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Leo & Laura

My biggest post to date, for my biggest wedding to date. Laura and Leo’s wedding was my first big Greek/Italian wedding and I loved every second of it…. Thanks for taking me along for the ride guys, I want to say so much more but I might just let the pics speak for themselves (for now)… Enjoy!



amber - you, my friend, surpass amazement. seriously this is beautiful- still drooling over that shot of the b&g tocuhing noses

alyda - i want to marry these photos! your best mr o’day!

Katie - DAN!!!! This is AMAZING. Absolutely your best work I’ve seen yet. Wow, wow, wow. The getting ready & ceremony shots in particular are just phenomenal. Also loving the BW dancing series.

Charles - LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Man, there is nothing like culture. Greek and Italian is the perfect receipt for fun. LOve the intimate pics of the couples a lot, friend. Another job well done. All the shots are uber wicked. Dancing shots, i Likeeeee tooooo

Phill - Epic. And a whole lexicon of other superlatives. In 26 volumes.

Tracy - loving the black and white series of shots

Thommo - Bro, These are ridonkulous!!!!! The photos have captured the day exactly as it happened!!

You have blown me away!

Amanda Thorson - you have a real gift…not many photographers are artists as well.

Pobke - dan. it sure must be nice to be you. :) love every moment of this beautiful wedding. rock on, brother friend. (in case you can’t tell, i’m clapping as i’m typing this… bravo! encore!!)

Jeremy Beasley - If you only had one wedding to say how wicked dan-the-man-o’day was at shooting wedding pictures, this would be it. Nailed it bro, wicked B&Ws too

suzanne - Oh yeh…This post is EPIC! In more ways than one! The getting ready shots are incredible! But I think my fav is the dress-in-the-air-dancing shots! They made me smile from ear to ear! :)

mandy - I adore this wedding Dan! So many incredible moments captured :) Love love love the dancing!!

Julian Beattie - Your best yet, Dan. Great stuff!

Mark - Great stuff, Dan!

Amy A - Awesome! Love, love love it!!!!

David Paterson - Well done son! Laura and Leo must be thrilled. I told you I would be keeping an eye on this one! Laura holding the old photo… very nice!

Tonelle - Laura!! What amazing wedding pics! Looked like a wonderful wedding!

Laura - Dan-Oh-Day, you made my Day! Oh how happy I am right now. You captured our day so darn well, I couldn’t thank you more. The comments are coming thick and fast on how great the quality of shots are. Thank you ever so for doing such an amazing job and i feel terrible that you were up all night, but i’m sure it’s worth it with all the praise you’ve been getting. Sei molto bravo! Salute to Dan-the-man! A big X

Gemma Carr - YOU ROCK! wow, just wow.

Anya - WOW! Beautiful touching work!

Anh - biggest wedding = biggest post = EYES POPPING for moi!!!!! Luv lurve love it so much .. the emotions and the colors are just so raw!!!! My fav!!!!

stephanie - you did a great job at capturing the details of this wedding. I love the use of no flash in a lot of the before and getting ready shots. I love how dark they are and the mood created by this. you did a great job!

Rodrigo Vargas - POW! Awesome stuff Dan. Awesome.

David Lee - DAN, these are incredible man!! You really captured the beauty of the day with the tiny little details!

Thea Mcgrath - Oh Dan – I love love love the shots of them dancing with the purple and white banners above them! PS I also Love your new branding – matched you perfectly xoxoxo

michelle - beautiful.

james (not o') day - That dress shot with the shoes below. Killer shot. However, I can’t really just pick that one image out from the rest, because seriously, there’s not a shot out of place. Exquisite set.

Bianca - Hi there – I am a bride in Canberra. I chose my wedding photographer a long time ago…unfortunately I didn’t know about you at the time though and payments have been made so there’s no “going back”. I rarely comment on blogs but I just thought I should say that you are a brilliant photographer and the bride is stunning! Honestly I wish I was invited…it looks like so much fun!!! Congrats to the bride and groom (proves Canberra is a small town…I have seen a lot fo the faces about town) and congrats you as their photographer. What a beautiful couple and family…salute! bianca

Tyler Branch - superb work Dan

James Boddington - Great work! Gotta love a big fat Greek wedding

Matt Ebenezer - Awesome work Dan. Really impressive coverage!

Shaun Guest - Great work mate. Really well found/caught images. Fantastic storytelling.

Terence - Words are so inadequate sometimes. Very inspiring.

Jodi Mc - Speechless Dan – LUUUUURVE every image. Sublime. (We met in Melb last week – booked into HOTD for you so you better bring it…..).

jason starr - I love it. Really captures the energy of a greek wedding.

Dan O’Day, Australian Wedding Photographer - [...] almost hauntingly beautiful backdrop of the Australian outback, as well. You can find the full post here but it’s definitely worth taking the time to have a look at the rest of his catalogue of [...]


Ok, so it’s 4am and I need to get some rest so I will come back and say a few more words about this amazing couple in the next couple of days. If I were to some it up I would say the following words: cold, windy, amazing, film, car headlights and the dirty dancing lift… nobody puts Libby in the corner… Enjoy!

Dan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan ODan O

Zandra - wow, Dan, amazing. Love it.

Pobke - The lift! YES! The pastor in the church! YES! The little boy in aisle! YES! The frames! (That frame shot reminds me a lot of Christine Pobke’s work, do you know her?) HAHAHA. Love the frames. :) Loves!

Tenielle - DELISH-USH! Windswept photos…. are so very beautiful! Shadow and movement… light and love…. this wedding is so loverly!

Tim - Easy to see why you’re the “best”. I really love the very first photo. It is a beautiful and evocative piece of art.

Katie - Awesomeness + one billion.

Julia - AWESOME…..

Jeremy Beasley - Oh no you dideerrrrn’t *clicks fingers*. the black and whites are rocking my socks harder than the beastie boys right now. Nice work dizzler.

Jenny J - Oh you.

Michelle Moore - There’s an immediacy to these images that takes my breath away. I love the wind + the film.

John Benavente - dude..that second frame!

ryan flynn - so good. the headlight portraits are $$.

Gemma Carr - Oh My god, they ACTUALLY did the lift!!!! Nice.
Mr O’Day, you take wedding photos to a whole new level. Love ‘em all!

Kelly Tunney - oooohhh I see it now (checked it out properly). Always a lovely post from you buddy. LOVE IT xo

Amanda Thorson - these are hot….what a beautiful bride, always laughing and smiling.

Stewart Leishman - Shit hot! Love the blue.

Hannalee Photography - I’ll say it again: very different! Love it!


On one fine morning out at Lake George, myself and my partner in crime Christine took some pictures of one another.. I shot film, Christine shot digital, I said potato she said potata ? You can see some of the images Christine took of me in the same session here. I love shooting film, I do it as often as I can. Minimal editing as been applied to these images (if any). Christine you rock both sides of the camera. Enjoy!

Oh, and I have to give a shout out to the Llama’s that make an appearence in the frames below.. They rocked it as well


DAN & POOKY 0010


Mysweetmuse - Lu just said to me “What is Christinepobke doing there in the forest?? Is she lost? With the ALPACAS????” Hehehehehe Beeeeeautiful series….love it!!!

Tracy - How hot are those Llamas? Christine’s a bit of alright too :) seriously, that first frame is heavenly.

todd hunter mcgaw - mr o’day, love your work brother.. 3rd & last pic = killers fo shiz!.. (nice modelling pobsicle)

Michelle Moore - LLAMAS!!! Awwwwwwww shaeeeeeeeeeeet. hehe. Oh yeah der…. Christine looks GAHORGEOUS :) Lovely frames!!

Jeremy Beasley - the first frame has this incredible feeling about it, beautiful

Mark - Seems like Christine has the wispy hair look down pat. Cool-looking alpacas too! Nice work!

Marissa Rodriguez - I love the lamas!!! I want one now :) Christine is beautiful I just love her!

Christine Pobke - i love llama. :) thanks for being such an artistic friend. now would it be too narcissistic if i put up a frame on my wall? maybe not if you sign it first. :)

alyda - lovvvvveeee these Mr O’Day. That Christine girl is hawt!

John Benavente - can’t beat film. period.

Robyn Geering - such a hot babe you are Christine, and I just love that first frame to bits. Awesome work.

Loren - Really beautiful film work : )

Julian Beattie - Awesome, Dan!

matt sloan - those are some funny looking kangaroos! ;) lovely photos!

Kirsten Mavric - Do you mind me asking what film you used? :)


More from these cute monsters soon


mysweetmuse - LOOOOVE exhibit A!!!!

Thommo - LOVE THEM!

Christine Pobke - YES!!!!!!!!!!!! :) my eyes have feasted. and it was good. seconds please?

Jeremy Beasley - Dear Mr. O’Day, that first shot is smashing. More please?

Michelle Moore - that first one is SOOOO adorable! It makes my heart go *squish*!

Hannalee Photography - I love the first image! She looks so mischievous. Beautiful, can’t wait to see more!

Bartek Szmigulski - I have been visting you blog lately and I’m going to visit your blog more oftenly :)) Pictures are garegous, amazing. They’re reall arts. Great.

Kristina Radcliffe - You work is inspiring me more and more… i just love your images!!

2010 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize

These last few days have been surreal to say the least.  A couple of months ago I entered one image into the 2010 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize, not only the richest contemporary art prize in Australia but the world, receiving 238,000 entry’s this year across both the photography and painting category’s (so obviously I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best). About one month ago I received an email saying I had been selected as one of the 40 finalists in the Photography category. At 7:30pm on Friday night I received a call from Renee Ward of Moran Prizes asking me if I could be available to attend the media launch to be held in Sydney on the following Tuesday (just gone). The only information I received from Renee was that I had been one of the five photographers short-listed for the $80,000 first prize.

I can’t really find the words to explain how big a deal this was to me, but in short this was to me as big as anything that has happened to me in my career to date – if not biggest. Prize money aside, to put it in perspective it is the equivalent in terms of an achievement for contemporary photography, as being shortlisted in Australia’s renowned painting award – the Archibald Prize. The judge for this year was world-renowned documentary photographer Stephen Dupont – a photographer that I have looked up to and held in extremely high regard for many years. To have Mr Dupont not only select my work as a finalist image in this years prize, but to award it a Highly Commended is a huge honour.

At the media announcement he explained what it was that drew him to my work. Listening to him articulate to the press his reasoning for his selection was the most rewarding thing I’ve heard since the theme song to the Never Ending Story. I would also like to throw a shout out to my home girl and right hand wing-woman Christine who was selected as one of the 40 a finalists, also to another local legend Vikky who also received a Highly Commended! (Go Canberra!)

In 2009 I was also fortunate enough to have judge Andrew Quilty select my image, ‘Perfect’, to be one of the finalists in this same Moran Prize category.

The talent from the finalists on show is unbelievable and well worth a look. The exhibition of the finalists selected for both the Photographic and Painting category’s will be on exhibition at the NSW State Library, Sydney until 5 September 2010 before commencing its 12 month tour of Australia. More on the Moran Prizes winers here and here. The image that was awarded a Highly Commended in this years Moran Prize entitled ‘This Way’ is directly below (silhouettes). My 2009 finalist image, ‘Perfect’ (pink ribbon) is beneath.

Both shot with film.

This is a high that I am going to ride for as long as I possibly can

Dan ODan O

KIp - Kudos Dan. Huge.

Tim - That is some very BIG wow! Excellent and congrats.

Michelle Moore - Congrats Dan! What an AMAZING honor!!! I LOVE that first image – the story is beautiful. Well deserved :)

Samm - your awesome :)

Mark - Congrats on your great success, Dan!

Katie - So happy for you Dan! x

Kristen Cook - You deserve every bit of it and more Dan. Enjoy the high x

J Shoda - Congrats! Those are some beautiful images.

julie harmsen - Congrats Dan. I keep getting lost in that first one especially. :)

Alicia Kennison - Fantastic achievement for your stunning work. Congratulations, very well done. :)

Kelly Tunney - You already know my words Daniel…. I have the highest praise & respect for you. I always have xx

Stewart Leishman - Well done! It’s my favourite of all the entries. It reminds me of the show “Six Feet Under”

Jenny J - Crazy proud of you, little fukker!!

Jenny J - oh, and thanks for my new soundtrack for the evening (Neverending Story)

Caspix@mac.com - Oh my goodness that is HUGE! What an incredible journey… I love dupont, saw him talk once and have been an avid follower of his work since. Congrats dan

Gemma Carr - Ride the wave Dan, such a wonderful achievement. The image is stunning.

kylie - Congrats Dan. So well deserved !

michelle - Congratulations Dan!!! So totally deserved xx

John Benavente - killin’ them dude!

Chris Morrison - Congrats mate! That is awesome news – keeping kicking ass and putting yourself, and Canberra, on the world photography map :)

Alan Woo - Awesome stuff mate, totally deserved!

Tina Wagga Wagga - Congratulations Dan, beautiful and well deserved

Kristen - Look at you! Big guy on campus! I am so proud.

Christine Pobke - dizzle face. i’m so proud that i got to watch you accept your award that night. i can haz so many photoz from that blurry nite! hehehe. so happy that the industry recognizes talent when they see it. xoxox love you mucho.

Susan Stayer - Congratulations to you, Dan! I’m a huge fan of your photography. You kick ass!

mary scurrah - Congrats Dan, well done and most of all well deserved!!

scotty - whoa. congrats dude.

Bek - WOW wow wow!!!! Truly awesome stuff Dano :)

Hannalee Photography - Both such stunning images. Congratulations, well deserved!

[Mo]hammed Khaled - I went to the State Library the other day, and I have to say, this photo was my favorite. The theme, framing, and mood just clicked!
Keep us updated on any future exhibitions you have.

Mark - Dan, You’re on fire man. Congratulations well deserved. Thanks for the info you sent back to me last month. I just received a small time award and I was happy as Larry I can’t image how you would be feeling with all your accolades of late. Well done. Thanks for inspiring me and many others.


Not sure where to begin with this one really…  While in Seattle recently I got to spend some time with many amazing people, many of which were photographers and two of the many of which that were photographers, were Chris and Sarah (brain ouch)… Long story short, one afternoon my amazingly wonderful (almost) best friend Christine and I had the pleasure of photographing a session for Chris and Sarah. Photographers often spend very little time on the other side of the lens and we felt it was about time to give back to these lovebirds an experience they have been giving to their clients for years.

You can see some of the beautiful frames that Christine captured from the same session on her blog here. What I love, is that even though myself and Christine were shooting the same lovebirds, at the same time with the same equipment the visions we had were so different and unique to us as individuals… there is no better or worse, just different and this is what I love so much about being a “professional observer”. I love having the ability to see how I want, being limited only by my imagination (and in some cases weather:)

Chris and Sarah, you guys rock… thank you for allowing myself and Christine in to your lives for a moment to share something so special.. See you down under in November! Enjoy… (I miss you Seattle)


Kip - Their love and your work are both radiating to the Nth degree. SO good.

Kristen Cook - Is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious really a word? Because if it is… these important, brilliant and loving images deserve it x

Christine Pobke - um. what do you mean “almost” best friend? hmmmm? i demand explanation.

until said explanation, all i can say is wow, my friend. you are my inspiration and i loved shooting this with you. i just felt like energy was bouncing off every which way, even though we were shooting in a vast open field where things had no place to bounce off of. thanks for letting me experience such an amazing shoot with you. and chris + sarah: the session would have not been this magical had it not been for the two of you and the love you share.

Zandra - Wow Dan — love these!

Zandra - p.s. Christine — maybe you’re not (almost) Dizzle’s best friend, but rather, (almost) wonderful? Like, she’s amazingly wonderful — almost. hehehe. juuust kidding. everybody knows you’re all-the-way wonderful.

caspix - Dan – inspiring work, love every single one

todd hunter mcgaw - dude… your kungfu is strong..

Marina - just understatedly lovely.

alyda - triple rainbow!……what does this mean??????

Tonhya Kae - Wow. These are absolutely beautiful. Sarah and Chris are seriously the cutest. The up close shots on their faces are my favorites. Great job. :)

Mark - Beautiful stuff, Dan! Next we’ll have to get you over to Victoria for a wedding (i.e mine in June!).

Michelle Moore - I love seeing your perspective on this shoot. I’ve been to this park many many times, and to see the depth and magic you found there is breathtaking.

Jeremy Beasley - You’re going to have to slow down on the awesome, my keyboard can’t handle all this drool. Beautiful moments and those colours!?! They are off the hook!

Tyler Branch - wow….

michelle - OMG Dan – I love every single image! Absolutely magical. Don’t suppose you’re heading down to Tassie any time soon?? :-)

Andreas Holm - Magical!!

John Benavente - on fire again!

kylie - speechless. I LOVE these images so much !

bobbi - you are the definition of talent. absolutely blown away.

Tara Whitney - Dan – I linked over from Sarah’s twitter feed and feel totally overcome – these are AMAZING. Your line “professional observer” totally clicked with me. That is what I am too – I can never stop observing people – it is my favorite past time. Thank you for these. Amazing vision and just oh goodness. Love them.

AmyPunky Photography - Stunning photos!!!! I can feel the love between these 2 beautiful persons!

Tenielle - It’s one thing to see Sarah and Chris as inspiring photographer’s…..in their professional state…..but it’s quite another thing to see them as…..people, a beautiful married couple who are very very much in love. What a beautiful beautiful way you have of telling a story….. these are blissful indeed.


Beth Jennings - These have turned out amazing dan you must be uber happy with them. I really like the sense of place you have as well, it’s not even just about the couple but also what’s going on around them. bewdiful!! xx

Martha Moring - Dan- I got here from Sarah’s blog post and I am just blown away! Your work is fabulous. I love the “professional observer” line, as I am also a professional observer. What a great way to put it.
Sincerely blown away by your work and your vision. Thanks for sharing it.

Naomi Epstein - You gave us-the viewers a tangible feeling from these radiant photos of not only two amazing human beings but of three, yes three… very talented individuals. Thank you Dan!

Justin - Beautiful series Dan! Your work is just incredible, and so inspiring mate! Congrats on the Moran, and thanks for sharing you creative vision :-)

heather - the first image was a wise choice for the first image… love.

Elisse - These pictures are absolutely beautiful!! They depict what love between two people is truly about. Next to ‘relationships’, ‘love’, ‘soulmates’ and ‘respect’ in the dictionary they should put these pictures as that is what they convey to me. Thank you!

Nani Härkönen - I’m in love. You are a true talent.