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So it is holiday time for me.. I am in San Francisco  for a few days and then I am off to Seattle for a little bit. There are many plans in the bag for the next couple of weeks so I am really excited… Today was my first full day in San Francisco.. I started the day by asking an employee at the Hotel I am staying for directions to somewhere that isn’t a huge tourist trap.. somewhere local, quiet and somewhere that has good coffee… He past the test on all the criteria! I saw some pretty amazing sights today, “hilly” streets, beautiful houses and stunning views of the river and the amazing Golden Gate Bridge .. well, the bottom half of it anyway (the top was covered with low cloud).

I was going to get a taxi to drive me the 13 blocks down to Filmore St. , but then I had a little journey over destination moment and decided to walk the distance, camera in hand. The pictures below are a small collection of images I took on my walk along a very “normal” San Fran st.. These were all taken in a window of about an hour and I would have missed them all had I grabbed that cab. Nothing special, just little moments captured but I really enjoyed this part of today and felt it was worth documenting…

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Christine Pobke - AMAZING. so glad i get to do the seattle journey with you! these are beauuuutiful. not like any photos i’ve ever taken in san francisco! :) ps give ziggles a hugsie for me! xoxo

alyda - awesome awesome (that’s double awesome). Love the one with the pigeons and the last one big time yeah!

Scott - Cool shots. Let’s see thet golden gate bridge covered in cloud that you talk about!

Katie - Woot! Loving these!

Angie Baxter - Yee haa Dan – see how we love to hear of your travels. Glad you got techie for us :) Pics are amazing. xx

Ben Blood - The background behind this photo story really adds to the photos. Thanks for sharing these.

Justin Hill - Awesome series of images Dan! The best way to see any part of the world is by walking through it, eyes wide open. Great work man!

Tim - Some great shots – love ’em.