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Ahh.. I love my job.


Karen Buckle - This is art! You are so clever Dan!

hailey - and a beautiful frame it is! lovely work!

samm blake - beautiful.

Pobke - so sneaky!! :) me lovey. (that’s a step up from ‘me likey’)

Trevor Mace - yup i was there and this sneaky shot captures the happy vibe of the day

Beata English - Love it. So beautiful and I adore the black and white. Is this film?

Jessica O'Brien - This was such a wonderful day which has been captured perfectly

Thea Mcgrath - ahh lovely! can’t wait for the rest!

David Robertson - Absolutely. Amazing.

John Benavente - nice mood!

Stewart Leishman - Nice work brother! Film is not dead ;)

Tenielle - You are Brilliant. So simple, yet says sooo much.

Vanessa Parker - As one of the bridesmaids I can definately say- Dan in the Man!

He made the whole day so much fun!!

Beaaaautiful :)

jenny Mace - Hi Dan what a great shot! makes a mother proud and thanks for making their day so special Jenny

Renee Gill - oh this is so amazing i cant wait to see more…. what a day! love your work

Rodrigo Vargas - I keep coming back to check the rest of this post but alas… no update! Dying to see the rest of this wedding Dan. Hurry up and post it already!! :)

Alan - Sweeet dude.

Jeremy Beasley - Dearest Mr. O’day, you rock my moderately sized socks. I wanna get married just so I can see more of your ridiculously good photos. May the photos be with you.