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90 Minutes with Antonella & Andrea on the side of a mountain somewhere in Italy – {Part One}

So a couple of months ago I journeyed across to Monaco to photograph Antonella and Andrea’s wedding. A couple of weeks before the wedding Antonella asked me if I would be interested in shooting their first, 90-minute ceremony just over the border in Italy, the day before the big wedding in Monaco. “No worries love, I’ll pop across the boarder with you lovebirds for 90 mins,” I replied. I was under the impression it would be a civil service type ceremony in a government store front, or something like it… I had no idea that Antonella’s father had scouted out an amazing 13th century church on the side of a beautiful mountain, that was in a tiny working class, Italian village.  #bestsupriseeva

There were 10 guests, lots of tears, and an energy I hadn’t experienced before. I didn’t understand a word anyone was saying and I didn’t need too…

During the ceremony a spokeswoman from the village popped into the church and insisted on approaching the pulpit to publicly thank Antonella and Andrea for choosing their humble little church to hold their wedding celebration. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more ridiculous, after the ceremony some of the locals decided to meet the wedding out the front and offer them champagne and sing for them!!! This truly was a pinch-myself moment. Below are the images from my 90 minutes on the side of that Italian mountain with these two and 10 of their closest.

Also, big shout out to Aga Maru for coming all the way from Ireland to act as second gun for these two days of adventure


30 mins later, back over the border… 

In the next instalment of “Antonella and Andrea get married everywhere that is awesome in the world,” we venture back across the boarder for day 2, The Monaco celebration. Below are a few highlights of whats in store.

Hannah Nicole - Woah woah woah. These are incredible. What a wonderful experience to be a part of.

SF - Dan! These frames.

Bettina - Beautiful wedding awesomeness Dan O’Day!!

Sarah - Ammmazing. You are brilliant Mr O’Day x

Joe O'Daniels - So, so good man. Cheers

micheal beaulieu - Every frame is better and better, it’s outrageously good. I am actually outraged at the moment.

Len - YESSSS! Love them all, what a gorgeous wedding and such an awesome atmosphere. Love it Mr. O’Day!

James Frost - Power in every frame! Love it dude

Andraz Gregoric - Beautiful as always! Love your work Dan.

john benavente - cant wait to see the full wedding!

alyda - totes perf! so good daniel r. o’day

anthony - Crazy good Dan. One talented chap!

paul - What an amazing story, and amazing pictures. You are a lucky man and they a lucky couple to have you there. Brilliant

Amy Oliver - wow. wow. beautiful! :)

Heath - dig the 60’s filmic coloring. great work.

Trish - Weddingfreakingjournalism at it’s best. Insane Dan! And so very very awesome.

David - Bellisimo!

Kierstin - Don’t know how you do it, but you do it every time! Brilliant beautiful work, Dan-O!

Andreas Holm - love it !

Oli - Dan ‘O Day. Tone-zone, love machine, annoyingly good

Janet - an amazing story as always

Aga Maru - best holiday with Dan O’Day ever!

Cinzia - Bello!

Fiona - freaking awesome Dano! You are seriously amazing xox

stephanie - I’ve GOT to stop visiting your site in public. I’m a puddle.

Kimberly - These are wonderful Dan

nirav - I want to win the “be Dan O’ Day for a day” sweepstakes. Miss you buddy. This is cray.

Mark Sass | Wedding Photographer - Magical, Dan! So well executed! Great couple. Great wedding. Love it!

Jesse Pafundi - These are bonkers. So good. Cant wait for part 2.

Scott - Love the ones of the singalong with the town folk

Joshua Mikhaiel - Dude… just stop it. you’re making a scene. ;)

Sloaner boners - You’re so awesome.

Michelle Joubert-Martin Photography - So Awesome, love it!

Lightworks photography - What an amazing story and you tell it with such warmth and subtlety. Absolutely beautiful photography full of a real sense of authenticity and integrity.

Joe O'Daniels - Good God man…incredible.

blue colibri - Refreshment of the day, thank you sir.

Kristy - Absolutely stunning!

Antony - :-O < this was my face for 10 minutes

Pobke - i had the stupidest grin on my face the whole time i scrolled through this post. you have a gift of capturing the happy, my friend. :) love it… especially that champagne pour and the last dance shot. amazing. #epictothemax

Naz Films - This is a gorgeous collection Dan!!

I do hope one day my films next to your photographs happens.


chris prestidge - insanely beautiful – love every single image here – one of the last images on the back of boat with the grooms arm outstretched (one of the most touching images ever)

JD - Seriously killer work bruz

Hanneke - Gorgeous! I really can feel the joy!

Croatia Wedding Photographer - I just find your page :) Stunning Photos!

Victoria - Fantastic! The end.

Fotografo Boda Malaga - congratulations, incredible work, i love it.Merci pour votre commentaire


When you get asked by two wedding photographers to shoot their wedding the following occurs – 1. you accept their offer quite confidently – 2. your secretly sh*t your pants – 3.you make sure you didn’t actually sh*t your pants and 4 you do your best to do a smashing job of it (or else right your career is over right?). Well this is what happened to me a few months ago when Marissa and Alex asked me to shoot their wedding. If it wasn’t enough that they are wedding photographers (you can see their work here) They are also founders of “From The Owl” – A killer wedding registry and online gift store and (with others) One Fine Day wedding fairs.

Thankfully they are so hooked up and hard working that they had many vendors and themselves working super hard to make my job super easy… I hope you enjoy their story as much as I enjoyed shooting it. Also, big shout out to James (Thommo) Thomson from All Grown Up Weddings for second shooting this one for me.

nice one guys… 

Erica - wow.

Anya - LOVE everything about this day. Amazing Dan!

Jody Ryan - Amazing work Dan. I so love this wedding how gorgeous are Marissa and Alex xxx

Mitch Pohl - DAN!!!! This is off the hook

chris prestidge - absolute magic dan – such an epic job, what an incredible wedding – congratulations again a + m.

Levi - Dan, this is the next level. Awesome work.

Rachael - Absolutely killed it!!!! :)

Katelyn Slyer - You are amazing Dan!!! Congrats to the lovely couple.

Scott - awesome work!!

Robyn - Once again Dan….incredible. Such an amazing venue! The ultimate wedding inspo!

marissa and alex - from the owl - OOOOOOOOOwwwwwwwwwww, wowsa!

we love them and so glad you could tell our story in your mastery of visual story telling! so good, cant wait to go through the rest of the pics. You rock!
love, love , love.

xo Alex and Marissa

Steve Gerrard - Am I allowed to swear in your comments section cos I can’t comment otherwise…
This is fuckin’ awesome wedding photography. Way to make the rest of us look shite!

Jonathan David - Brilliant work Dan!! Such a gorgeous wedding!

john benavente - great coverage dan, killed it!…again :)

Tricia King - Woaaahhhh from start to end stunning. No filler all killer.

Logan Cole - Wowzers

Lisa - These are all undeniably amazing! And what a gorgeous couple with fantabulous style!

Charity - omigosh this is seriously amazing, i had goosebumps, she is one stunning bride and this is one amazing wedding! very very very very well done!

michelle fiona - So great Dan O’Day. I think it’s my favourite.

mh - you are my favorite! this is proof!

fer juaristi - all heart brother.

Micheal Beaulieu - every bit totally rocking. incredible.

James Frost - Great story brother love the darker frames!

Scout - Heck yes!!

jessica anderson - Dan, you are one of the most magical storytellers I have ever come across. This was the most beautiful, heartfelt weddings and you have managed to relay that through your images so perfectly. M & A chose well xx

Paul Rowland - Your ability to tell a story…awesome.

Sarah Williams - Awesome as always x

Melissa - Wow, wow and wow!

Erin - Perfection! Stunning photos, gorgeous wedding (and that green dress? Hello?!)… You did good (nice work too Thommo) ;)

Kylie D - Its our gorgeous AATH Marisa & Alex! What an amazing day captured so beautifully! Big congrats to them on their awesome day. Kx

JK Blackwell - Oh… so beautiful! Reminds me of music Generique. Seriously love the dance scene especially the nearly shirtless bloke! x

Eric Ronald - Whaaaat!?!?! Crazy good in every way.

Mark Dohring - Sweet mother lord. Just amazing Dan.

Elise Sorge - Stunning pictures to match a stunning day!

todd hunter mcgaw - stunning work sir! good to see limbo making a party comeback! ;)

James - I want to be Dan O’Day when I grow up.

joanna - Think it is safe to say that you did and AWESOME job and then some…. not sure about the pants situation but really you should not be worrying about that sh*ting your pants still you are incredible :)

Emma Leivers - If you shit your pants and this is the result then perhaps you should do it more often!! Amazing work… I love the portrait shots and the bridal prep is particularly evocative! What a beautiful place to get married. Excellent work!!

Lisa - no words…just stunning!

Alex Vaughan - A M A Z I N G.

Cinzia - Awesome pics! i love the portrait photos and the story of the full day! bravO!

David - No one shits their pants like you Dan.

stephanie - it doesn’t happen often, but in this case EPIC is exactly the right word. you’re good at it.

Shari Trimble - Ooo I really enjoyed all of that…yes yes indeed! Love…

Lucy Spartalis - Outstanding!
There goes my ‘original’ dream of a green sequined wedding dress… damn it…
Amazing coverage Dan.

Kim - Absolutely knocked out of the park!!

SCOTT KITTELTY - These are just so ‘effin amazing Dan. I can’t stop looking at them!


Jessica Bossé - the lighting. so perfect.

Claudia Rose Carter - Dan, this is sublime. Took my breath away. As a photographer with a partner that’s another photographer I know these two would have been blown away.

Bookmarked :)

louie - Freaking Awesome Dude :)

Serafin - AWESOME.
Hola from spain

Kaley - Dan O’Day! These are beautiful. The lighting is stunning and that couple would be a dream to work with. I’m swooning.

Anthony - Sweet dude! Sick ceremony location!

ed peers - Just so so immense.

Ali LAMOND - Absolutely brilliant. You are a seriously talented young man! The best I have seen KVBR covered!

WhiteDressPhoto Jesús Caballero - OMG!!! Delicius!!!! Congrats!!!

Melissa Milis - This is by far one of the most beautiful and lovely weddings I’ve seen in my life. Good job photographing this one Dan! Love it.

Amy Farrell - The epitome of epic! beautiful work Dan & for the loveliest Mr & Mrs going round!

Kath - THANKS Dan!! Ridic!!!

Nicola - Beautiful images Dan!

Thomas Steibl - Man. This is just unbelieveable. I’m speechless.

Dennis Berti - I love all this post! You are an amazing story teller, bravissimo!

Cam Grove - You, quite simply, are an unstoppable force. Awesome looking location and incredible images – golf clap!

Alan Law - So raw and real; just awesome. Awesome, I say!

eugenia iskra - That’s just STUNNING!

Jack - Epic photos dude!

gee - Thank you dark master for inspiring once again.

Jacque - Love your work… beautiful colors!

Chio garcia - This is by far one of my favorites weddings! Gorgeous clicks! :)

Peta Hood - Perfection

Delia - Gosh, I just love these – what an amazing looking couple!

Tomasz Wagner - Those colours!!

Louise - Hey Dan!

I actually had a physical gut reaction to your portrayal of the wedding. I’m blown away. In awe!


Thanks for the inspiration :)

I’m booked in for your Perth Art and the Heart workshop and am looking forward to meeting you then.

Cheerio for now :)

– Louise.

Pretty Days - <3 just amazing Dan

Hanneke - Wow! This is soo good!

Laura McCluskey - OMG Dan. you are a total hero.

Bloody beautiful. xxxxxxx

Joe - Just incredible man. Gorgeous!

Wedding Photographers in Dubai - Each and every photo of this post really discloses their own story. It’s completely looking like a movie roll. Specially, the natural background concept is superb and mind blowing. This concept really brings wedding photography to new height. Really wonderful and worthy experience to me.

James - Like totes wow.

sonia - I can’t even…gives me life! preach me!


I really just felt like doing a blog post today. I couldn’t summon the inner strength to select images for a full wedding, so I thought to myself, ‘Hey Dan,’ (that’s me), ‘Why don’t you just grab a few pics that you have enjoyed from the last couple of months and post them, so that they are free from your hard drives and open for the world to enjoy?’

I answered myself with a ”why not!?”.  So, here are a few pics from the last couple of months. From Tasmania to Ingham, North QLD across to Denmark, Western Australia and all the way to St Emilion, France. The below pictures represent so many stories still to share, but I hope you enjoys the few teasers for now.

Love, Dan

Luke Going - Great work as always Dan (that’s you).

Cam - Err can’t find any words man, wonderful work. You’re the only photographer I still follow regularly. Gonna buy you a big pint of beer/cider when next our paths cross ( well probably never coz you’re always out of the country ). Seriously though you set the bar so high Dan, I sometimes wonder what to do. This is more than fine art. Painter or photographer no matter, you are a Rembrandt in the flesh for me. Thank you Cam.

fer juaristi - can i borrow your eyes for a couple of weddings?

Rachael - I love the way you see things :)

Justin - Dude! what the EFF!!!

Alyda - Oh hi dan! I’ve been a big fan of your work for quite a while. Thanks for sharing these, they are really nice. I hope we get to meet one day. How’s Friday?

todd - pow!

john benavente - is dan is good!

Tricia King - So incredible! What a couple of months!

Nils - These are AWESOME Dan! Love, love your work!!

Eric Ronald - Yes, yes, yes and yes.

Tahnee - my god, dan, you just blow me away. every single photo I ever see from you. INCREDIBLE.

James Frost - Bloody hell Dan theses are all crazy good!

Darryn - Awesome :)

anthony hoang - Wowzers! Incredible Dan.

Maureen - Omgosh these are stunning. So so beautiful.

Per - Thats art!

Reni - You’re the Henri Cartier-Bresson of wedding photography!

Gemma Williams - Hey Dan, these are amazing! :)

Oli - Ohhhhh brother :|

Kirsty - your awesomeness is incredible Mr O Day

Tina Bingham - Thanks for that fabulous instalment x

Michael Ralph - You must have a good camera!!!

xanthe - Dan, you are the MAN!
Stunning… every, single. image.

James - Ridiculous.

Matt Streatfeild - Killer! Quite the collection. When is the next one???

anda - extra-wonderful, dan!

ed peers - Love your vision you crazy man.

Shauna - Yeahhhhh.

nirav - You da man.

aga - you’ve been up to some good things, some good things I see… wonderful job.

John - Word

Kristin Hallak - Wowzers. You are insane. Killed it every time. Oh, man.

matty mo - so refreshing.

Phil - So good. Don’t stop. Ever. These are not sexual references.

Mike Vallely - Unreal stuff Dan!

David - Love it.

chris prestidge - incredible dan! i am sure many people will look here for inspiration for many moons to come…

Caitlin - SO GOOD. You make me want to be a better photographer!

Pedro Vilela - thank you so much for sharing

Falcon - Absolutely amazing!

Delia - These are all so touching! Beautiful!

Andraz Gregoric - Amaze!

Julian - Every image is stunning – you just seem to get better and better.

Jakub - Love your work dude!

Tyler - everything here makes me look twice. beautiful work, dude.

Anna Turner - Amazing

Stephanie - I’m in love.

geneoh - So good, friend!

Jacque - Such great shots!

Moiseev Eugene - oh, it’s amasing shots!


At the beginning of 2012 myself and my good friend Samm Blake decided (after a few conversations over sake in a tokyo alleyway bar) that we would like to create platform for educating photographers and creatives that are running their own businesses or are looking to run their own business. We wanted to guide them not only effectively, but in a way that displays who they are as an individually as they  focus on the elements of a solid creative  business. And never forgetting the importance of creating and using their  creativity in all elements of their craft.

The industry that we share is a saturated with so much talent. To stand out, it is crucial to longevity to be creative in your business and everything  you produce. That is why Samm and I created a 3 day workshop entailed Art & The Heart to help encourage and nurture individuality (as a brand) artists across the world and help distinguish their talent.

In 2012 we held Art and The Heart in Melbourne {Australia}, Manhattan {New York}, Cork {Ireland}, London {England} and Southern Highlands {Australia}. So far this year, we have also held an AATH Retreat in Byron Bay {Australia). The response from these experiences has been overwhelming for us to see, and we cant get enough of watching the progress of the alumni grow month by month after the workshop. To get a bit of an idea of the fun we have for these three days, you can click (below for a quick peek):







With this, we have now just launched our final dates for 2013 (woo hoo) they are:

Toronto, Canada – 23-25 July (Register here)

Puglia, Italy – 20-22 August (Register here)

Palm Springs, USA 24-26 September (Register here)

Perth, Australia, 15-17 October (Register here)

At this stage we are unsure if we will be bringing Art & The Heart into 2014 so this may be the last chance to experience this particular workshop with myself and Samm Blake. Here is a bit of a look back over the last year… Hope to see you in this year’s highlight reel!





iPhone fun

Glenn - You guys are the bomb! The more time since the workshop, the more and more I loved it and found it made such a difference. And it wouldn’t have been a AATH blog without Sammy in there!

michelle - AMAZING.. one day I’ll do this.. hope you do some more in the future!

Jakub - Wow, nice locations!


Chloe is originally from England and Dan is Australian. The compromise, to have the wedding in Australia as long as it felt like England… Soooo, Montsalvat in Victoria, Australia it was. Easy. Also, huge shout out to the talented Stewart Leishamn for being my wingman on this one

Amanda - Insane. Love the red dress! Crazy work as always, Mr O’Day. ox

Emily - beautiful Dan

Bettina - Dan you are incredible, such a beautifully told story.

Zosia - Gorgeous stuff, Sir O’Day! Just awesome :)

Sarah Williams - Amazing as always xx

Paul - Awesome inspiring work

Ben - …and transition into the standard medieval battle shots.

Ridiculous shots as always Dan! Killing it.

Luke Going - Geeez. SO Damn Good Dan!! Loved every frame :)

Mitch - epic dude

Vitaly - Crazy good. Love it. The shot with the bride/groom/ring bearer is something else.

Rachael - the is amazing! I love the colours and her dress and THAT smile! freaking AMAZING!

Cam - Great images as always Dan, particularly like the ones in the attic, that window had amazing light.

john warren - freaking amazeballs amundo

dana - you are so talented it hurts. xx

brett - too good! you’re absolute inspiration, dan.

David Roche - So good. I want a sword.

maz - The best wedding photos in the world!! The best wedding photographer in the world. Love you Dan for making the memories just perfect, in pictures.

Andreas - lovely Dan!

Daniele Martinie - adore your work, Dan! such an inspiration.

Emma Leivers - Wow how glamorous… love the shots in the attic!

Katelyn - Awesome as always Dan! Looks like a great day!

Jakub - What an amazing place! Awesome work Dan.

michelle waspe - oh wow, I love this.. the use of light and the cinematic feel. Gorgeous

Lucy Spartalis - You are truly the master. Insane work.

Katos - damn fine. SO damn fine.

tim - and it even rained like England :) amazing photos!

Catherine Abegg - fantastic, danny!

Kristyn - daaaaaaang. this is probably one of the most uniquely beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen!! totally getting the victorian-medieval vibe.

Andria Lindquist - good god. the moments you get are incredible dan. so clean. well done!

sharon - incredibly beautiful!

Bek - Dan, I don’t think Montsalvat has ever been captured more beautifully. Moody, dramatic, romantic all of it! Lovely work.

Eric Ronald - I love the mood you create with your images so so much. Brilliant amigo.

Rik Pennington - Great work Dan. Love the colour in the portraits.

Belinda - Stunning!!! Such a gorgeous wedding and captured so beautifully. Love!

Marie KEating - Amazing shots as always but the one with them signing the register is probably the best single wedding photo I’ve seen. Stunning

Pretty Days - Just amazing, it’s just perfect, I LOVE IT <3

SHANE SHEPHERD - Dan! These are insane man, insaaaane!!!

Alan Gee - Hi there. I was one of the swordsman on stage and I was wondering if it would be possible to get a copy of the photo’s of myself and my colleagues fighting on stage?
Great photography!
Best wishes,
Alan Gee