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Ok, so in the spirit of art, adventure (and procrastination). Myself and my good mate slash good photographer, Todd Hunter McGaw are setting out on a 5 day photo journey starting in Adelaide and finishing up in Melbourne Friday the 15th (Via Broken Hill). The aim of this mission was for us to take some time out of our busy wedding schedules to refuel our creative tanks and just focus on driving, chatting, making pictures, taking pictures, chatting, laughing (a lot) and then making more pictures.

So why call it “Phase Onesies a photo adventure” ? I’ll explain just underneath our logo (see below)

Well, because our good friends at Phase One Cameras heard about our little Thelma and Louise type road trip and have kindly offered to throw a couple of Medium Format Phase One digital camera’s at us to use and abuse for the next week. So that’s the Phase One element explained. Now for the Onsie element. Once it was confirmed that we would be using the Phase One camera’s we thought that it makes perfect sense to wear Onsies for our entire journey. Im going to be a Monkey and Toddy is a dinosaur (Obviously).

If you would like to keep up with our mischief while we are gallivanting around the australian outback you can follow our Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr feeds.

Dan Instagram – @danmakepicture – Dan on Facebook – Dan o’day photography

Todd Instagram – @toddhuntermcgaw – Todd on Facebook – Todd Hunter McGaw Photographer

Also, keep track on Tumblr here.

Also, if you have any suggestions of places, towns, parks, deserts or highway’s we should explore we would love for you to leave some tips below! Game on moles, see you soon!



Mary (& The Joel) - Finally! So good to see you doing something that matters. I’m only partially joking as the ridiculous and personal things are of utmost important. Don’t get a coffee stain on them on the first day.


Alan Woo - Sounds like an awesome trip guys. Enjoy the lil break from the weddings and have fun! I’m sure you will.

Bat - DOLL & BEAR MUSEUM IN BROKEN HILL. I may be shouting but I think the way you are dressed you will fit right in.
Travel safe!

Aga - That outfit really suits you Dan.

BT - Dan Onesie Day – brilliant! Looking forward to seeing the Fotas ;) BT