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Tatjana & Charles {Brooklyn NY}

A few months ago I spent some time in New York, I have so much to share to from my stay there and will share MUCH more in the next few weeks but for now, I would like you to meet Tatjana and Charles. They are dear friends of mine and it just so happens they are wedding photographers as well! If you would like to check out their work, click here. They live in Brooklyn New York and we thought it would be fitting to go for a wander around the Dumbo precinct for their Forever Session. They are two of the most amazing people anyone could ever hope to meet. Hopefully a little bit of their “amazingness” shines through in the pictures below, enjoy.

Mike F - wow! These are amazing!

amanda - These are amazing and so beautiful. I look at A LOT of wedding and engagement portraits and often they start to look the same but these just absolutely jumped off the screen. So different, so loving. Brooklyn looks good on you. :)

matt sloan - love! it’s awesome and so are these photos!

Bek - …..for a few minutes there, I totally forgot i was sitting in my living room, abc kids blaring in the background, three boisterous boys playing…..i was in Brooklyn…lovely:)

Andrew Cahill - These are gorgeous. Love that last shot!

otto schulze - BRAVO!BRAVO!

Stewart Leishman - Stellar work my friend! beautiful spread. Long live the Gourmet Deli :)

tim coulson - Why you gots ta be so good?

Tim - I want to see this movie!

michelle - love it dan o’day. and farewell my favourite tags xxx

joanna - Every shot a winner !!! kick ass :)

Justin - dan, these are super beautiful.

Ben - Seriously??!

Amanda Thorson - I enjoyed these for so many reasons. I just love how so many photographers are worried about getting other people in their photos, but you choose to have them there and it works so well! I also love that last shot…amazing.

julie harmsen - absolutely love these Dan! and I want to be doing yoga on that lawn.

Jennifer - Fantastic, mate. Just fantastic.

ALMA - Yikes…!!!

Patrick Polis - Absolutely stunning set of photos Dan. Such a lovely couple and you really nailed capturing their personalities.

Kelly Tunney - what they all said + a little more cause I like you

Igor Demba - Goodness! There is so much goodness in this thing Dan! A breath of fresh air and so freaking original. I think I love you!

Kirsty aksentiew - Awesome Mr O Day

Chris’ Goubet - Really amazing ! Awesome artistic direction! Fantastic pictures of an amazing and tender couple: Charles and Tatjana . THANK YOU!

Dale Tidy - You are so fricken amazing dude. Your creativity blows my mind again and again

Adrian - Oh bless. It’s just awesome.

alyda - i’m feelin it…oh yeah!

marissa fleming - oh i miss new york…love

ed peers - So inspiring man… this kicks ass.

Natalie - You had me enthralled from start to finish. Amazing. Love it.

john warren - dude – that last frame makes me all gooey ! – great shot !

Jack Chauvel - This is just beautiful Dan. That is all :)

Kate Geikowski - Fabulous! Just fabulous!

Loren - Amaaaazing ! Love <3 !

Travis Shumate - It doesn’t get much better than this. Beautiful work.

Valerie - Inspiring. Touching. Simple. True. Love it all.

Julianna - Freaking awesome- especially the streets ones!!

Tricia Itchy Eyes - amazeballs

Sheridan - You never fail to amaze me, definitely some of the best work I’ve ever seen, EVER! :) x

Jonas Peterson - The goods, my friend.

Jonas Peterson - apart from “himslef” :)

Katie - WTF?!?! These are freaking ridiculously amazing.

Katie - You, my friend, are amazing.

mary kathryn - best. post. eva.

Miguel - Ah…Fuck Yeah!!!

Ian - Yowzah! Nuff said.

Kirk - Superfab in so many ways. Makes it looks like the sun sets just for you guys every day.

John Bello - there’s so much eye candy in this, I just set up an appointment with my dentist. AMAZING work!

Chelsea - yum – o. you are awesome

hunter - dude.. this sh!t just got real! credits = RADness :)

Kirra - One of your best yet

Jay - Love it love it love it!

bryan - so incredible

Brian Terry - Well done Chief ;-)


Nick - Dan. These are effin’ FIRE.

out of focus kissing set is top shelf.

jason starr - Bugger me Dan. You inspire the hell out of me.

benjamin murphy - J’adore!

Andy Gaines - Awesome work as always mate! Loving the high five shots – and that film credit is genius!

Marie Keating - Been a fan, following your stuff for a while but these shots are UNBELIEVABLE! Well done, inspiring!

Thaddeus - Nice one Dan.

john benavente - dude.i love this…

Cols Thorpe - Thought you could not get any better but truly, you are the BEST!! These are amazing…


Leo Timoshuk - Great set. I love how capture the most precious moments.

Falcon - I love your cheeky tags, Dan. That is all.

Adam Cavanagh - Just EPIC work man!!!

Julian Beattie - Dude, get the hell out. New level stuff right here. You killed this, man. Seriously beyond well done!

Alex - :-)

PJ Photos - this is so good!! art!

Amanda Thomsen - Waaauw, just wAuW!!!!! ..x

Fotograf ślubny Lublin - Gorgeous:) I love them all!

nirav - Dan, just love the way you see things amigo!

Gea - What a poetry. <3.

Sheye - Incredible. Again.

Ieva - pure art

Britt Spring - Captivating…….

Anna - The perfect love story! Always amazing!

Travis Schulz - mmm love. :D Bam! you caught it. love your perspective. Top Notch.

Samm Blake - you have completely outdone yourself danny. amazing work. these images make me incredibly excited for our NYC adventures this year!

Stew - Cool shoot and post stylin dude! You rock it ;)

Nikki Bezel - Out of this world Dan. Over the moon and back!

Caroline - oh my lord these two are so adorable i can’t stand it

Peter - Dude…. I must say – this is something extraordinary. I don’t know how I lived and how I got to your website, but at the moment I felt like there is something that just fulfilled me when I saw your photography – the one with hands and 4 portraits all together – simply amazing….

Peter - One of the best photography I have seen so far…

Cara Loren - Adore, adore, adore..

pobke - i award thee an OSCAR!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Rob Li - Wow, great concept! Loved it.

London Wedding Photographer - Love these photographs! :-)

jennifer Cuscino - who are you and where has your camera been all my life? what flight do I need to hop on next to meet you and pick your brain? i love love love LOVE times a million this session and you JUST became my new favorite photographer that I will blog stalk. WOW, wow. Incredible emotion captured and in a fun, interesting way. SO WELL DONE brilliant one. Augh, only to be 1/2 as talented.

sarah black - Blimey. So far above what everybody else does it’s not funny.

BT - ..sensational dude. BT

Mark Byron - Great work. Really like your photographic style