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So, a group of us photographers were having drinks to celebrate an industry event in Sydney a few months ago. As I was talking to Amy and Milton (Milton who is a fantastic wedding photographer; you can see his work, here ), we discovered that I would be in Italy while they would be in Paris at the beginning of their whirlwind European adventure for the winter.

Conversations bounced around, “we’d love to get photos of us taken” and, “it’s just a pity you’d be so close, and yet so far!”

A few moments later –whilst Amy was taken away into another conversation— Milton gave me the side-tilt with his head (suggesting secrecy) and told me there might be a proposal in the works while they were in Paris. He graciously said it would be amazing to get photos of the event and we spoke about how it would be a pity I’d be in the wrong country at that time.

Well, as soon as I heard that story, I knew I had to adjust my plans to be there.


The plan was simple: We’d rendezvous in Paris, we’d walk around till the sun was right about to go down, and then Milton would drop to one-knee and pop the question. I’d look down, check my lens cap was off, and then nab their fleeting moment.

In reality: After wandering around shooting for a couple of hours, just as the sun was going down (our prime time shooting window), our taxi driver got lost. A slight disheartenment from myself (and obviously Milton), with a side-tilt glance and a bit of a wink, I suggested to Milton and Amy, “Why don’t we meet up again tomorrow afternoon and have another play in the sun?”

The first set of images are from Day One (otherwise known as, The First Attempt):



And so ended Day One.

The below sequence of images are from the second afternoon we spent together (otherwise known as The Afternoon slash Evening of Success):




By the way, at this stage, Amy still has no idea what’s about to happen.




Light was lost again, but it didn’t matter so much this time, as Milton spotted the light pole that would illuminate the perfect stage for what was about to happen next…





Milton inspects the light pole. Looks at me. Gives me the knowing nod… I’m in position.




I actually got man tears.

Josie - Gosh I love your work! Your use of the wide angle lens is an inspiration. Beautiful story telling :)

Ryan - Wow! Killer shots dude. Loved every party about this one.

Dan - testing

Shree Vella Photography - Really cute! Nice job! :)

Eadwine - ….. words fail me Dan =)

Adam - Amazing! I was so nervous for Milton as I was looking through the photos.

Valerie Baillargeon - You get me. E.V.E.R.Y.T.I.M.E. Wow… Again.

Nic - Tears from me too. Completely perfect in every way. Congratulations again Milton and Amy and job-well-done Dan :-)

Michael - So rad, love the depth of these!

Jay - it’s very touching photos,Love your work,Dan.

Anni - A beautiful story, Dan, and some incredible images! Congratulations, gorgeous Milton and Amy! x Anni

Nina Claire - So good! I love it!… Congratulations Milton and Amy.x

Antonio - Fantastiche Dan!!!!!

Zoe - Beautiful photos of a wonderful couple!! So lovely! :)

Dan - Holy crap mate, I don’t usually comment on blogs… but that was like watching a movie and reading a book and wanting to find out the ending so bad. I’m smiling now.
Beautiful story telling.

Lauren - Oh my goodness, SO lovely Dan! I definitely got some woman tears.

Jakub - Awesome little story.

jennifer armstrong - incredibly beautiful, telling photos. And man tears. What a lovely collaboration. Congratulations all.

JK Blackwell - Ultimate romance & proposal – wish you were there to capture ours 3 years ago! (but then we didn’t know you at that time :P)

Rik Pennington - Amazing vision and story telling! Breathtaking work.

Darryn - Awesome – congrats guys, very exciting :)

Lajos - Fucken amazing!

Amy Williams - Unreal Dan!! Loved the anticipation of this sequence. Congrats Amy and Milton!

Pretty Days - Dan, again me!!! I know Paris, sure… But with you pictures I love more…

Laura Babb - Wonderfulness.

And I love that you cried.

Len - AHHHHH! These are awesome and so are all you guys! So excited for Milton & Amy, they really are the sweetest couple! :)

Lucy Spartalis - ARGH. I don’t know how to convey my love for this.

…and what a ring, Milton – nice work!

Madeline Druce - I just got woman tears.

Aga - Are man tears more salty? I think I’m crying man tears now.

Scott - Unreal man! So happy for Milton and Amy. So well captured by you.

James Frost - Dan you make me fall more in love with photography every time you post! And a massive Congrats to Milton and Amy the sweetest couple ever

Tahnee - Dan. I would be worried if you didn’t have man tears! Oh lord – so much beauty! I think this is my fave set from you, simply breathtaking!

chris prestidge - next level dan – absolutely adore ! milton + amy – super congrats !

Trish - epic. So special to have captured these, congrats all!! x

Myekie - Amazing stuff. Dan your ability to articulate such a meaningful life event with imagery is a gift, not only to the couple but to all of us . Kinda reminded me of the time I proposed to my wife at night in Paris….. oh wait… lol.

David - Wow! Perfectly epic story telling. And congrats Milton and Amy!

MELISSA - Wow, this is just amazing, so so special!! I so wish I had my proposal captured!!

Hilary - Absolutely effing brilliant Darling!

Lauren - Naww! Milton! cutest photos I have ever seen. Congratulations! Dan rocks, add beautiful people and a gorgeous moment (which happened eventually). Just. Perfect.

Fotograf ślubny Lublin - Wonderful photos ;-)