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If we go a little way back, some of you may remember Ginger and Pearl: the amazing couple I spent a few days with trying to tell the beautiful story (with my photographs) of a life they had built together. My time with them inspired thoughts for a new project. I am interested in documenting the stories and environments of elderly couples that have been together 60 years or more. This has now become a personal, ongoing project of mine and I will continue to try to tell the stories of couples that have gone the distance through this life together, no matter how turbulent.  Their achievement is something that should be celebrated. After my time with these incredible couples, I would like to make a book for the families to adore and pass down to future generations. To me, this is a labour of love, the book is my gift to the families.

Which brings me here today.

This weekend just gone, I was invited to Sydney to the announcement of the winners of the 2013 Head On, Photobook Awards. The book I made for the amazing Ginger and Pearl and their family (showcased below) was the overall WINNER of the national 2013 Head On, Momento Photobook of the year award in the Documentary / Photojournalism category – you can view the other amazing category winners and finalists here (I am still pinching myself). It needs to be known that I could not have made the book without the incredibly talented Todd Gregory (designer) who was responsible for the layout of the book and creation of the wooden box it was encased in. The box, which, was intricately made out of old fence palings that came from Ginger and Pearl’s part of the world. Also, a huge shout out to one of the most beautiful and intelligent human beings in the world, Joanne Ridolfi, who wrote the the forward for the book (also, below). I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the family of Ginger and Pearl for inviting me into their lives and allowing me to tell their story my way. Hopefully this book will serve as a fitting family keepsake.


*Sadly, the beautiful Pearl left this world only a couple of months ago now. My thoughts and condolences go to Pearls family and of course, Ginger.




forward by Joanne Ridolfi 

It is easy to get caught up in the daily grind and spend all our time only worrying about immediate tasks. But when we do this we do not prioritise our own needs and the needs of those closest to us. Respecting our own, as well as our partner’s needs is what makes a relationship work. This book is a reflection of this respect and love and also is a tribute to couples that have had long and rewarding relationships. This particular story is that of Ginger and Pearl. Ginger and Pearl have been married and have lived in the same house in Canberra, Australia for over 65 years. They are a working class couple who share the same morals and values. These shared values that have been the foundation to their relationship. Nowadays, Ginger and Pearl focus on their garden and look after the birds in their aviary. They also have a growing collection of fridge magnets—souvenirs collected over the years or sent from friends and family members. Long retired, Ginger spends most his days still practicing his trade: restoring old wooden furniture. His varnish-stained hands tell stories of many a happy piece of furniture that have left his care. Pearl is nearly blind, but that does not stop her from spending her days working in the garden and feeding the kookaburras and magpies that sing sweet songs to her from the clothes-line. This collection of photographs tells the story of Ginger and Pearl and although their lives have changed over the 65 years, one thing has stayed the same – they have always made it a priority to look after each other and the ones they care about the most.


john benavente - epic friend, epic! congrats to you!!!

Cam - Beautiful work mate, you’re truely one of a kind.

Amanda - What an AMAZING album Dan! Honestly, it’s truly inspiring. Makes me wonder what the HELL I’ve been doing with myself. Certainly not reveling in the beauty that is life, that’s for sure. Love it love it love it. ox

Nick - What a magical little treasure you’ve made for these guys! Good on ya Dan!

Julia - Bravo Dan! The greatest reason for doing this art distilled in one book. I totes love it.

michelle - holy crap.

Scott Surplice - Incredible Dan! Sad to hear about Pearl. Makes this gift even more special.

Kate Robinson - So beautiful!! A simple, meaningful, beautiful piece of art that will be treasured forever! I love how your photos are so honest, and your use of light is amazing. x

Tash - Magical and breathtaking….what a beautiful story you have told…and priceless images and memories for their family to treasure…thank you for taking us on the journey into the lives of Ginger and Pearl…..So sad to hear of her passing

Will Kim - This is beautiful. Simply beautiful

Tess - aww! I love this beautiful story so much! Congrats Dan!

anthony hoang - What an amazing gift.. Love is something that should be treasured forever. Beautiful and congrats!

Kirsty Aksentiew - AMAZING on so many levels Dan

Christian Pearson - Thats magnificent Dan. Congrats and bought tears to my eyes. You’ve beautifully captured the passage and ultimately the passing of time in such a tender artistic way. Well done.

Darren Van De Wint - In the hands of the right person picture and story making is a powerful thing. You have showed that with this beautiful body of work. Congratulations not so much for winning the award which is of course great too but for actually doing it in the first place.

rowe - i adored these images when i first saw them and the book is beyond beautiful… the wooden box, the typography, the layout… the paper ~ its all AMAZING! congratulations dan!

Alyda - What a gift you have daniel. These images are an amazing legacy for this family that will be treasured forever.

Oh and awesome work ‘other Todd’. You’ve got the skillzzzz

Janet - I still remember seeing Ginger and Pearl for the first time almost 2 years ago… still one of my favourite “stories” and collection of work of yours Dan, love love love…

Jenae - Speechless. The book, the images are all very deserving of the praise they have received. Truly heartfelt work.

Nick - Incredible. You are a photo god!

Glenn Stephenson - A stunning document Dan O’:)

Jules - Killer as always, dude. I remember seeing this way back — still awesome and moving as ever!

Suzie - Beautiful Dan. And lovely work Todd and Jo! x

Jonathan - Beautiful Dan, what a gift. Congratulations!

Mary - Wow Dan, what a wonderful gift you have given this family.

tanya tindale - i have the hugest lump in my throat.. simply beautiful………

Bettina Kingma - Beautiful Dan, so much heart in this.

Reni - How incredibly beautiful! What a great project.

joanna brown - Be still my beating heart…
Truly beautiful in everyway. x

Robyn - This project is so phenomenally beautiful. This was how I discovered your work. I love oldies and I love what you do. Hopefully it’s now on sale and it can take pride of plac on my coffee table.

Jodie Chapman - Sheesh. Pass the tissues. In the words of Rose Dewitt Bukater, “you see people.”. (Yes, I just quoted Titanic.) Absolutely wonderful, Dan.

Seth Carnill - I’ve said it before and I will say it again Dan… this work is incredible… stunningly beautiful and so moving. I’ve haven’t yet been able to look at these images without shedding a tear or two. Congrats, not many people make me cry ;)

Libby - Ginger & Pearl stood out from the moment I saw the beautiful box, the gorgeous end pages, and their effortless, comfortable love a few year’s ago. Your win is even more amazing when you consider that in the Photojournalism & Documentary category it was up against photo books portraying war torn and disaster ravaged countries. Just goes to show that intimate, observational photography of ordinary folk is equally worthy. I imagine Pearl would be chuffed. Congrats to you and a hug for Ginger!

rich - well deserved! congratulations dan – amazing … absolutely amazing work

Claudia Rose Carter - This is so well deserved. What a beautiful story, a beautiful ethos, a beautiful album and a beautiful blog showcasing it.

Madeline Druce - Amazing work Dan! It’s so inspiring to see stories like this told. We often focus so much on the early stages of a relationship. It’s so lovely to see, years down the track, the strength of a bond continuing. Love this.

Kristyn - oh my, this makes my heart ache and smile in the best of ways.

Kathryn Jolly - Beautiful and inspirational. I think I will do this for my parents and pass it onto my kids. Great idea. You got me thinking! Wonderful photography, really enjoyed seeing this.

Jessie - Exquisite. A story so worthy of being told. Beautiful work yet again, Dan.

Caro - This is wonderful. I think everybody deserves photographic stories like this!
Congratulations Dan on winning the Documentary Book of The Year.

Scout - Fantastic, well done. Seeing these images again gave me that ‘feeling’ once more.

Happiness. Perfection. Moving.

Nikki Bezel - Words are almost impossible in this case Dan, so I’ll just keep it simple and say so, so, beautiful. Congrats with your head on win, well deserved.

Myekal Benham - This series has always rendered me a blubbering mess after viewing. Amazing work my friend. This takes it up to 11.

Rich Ware - Dan, this is amazing! One of the best books and collection of photographs I have ever seen. SO SO GOOD!!! LOVE IT!!!

Raj - I clearly remember the emotion these pictures evoked inside me when I first saw them last year. Love, love, love this book full of your magic. Such a priceless gift…you rock Dan.

Delia Farrell - Oh gosh, I teared up just looking at that. What a beautiful gift to treasure.

scott thomas - reminds me of when I once photocopied an entire software manual ;)

maz - This work is awesome and so human. It’s a gift which would be treasured by the family for generations to come.

Kama - Stunning work, huge congrats to you. Where can you buy that book? I would love to have one

Jack - Nice work on the album and I love the look of the packaging.

Heath - Yeah that’s sick, love the way you’ve shown it blog style too.

Matt Smith - At first I was like wow that packaging is the most amazing I have ever seen! Then drawn to reading the story I was like wow what a humbling and generous project/gift to this amazing couple and their family.

I have wanted to photograph the elderly for sometime starting with my incredible neighbour who at 94 year of age still speaks of his beloved wife as though she was still here with him everyday we cross paths. Love is truly what makes the world go round and this is a solid reminder.

Thanks for sharing Dan, truly incredible body of work man.


In the last couple of years I have been fortunate enough to be invited to cover more and more Jewish wedding ceremony’s. I have to say, if you are a wedding photographer, you havent reached your full potential until you have been thrown into the middle of the amazing, hectic, and sometimes unpredictable world of a Jewish wedding. Yvonne and Boruch’s wedding blew the cobwebs out for me in a big way… Their day was out of control in all the right ways. One of my favorite celebrations of all time.


Justin - dude, this is stupid epic! so many killer frames in there.

Daniela Liska - Fabuloso!!! Que maravilla de trabajo!! Captaste la alegría, la identidad, cada detalle. Parece una película, como me gusta a mi. Felicitaciones.

Amanda - AMAZING Dan!! It’s so full of soul! Love!

liz arcus - Love it – love the many many moments here !

Kirra Cheers - Wow Dan….loving all the photo journalism stuff. Super candid. Super beautiful. Love all the little quirky details.

todd hunter mcgaw - i freakin love you man.

Chris - Hey Dan,
I agree, you haven’t really lived until you have gone a few rounds of the hora, get trampled, elbowed in the guts but all the time laughing behind your camera.

Robyn - Not only is this my personal favourite wedding of yours, but possibly my favourite EVER. Beyond inspirational

Alita - Lovely to meet you, thank you so much for capturing the evening so beautifully! So happy to have these pictures to be able to remember the beautiful details of this magical night forever!

Rae - Those dancing photos are epic.. her face is just classic and full of emotion!! Love it! And what a party! One of my absolute favs is the first full sized colour shot of Yvonne hugging one of her guests :)

dana curran - you are my favorite.

Ben - So good Dan! Love the joy of the groom. infectious.

Igor Demba - Now this is a wedding! So good Dan. So freaking good!

Caro - LOVE LOVE LOVE this wedding!!!!! looks like so much fun!

Adrian - I heart everything. Amaze-balls Dan. Love Jewish weddings. :-)

James Frost - This is off the chart brother !

Deb - Well seen, captured and told! Absolutely love all of it! So much emotion!!

Steph - This is magic. I have a massive photography crush on you! I found myself wishing I was at this wedding.

David Roche - I want to be there. But I kinda feel like I already was.

Myekie - Amazing work Man. Love it!!

Nicole - I feel like I read a novel while looking through these photos – and in the best possible way. You took me on a wonderful journey and almost made me want to get married again so I can have this much fun.

gee - splendid !!!! finest craftsmanship !!!


Sarah Williams - So awesome…. I love the way you see the world x

Nabeel Khan - An astounding set of images Dan!

LOGAN COLE - I love everything about this!

Bettina - Dan AMAZING!!! The wedding and you x

rob - Loving your style!

Rog - this crap is so real. gorgeously done, dan. I miss you. I miss chewbacca and I miss chistopher walken

ed peers - Love it all Mr O’Day.

Jakub - This is quite awesome photography mr D O’D

Bali photographer - I like the concept of this photo, classic style but still attractive.

Stefan Hellberg - that’s a story! Great photography!

Matt Smith - What a beautiful story of culture and tradition. Well captured man, great content!

Kris - Insane post Dan. Awesome storytelling.


So I am a little late to the party in celebrating 2012, the year that was. 2012 was one of the craziest years of my life, I got to do what I love to do all over the world thanks to my amazing clients and fellow photographers that had faith in me. 3 and a half years ago I was in my 9th year (and second month) of a desk job that I was starting to enjoy less and less. That day, I had an “office space” type conversation with a coffee mug holding superior that ended up being just the push I needed to take the leap and take a chance with my photography full time.

2013 will have me travelling our planet even more than last year, spending time with couples/friends doing what I love to (searching for free wifi). To my clients that have allowed me to be me, thank you thank you thank you. None of this would be at all if it weren’t for you. To all the amazing photographers and new friends I have made in 2012 (especially the Art and the Heart alumni) thank you for inviting me into your life.

Three and a half years later I am now more certain than I have ever been about anything that I made the right decision in taking that deep (nervous)  breath as I walked out the office door.

*not going to lie guys, there are a lot of photo’s below so grab a cup of tea and get comfortable



Anya - No words can do these photos justice. Love Your Work Dan! x

anda - thank you for sharing your 2012 with us, dan! loved every single moment of it. and glad i got to meet you this past year as well.

JK Blackwell - Oh I love these! Just can’t stop looking at your work, Sir. Can’t wait to follow your journey in 2013 and beyond!

Nick - Killer 2012! May your free wi-fi be strong and stable in 2013.

Ben - This is insane Dan. No 2012 post has even come close to this one……..you win.

David Moore - Freak.

Joanna Brown - Holy moly and then some.. you are such an inspiration, such a good egg, and you give so much. thanks for sharing at the ‘Art and Heart’ this year, it was a game changer. f*ck wifi ditch the phone and enjoy the silence. xxx

Glenn Weaver - Sheesh, every one of them frame-worthy – amazing

Natalie Champa Jennings - Golly. I really enjoyed this collection. That woman on the train? bus?…a favorite. Be proud of this! Anyway, completely inspirational, thank you.

Mel Lawrence - WOW!

andrew - Amazing collection of images Dan – congratulations.

shane shepherd - Wow man, these are off the charts. What a year!

LoCo - I really have no words for you!

john benavente - off the hook dan!

ryan flynn - Dan O’Day – master of light

Amy French - Gorgeous collection of work Dan! Thanks for sharing so much inspiration at Art and the Heart in Ireland last year. I’ve no doubt your 2013 post will be even bigger and better.

Kirsty Aksentiew - A.M.A.Z.I.N.G like beyond and back and then beyond and back.

Zosia - Awww…I didn’t want that to end. So good. So, so very good, Mr O’Day!

Lauren - This is just so ridiculously good that I can’t even put it into words. So beautiful and so artistic. Love your work x

Christina - oh dan, you are awesome :)

Jody Ryan - Dan what an amazing body of work. You rock xxxx

Lisa - Wow! What a year. You are such an inspiration and such a beautiful storyteller. Thank you for sharing so much at Art and the Heart. You inspired and ignited my passion and I continue to put into place what you shared. Step by step I am getting closer to the photographer I want to be.

Jessica Fey - Dan. You’re pretty great. Did you know that?

Kylie D - Thanks for sharing your 2012! Totally amazing!!!

Lindsay Anne Dransfield - Just absolutely unbelievable. I adore your work.

Oli - You da master. Exhilarating.

Petreanu - What a great collection of feelings! Thank you so much for these stories!

Kate Holmes - you literally take my breath away

Seth - I’m speechless… absolutely fucking incredible….

Tam - WOW. What else is there?

Michael Ralph - I spotted the double…. LOL Awesome post

Emily Vermaat - you don’t even know how inspiring this post is! Worth the wait, and you kill your black and whites!

Hung - You have just got yourself another avid follower.

Siobhan Byrne - WOW. What a collection. Amazing as always.

Katelyn - Top Notch Danny boy!

Georgie - Dan! This just reinforces why we have chosen you for our special day- if ours are half as good as this I will be the happiest! Love your work! Xoxo

Len - You are just very good Mr. O’Day. Love them all. xx

Cinzia - no words. Pure Inspiration!

NabeelsCamera - Proper, proper amazing!

stephanie - I didn’t want it to end! (Especially love the ones of C+J)

Jazza Vock - I’m still very much a novice on my photography journey, but I’ve been following your work for a little while now and it never ceases to blow me away. The art you have for seemingly effortlessly capturing emotion in a photo inspires me beyond words. Thank you, Mr. Dan O’ Day.

Mary Hartman - 2012 was fabulous, sir. This post was so worth waiting for, love it all. xoxo

Sachin Khona - Excellent. You are a samurai with that camera. So damn good!

Xanthe - Amazingly gorgeous – a magician with light… plus you even make nose-picking look cool.

jenn stark - thankful to have met you in 2012, dan! hope our paths cross again soon. xx

Geoff - Holy smokes! Incredible art from top to bottom! I can’t remember the last time I stopped to look at every phone on a photo blog.

Rory O'Toole - Bloody hell Dan. Did you shoot any bad shots last year?! Brilliant work

john warren - 3 votes…….D. ODay

Jenny J - Oh YOU! Too many to count. Much love.

DANIELLE STAHL - Amazing work Dan. Thank god you left your office job!!

Rahul - Speechless.

ed peers - Bonkers Mr O’Day.

Gea - Amazing!

David - Mighty fine work, Mr O’Day.

dorothy huynh - I’ve looked through this blog post 4 times now.

Anna Turner - AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie Peters - So beautiful Dan! And very inspiring.

Kat - Pardon my French, but shit balls! These are awesome!

Linda - Oh my! The world should be thankful that you had the guts to walk out of that office Mr O’Day. No matter how often I see your photos they still blow me away. You are pretty damn exceptional.

Steve Gerrard - You give good photo.

PJ Photos - WOW!! A good year…

Joe O'Daniels - Got chills the entire reel. So good, and congrats on your journey thus-far!

Rik Pennington - Inspiring vision, composition and use of the light. The holy trinity.

Megan - Wow, love seeing a whole year of your amazing work! Just beautiful.

Phill - So full of pins, it’ll turn into a sieve (that is to say I’ve just Pinterested this to bits for future inspiration grazing; my well intentioned metaphors have gotten me beaten up in 17 countries).

james frost - This is of the hook !!! no words can express how rad this is !

dana curran - perfect. in every way. you have quite a talent – thank you for sharing it with us. xx

jess cudzilo - the way you arrange the pieces, use available light and time when to click the shutter is impeccable. these are some of the best images I’ve seen… quite possibly ever. bravo to you, my friend!

alyda - oh hey dan, this is your (funny) friend alyda. i firstly want to say how sorry i am for taking so long to look at this post. you are indeed an amazingly incredible photographer and I am so very happy we are friends and we get to share adventures with you. i wish you all the best in 2013 and hope we can hug soon (actually next week would be good)

Rebecca Dyson - Love love loved looking through these photo’s Dan!! You have been apart of so many awesome memories and we’re soooooooo thankful you were apart of ours! Thank you for including us in your year that was!! Stoked we made the cut! hahaha

Cours Dessin - Absolutely stunning series.
I especially love the forrest shot.

HayleyLane - Breathtakingly beautiful! What a year :)

Bettina Kingma - Wow Dan what an amazing group of photos, I just love your work so much. :)

Daniela Liska - Tu trabajo es increíble!! Sos un genio! Mi más completa admiración, sos una gran fuente de inspiración!

Sheridan - you truly make magic x


I don’t normally photograph families but if you are good friends with Christine Pobke (ridiculous family photographer) and she tells you to photograph her family, well… with trembling knee’s, you obey. It all began at 6:30 am on a Saturday morning in canberra, starting off at an abandoned cricket pitch, finishing off a few hours later in the backyard of the Pobke’s family home. Christine, Clinton and litte Pippa, thank you for ordering me to document this stage of your amazing journey together

(20% discount off all prints if you book me for Pippa’s 1st birthday party) x

Erin - really, really awesome shoot. can’t get enough of that light! nice work!

Luisa Brimble - You make an ordinary setting look so darn extraordinary. I truly admire your work Dan!

Marina - Um, AH-MAZING! Love, love, love!

Pobke - Sooooooooo ummmmmmm. You know how I feel about these. I heart you and can’t thank you enough. Thank you for spending the day with us and making us feel so comfortable and relaxed and and and. You certainly have a gift, Mr O’Day, and we are so lucky to have you in our lives. :) And I wish I could take you up on your kind offer to shoot Pippa’s bday, but would you consider 45% off prints???! :) love you.

Justin - Ah Dan, you are too good!

Oli - That’s it, I’m knocking everyone up.

Laura Grace - Your love for these guys shines through in this one DO’D x

Shannon McDonald - What Luisa said!

Katelyn - So cute Dan! Love them.

Ben - So awesome to see the full post after so many previews :) Love it Dan.

Bek Grace - these. are. brilliant.

Natalie Champa Jennings - Gah! Stunning. The whole darn thing.

john benavente - you’re not bad at this family portrait business :)

James Bennett - Awesome broseph

Adele - Uhmazing !!! Geez that Pippa is the cutest. Gorgeous family.

catherine - Amazingness

Nick - There’s something vaguely familiar about this shoot!
Braddon massive represent!

Linda - Amazing work Mr O’Day! I looked at this with my niece and of course she fell in love with Pippa. I just loved them all! Beautiful.

amanda vanvels - too, too cute. that little pippa!!

Kelly - Um… wow. Just wow.

(and if you ever find yourself in Alberta, Canada please please please take my family’s photos!)

alyda - aaagghhhh! I love them. the photos, the family and you.

so good shman o’shmay

Gabbie - You should shoot families more often. So crisp, so minty fresh – I can almost smell the grass when looking at these.
Pobkes’ – you guys are gorgeous.
Gabs x

Glenn Weaver - These are all fantastic, but those two minimalist shots and the series of close-ups of Christine+Clinton made my eyes open twice as wide

Mark Dohring - Dan, Love them all bro.

Tasj - taking it to the next level Dan! gorgeous x

Julianna Koh Blackwell - Beautiful, beautiful shots Sir! :)

James - I second what Luisa said. I admire your extraordiness,

Luke Going - Beautiful work Dan. Just beautiful!!

Bek - Stunning! But not as usual….in a totally new and amazing way!! I’ve been thinking over recent months, who would I choose if I could have any photographer in the world to shoot my little family? Yeah…it would be you – totally you :)

Myekie - This work exemplifies why people need awesome professional photographers to document their lives. This work is truly outstanding Dan. I can only imagine the Joy you have brought to the Pobkes.

Kelly van Viersen - Dan these are amazing! I think you should consider shooting families ;)

todd hunter mcgaw - wow these are really nice.. do you think we could borrow pip so we can have a family shoot done too? when are you available dan?

Emily Vermaat - love following her on Instagram! Such an amazing lady!

Adrian - Love it. Made me giggle and smile! You totes should shoot families.

Robyn Geering - No no no, you should totes not do families in Canberra hahaha, or I might just have to hang my camera up lol. Nah, seriously, just beautiful.

Kath Scott - Gotta be happy with that!

Agi Davis - Fantastic and very honest family session! Love

LoCo - Best family shot everssss

Melissa Mills - If one day I am half as good as you I’ll be ecstatic! These images really made me smile. It was like watching a little movie about a really cute family and a super cute baby!

Colleen - You are brilliant Dan. Make a family shoot incredibly beautiful.

Katie K - So freaking AWESOME!

Laura Exarhos - Oh Dan, you never cease to amaze us all. Wow-wee you have the gift of the gab. What pressure you must have had shooting a fellow photographer AND a dear friend.
I love your signature shots of the huge open sky – simply a masterpiece. Mr & Mrs Pobke were lovin’ every second of it, it shows in their beautiful smiles.
Well done master Dan !!!!!!!

Megan Aldridge - Such a beautiful, sweet family story. Timeless and priceless!

Maree Smyth - So lovely and warming! Really beautiful photos.

dani - a beautiful day in the life of, for a beautiful family…awesome job Dan!!

Trish - Been waiting to see these, and so wonderfully worth the wait. Love being able to see this gorgeous family through your arty eyes. Love it all!

Jody Ryan - what a beautiful session.

Bianca Todd - Dan, these are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! What beautiful memories you’ve given this gorgeous family x

Armin - Gorgeous! Love rule!

Kimberly - Dan O’Day. These are gorgeous. Not hard to see why she forced you to do to this!

anda - amazing and so great to look at.

Delia - Aww these are so sweet – how cute is that bebe!

jesse - so so so good! you amaze me!

Seth - Incredible shots… one of the most beautiful family portraits I’ve ever seen…!

Nicole Firestone - these are fabulous of celebrity pippa and her family. so good!

Anni Payne - Very refreshing portraiture Mr. Jan O’Jay. Pobke’s, you look beautiful! xx

Kate Holmes - i got goose bumps…. so intimate and real.

Zosia - Well, you did a pretty ridiculously good job on the family photos :D

SHANE SHEPHERD - I’m glad you were ordered to take these Dan, cause they are super great :)

Andrew - Great set of images – thanks for sharing.

Kelly Lee Tunney - Some of my favourite people captured in an honest, true form of brilliance, Mr Dan. It was awesome to watch these evolve into the magic of your uniqueness. Clever, clever young man xx

xanthe - Pure magic…
Come and capture my family one day please. pretty please.

Danielle Stahl - This is just ridiculous!!! Amazing images of a beautiful family!!

gee - kick ass shots !!!!, so different from your other work (exposure wise)

gee - never mind screen brightness was screaming max !!!!, lmao, beautiful work sir.

Raj - Stunning photos x

Jack - Awesome! Love your work.

Bali photographer - so perfect, I love the story in this photo.

Monica - I am really loving the setting of the first few photographs – where is this mysterious abandoned cricket pitch!? I am constantly looking for good places to take pictures in Canberra.

Dikmie Kimie - Amazing photo… Luv it..


I have recently return from a trip to Hong Kong after photographing the dashing Leonard and wondrous Patricia. These two are remarkable human beings. I cannot wait to share their story with you soon. For now, just a few sneaky pictures (the rest to follow shortly)


hugh - Give me more.

Robert Meredith - Beautiful as always Dan, filled with mood and depth. Top work. x

Meg - Perfection! Not that I’d expect anything less from you :)

Carrie - Beautiful work Mr O’Day!

Alyda - You’re such an amazing artist Daniel. This series is glorious!

Justin - ahh, dan, you make it look to easy. i know it’s otherwise.

James Frost - This is mega brother !!!

marina locke - so good!!

Anneli Marinovich - Gorgeous. That last shot is immense. Look forward to seeing the rest :-)

Emily - just beautiful

Melissa Mills - Bloody nice stuff Dan

Cam - A real artist at work. Just so amazing brother.

Laura Calderwood - Magical stuff, love them

Raquel Benito - You are one of my referent in wedding photography…your work is gorgeous. I hope to take pictures like you someday! :-)

Sophie Asselin - So so so beautiful. You’re an inspiration !

Damian - Absolute amazing as always – your such an inspiration Dan, that last image is just class – thanks for the joy!!

Zosia - Superb. With a capital S and all! Love it, Mr O’Day!

BT - Top class, as always, B

fer juaristi - you are just loco brother, love them all.

Falcon - Killer shots :)

Louie - Epic dude

Julian Beattie - Freakin’ amazing, dude!

Nikki Bezel - Fourth frame in, nice, very nice.

ed peers - Where does your talent end mr O’Day…?

Henrik Mill - Excellent!

gee - monster broccoli (last one) is my favorite, very nice!

JK Blackwell - This is absolutely amazing! One of your best! x

PJ Photos - perfect man!

ryan flynn - that last image is just bonkers.

Chris Buechner - Heavenly! Can’t wait to see the rest.

Focus Films - very romantic photography. thanks for sharing this.

nirav - Lovin’ it sir.

Andy Green - Simply Stunning.

Val - Amazing pictures. Great stuff.


It was the last wedding of an incredibly busy season and my last “portrait” of that season. There is a lot in this image for me personally, it was cold, we were tired and these two didn’t notice anything outside of each other (except for maybe the idling 4wheel drive truck parked behind them with its light setting to “high beam”)

Vanessa - fantastic!!

john benavente - high fives for high beams:)

Kristian - Ya man, this is tasty.

JK Blackwell - Love the play with light and shadow!

Anna Roberts - Rad

James Frost - Mega rad dude !

Jody Ryan - Dan this is why I love you and your work – beyond amazing xxx

alyda - dear daniel o’day. this is a really really awesome photo. i love it a lot. kind regards alyda mcgaw

Charles - Beautiful! Then shadow effect is fantastic!

James Melia - Holy Shit this is amazing!

Roland Hale - That is some seriously cool lighting. Great work!

Jon - Beautiful image, that light is wonderful

HayleyLane - WOW! Your work is so inspiring