of cheese, little slivers of light through a tent and a fox? Damn! You make my heart fly Mr O’Day :)

Tenielle - This wedding is SO dreamy, feels more like I’m looking at still frames from a movie. I adore this Dan!!

David Robertson - i keep swearing at my screen. thats how flippin good these are

Trish - insane awesome!!

Jono - Love it Dan, you made our day (again).
Thank you!

Stewart Leishman - Once again, some amazing frames my friend!

john warren - really really good dude

kellbell - you make (very) pretty things Dan

tasj - nice, really nice. awesome even.

Greta - This is so real I feel like I am there.

Kristin - Love your tags. Oh yeah, and the photos are pretty neat too (by neat I mean inspiringly gorgeous!).

Camilla - Let’s do it all again!! Everyone can come! Thanks for making my heart very happy! And yes, I’m smiling big time… at my desk – not very exotic, sorry!

Louisa Bailey - Beautiful images AND tags.

alyda - holy wow dan! so beautiful

samm blake - my oh my. there is such magic in these images my friend. possibly my favorite wedding of yours xoxo

Adam Cavanagh - Beautiful work.. love the tags ;)

mary kathryn - *sigh…

Tina - love it all, how priceless is her expression at the ceremony

Pobke - beauuuuutiful, danny boy. love how you capture the quiet parts of a wedding so beautifully. :)

El - Oh Lordy! The cheese cake!!!!

Julian Beattie - CLOUDS! Urghhh. Awesome!! Loving your B&W’s man. Beautiful set of images as usual!

Andy Gaines - Really great! Only just found your work and it is inspiring stuff! So, yeah, cheers!

michele bowman - how absolutely beautiful!!! i love all the quiet moments that make up the day. just lovely!!

PJ Photos - love it

Emily Heizer Photography - Film. I knew it had to be film. It’s too gorgeous not to be. Oh, woe is me! I have been falling more and more in love with fil every day for the last year- after six years of shooting only digital and I don’t even know a [functioning] film camera. I’ve shopped a little bit, but I’m so gun-shy. But I see images like this and.. I want that. I want that skill, that beauty. These are stellar. Of course, composition is everything, but film adds something extra you just can’t put your finger on until you know it’s there… I just love it. The use of negative space in this post is wonderful too. Brilliant.

Mark Dohring - Dan Dan Dan you are one hell of a talented man.

Sharolyn - Amazing. I can’t believe you even captured that little fox (or other cute creature). Incredible!

aga + marcin - This rocks! blown away by your talent, friend.

Britt Spring - Stunning :-)

Dillon Gauteng Photographer - WOW! your black and white shots are fantastic and that shot of the tree branch clouds and half a groom is brilliantly done

Martins Kikulis - I like the style! It’s different..