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Well…. I finally got there and it was well worth the wait. Yesterday I returned home after spending a week in Melbourne for the 2010 AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPAs). The 2010 APPAs are like the photography industry’s Oscars. Over 700 photographers from all across Australia submit over 3000 prints to be judged by the best of the best of the best. And I must say, I’m pretty stoked with how I did this year. Out of the four prints I submitted, I was awarded 1 Silver, two Silver with Distinctions and 1 Gold with Distinction.

My Gold with Distinction print scored a 99 out of 100. When three of the five judges scored it 100, I just about fell over. Needless to say, it was one of those moments that I’ll never forget. And not only was that 99 a first ever for a Wedding Category print, it was the Highest Scoring Print overall. It was truly humbling and amazing to say the least. For that print, I was blessed enough to receive the Ilford Trophy – a trophy that I was hoping to maybe one day receive in my LIFETIME.  A trophy that has so many of my photo hero’s names engraved into it and now I get the honor of sharing that real estate with them. So it goes without saying that receiving this award only last week stills seems a little crazy to me.

Also, I have to give a shout out to my good friend (and fellow Canberran) Emily Hannah who was awarded 2010 Documentary Photographer of the Year! I could not be happier for you Em!! Also, I have to give props to worker bee Christine ( Pookles) Pobke who manage to walk away with 2 silvers in her first APPA’s (an amazing effort). The Gala Awards Dinner was a black-tie event held at the Melbourne Crown Casino and was so well put together. It was an awesome night filled with lots of champagne, dancing, champagne, and… well, champagne. Will post some pics from the celebrations soon!!

Aside from the obvious, the other highlight of the week away was getting to meet so many other photographers from around Australia and developing new friendships.  I’m confident there were at least a few potential life-timers in there so I cant wait to see what the future holds for myself and my new-found friends.


Christine Pobke - sir dizzler, you are amazingly inspirational, uber funny, and a wonderful friend. thanks for constantly putting a smile on this worker’s face – you deserve ALL of these accolades and MORE. your talent goes beyond these awards, and the world is gonna see Sir Dizzles-A-Lot everywhere, very soon! mark my words! xoxox loves you and am so very proud.

michelle fiona - wow wow wow. wow.

Samm blake - Congrats Dan!!!!! These images are awesome!! :) Xoox

Mark - Congratulations Dan, Your work is amazing! 1 point off the perfect ton you join the likes of Sir Don Bradman. 99 not out!

Jonas Peterson - Huge congrats, Dan. Which print scored the 99?

Katie - You are such an inspiration Dan. Love your work, love you, and feel very privileged that I was there for that amazing moment in your life and career. To infinity and beyond for Dan O’Day! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist throwing that in there seeing as Toby is watching Toy Story as I type, and it just seemed too appropriate!!) Many congratulations to you, clever. xo

Gemma Carr - I have been wondering which were your award winners. I got to see them at the awards, but didn’t know they belonged to.
Awesome& inspirational stuff Dan, and well deserved wins.
You’ve set the bar pretty high, you should be very proud.
Enjoy!!! :)

Kristen Cook - Totally well deserved Dan, seriously. what an amazing, wonderful achievement for you. I am so excited to see how things shape up for you over the next few years and what dizzying heights you reach. Onwards and upwards friend x

John Benavente - well done mate, your work is awesome!

Robyn Geering - seriously amazing news – congratulations. Such a prestigeous award to such a deserving person.

Beth Jennings - Well done Dan, you deserve every minute of the glory, savour it!! you’ll probably crack the category next year! xx

Lelle - Wow buddy, that is some amazing stuff, your a bit clever!!!

Nicole Ramsay - You rock!!! Totally awesome achievement. I was wrapped with my two silvers and it’s no wonder you’re full of excitement. Most deserving I say. Lovely to meet you too!

Tim - Congrats Dan – that’s an amazing outcome. So is it the top photo which brought home the trophy?



caspix - Dan, these images are inspiring and visionary – can’t wait to see what the future holds for you

Steph - Congrats again Dan. I particularly LOVE the last pic, what a handsome man!! You’re the best. Xoxo

tasj - Congratulations Dan! Beautiful work!!

Dean Bolton - Totally stunning images. I would have scored the 99 a perfect 100. I can’t stop looking at it. It’s been said many a time already… but congratulations!!!

suzie edwards - I’ve watched your journey with interest and admiration Dan – so much more ahead. Keep on keeping on.

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I love them… more from these guys later


Christine Pobke - hahahahaaa!!! LOVE IT!!! beautiful frames, dizzle. xoxo

Ros & Ryan - We love it Dan!!! I was probably laughing at something you said!!
Can’t wait to see more XOXOX

Thommo - Great sequence Dan. It really shows their personality!

Mark - Love your work! If you scroll really quickly on the post of Ryan and Ros it looks like an old flickering film projector. Congrats on your listing in the top 10 wedding Photographers in Australia list in Capture Magazine.

Gemma - That does a trick with my eyes, what a spin out. Captured beautifully – LOVE IT!

kristen - So awesome. SOOOOO awesome. soooo AWESOME.

todd hunter mcgaw - dude.. you are off the chain !!!


In September of last year I worked closely with the boys Wil and Alex from fashion label SOSUME to create a campaign for their 2010 winter collection. We shot the campaign over 2 day’s out at an amazing estate in Michelago NSW (we the studio “looks” at the bottom of this post, at a studio back here in the ACT). Working with models Simone and Hamish was an absolute pleasure, as was the whole experience working on this campaign. I got to use 6×7 Medium format film on my RZProII for the whole thing (aside from the studio looks), as well as getting a stand up ride in the back of a tray top 4WD out on the property, wind in my hair and of course the music from Titanic playing over in my head… I was a very happy photographer.

Some of these images are dark, inperfect and eerie, but that is what I like about them… Hope you enjoy.


Katie - Truly fantastic work, Dan.

John Benavente - nice mood!

Stewart Leishman - Love it! It might be time for me to bring out the old RZ67 :)

Christine Pobke - rockin’ shots, bossco. that one of her leaning with her eyes closed? please take a photo of me lookin’ that hot. okeeeeee?? :) beautiful work friend. hurry back to canberra now!!

Micah Cordes - wow, awesome work!

Mike - Man…I never tire of your photography. Just beautiful…

Beth Jennings - nice one Dan these are hot, love the textures you’re mastering the look for sure

michelle fiona - stunning textures and tones.

Georgie T - Dan, this is just divine!!!! Hope you’re really well :)

Tina Anderson - Awesome to see your journey so far Dan. Tis so easy to pass the DanO’Day word world wide.
Keep flowing and enjoying.


I would describe Ross and Thea as family .. Both of them are dear family friends and amazing individuals.. Ross is a brilliant songwriter and Thea is about to make her own mark in the world of photography (go Thea)!! My brother Adam appears in the bridal party on this one, my sister Megan and my other Brother Luke also pop up in a few frames.. If you look closely I also make an appearance later in the reception :) Hopefully the pics you are about to see below will say enough. I also took it upon myself to shoot some Medium Format film squares for this one.

Ross, Thea..  I was honored to be asked to document your wedding day.. you are both absolute Legends. Oh and Ross, you left your bottle of Red at my house last week.. you have exactly 48 hours to return to claim the abandoned treasure, otherwise… well you know the consequences xx






Christine Pobke - dude. me likey likey. love the way you rock the couples shoot… it’s very dan o’day and very very awesome.

Anna Kim Photography - Very nice images! I love the birdcage veil.

Stewart Leishman - Beautiful work Dan! 240 is gold!

John Benavente - cracker set mate!

Robyn Geering - i absolutely adore these Dan and I can’t pick your brother lol. strangely enough, the image that I simply love is the second last one, the image where they are holding hands – LOVE LOVE LOVE

Kristen - Your work is truly unreal. You’re not getting enough credit.

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Wrinkle in Time Photography - wow, this looks like such a fun, emotional wedding! you really managed to capture those special moments between people. beautiful colours too!

Mark Brooke Photographers - the reception looked like a blast!

kristen - I still can’t get over this.

Holly - Wow it was so amazing to see so many familier faces in these pics that I have not seen forever… Esp yourself, Dos and Luke – your photography makes me want to get married…

2010 AIPP NSW/ACT Print Awards

The weekend before last the 2010 AIPP NSW/ACT Professional Photography Print Awards were held in Sydney… The standard of work on show was amazing and I am proud to say that much of the work that blew me away was from fellow ACT entrants… It was nerve racking stuff sitting there watching the judging, biting away at my fingernails. (I think I aged about 10 years in the process)

I ended up doing really well, better than I had expected to do. I entered two category’s: Wedding and Illustrative and was awarded with 2 Silver awards, 3 Silver with distinction, 2 Gold and 2 Gold with distinction awards.  As a result I ended up winning 2010 AIPP ACT Wedding Professional Photographer of the year, 2010 AIPP ACT Illustrative Professional Photographer of the year and I managed to be awarded with Professional Photographer of the year (PPY) (also came runner up PPY to myself) I was also awarded with the highest scoring print (97’s).

Ridiculous hey ? My mum was so proud when I called her.. Hopefully it wont be long before I bump my brother Adam off the favorite son podium! He beat me by giving mum a grandson first, however I strongly believe that as he has tattoo’s and rides a motorbike a few points should be deducted from his title. (Myself and the powers that be are still under negotiation :)

Also, I should mention that I have been nominated as a finalist in the Australia’s Top Photographers competition in the category of Emerging Wedding Photographer of 2010 http://www.austtopphotographers.com.au/image-gallery/dan-o-day .. I think Capture Magazine will be announcing the winners in the May/June edition.. To be nominated for this is along side so many talented photog’s is an absolute honor so I’m already over the moon..

Anyway, nationals APPA are coming up in June so fingers crossed I can take a couple of awards home with me then.. Here are a few of my winning Illustrative Images, taken in Manhattan(NY) Santa Monica Beach (LA) and Braidwood (NSW:)… I will be posting the wedding winners a little later down the track.. I hope you like

Dan ODan ODan ODan O

Christine Pobke - whoooo hoo dano! :) so proud of you. me likey likey! :) glad i got to be there to see it in person… what a tremendous honour!! xoxo

maria lang - and you deserved each and every one of those awards – if not more. your work is breath taking.

Gemma - Wow – love your shots! Thanks for sharing. You inspire me! :)

Renee - Congratulations! Can’t wait until you shoot our wedding in October :)

Stewart Leishman - Well done brother. Outstanding! Good luck for ATP & APPA’s

Robyn Geering - amazing A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, your images were beautiful, and like Chris, glad I had the opportunity to see this all unfold for you.

Joel Nicholls - Excellent work Dan. Last time I saw you, I was hanging out with Adam, and you were getting around Fraser on a skateboard!!
That would be ~15 years ago.
Congrats on the awards!

Jan - Wow – you must have inherited your prodigious talent from somewhere – I wonder where? Just kidding, son – as you know I have no artistic ability whatsoever but you certainly have it in spades – Woohoo congratulations Dan!!! Well I guess your Dad has a little art in his soul too – we’ll call it a group effort – Dad artistic ability – Mum charm and wit (hahaha)

Jonas Peterson - Inspiring stuff, mate.

alex lyon - thank you.
you’ve inspired me to bite the bullet and buy a camera.
and become an addict to photography.