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Last week saw the annual gathering for the AIPP Australian Professional Photography awards (APPA) in Melbourne (Australia). I was over the moon to receive 1 Gold award, 2 Silver Distinctions and 1 Silver award for my four prints entered. The standard of work on show was unbelievable, I can confidently say that I am super proud to be apart of the Australian Photography Industry. The photo artists that come out of this country are right up there with the best in the world and I am inspired by this every day… It is also a constant reminder to me that I cant afford to slack off as a creative if I want to stay competitive in this industry, so thank you fellow awesome image makers! (you complete me). I was honored to be asked to be a judge again this year and it was a responsibility i didnt’ take lightly. I got to sit alongside some of the photographers I most respect in this industry and discuss/critique work in an open forum, often in front of the entrants (who were probably whispering, “they don’t get me” or “yes!! they get it” or maybe even, “that Dan guy needs to pull his pants up”) I know this because I am also an entrant and it is usually me up the back of the room chewing my nails down to the bone when my peers are “judging me”. As an entrant, it takes alot of courage to put yourself out there to be critiqued and I believe that everyone that does this deserves to be awarded, really. To quote a good friend of mine Samm Blake “Through the greatest discomfort, comes the greatest growth” and I truly believe this.

On another note, at the gala dinner on the closing night I was awarded the honor of AIPP Master of Photography which is a huge personal achievement for me.

Below are the images I entered into this years awards, I hope you enjoy! Thank you to all of my clients for giving me the opportunity to make pictures and to those volunteers that helped me out for my whacky portrait idea (below).

Stew - Well done Master Dan’O! Be proud, as you are one of the best too! Your perspective, your work and your lateral thinking blows my mind often. Thank you. :)

David Ferguson | Brisbane - Congratulations on it all mate. Love your work.

Shanna - You’re a rockstar. Love your work Dan! :)

Jenn Stark - Seriously Dan. I can’t stop staring at the first image – it should be like the national flag of all wedding photographers. Congrats on everything, well deserved!! x

James frost - That black and white is rad ! Keep bring art to photography dude !!! :)

alyda - so proud to call you a friend danny boy. you are an inspiration and also very funny. yay xx

skelator - you complete me.

marina - Awesome x

ALMA // - Insanity Senior O’Day

David Campbell - Killer work! Congrats on the achievement too.

Andreas - Sweet! Love the shots! Keep making good stuff !

Julianna Koh Blackwell - You go Master O’Day!

Ben - Inspiring work Dan O’day!! Congrats on all the accolades :)

Delia - Congrats on the incredible achievement Dan!!

Tanya Love - Oh, I didn’t realise that crazy portrait shot was yours! I loved it, the colours are so vibrant, very, very cool!x

Bridget - Massive Congratulations Dan. We can see why you’ve picked up those awards. Wonderful news!

Scout - Fantastic shots and words from the heart.

aga - This is beautiful, congrats friend!

Gemma Higgins - just adore that last image! One of my favorites of the awards… Awesome stuff Master O’Day! xx

Jonas Seaman - Congratulations Dan!! So inspiring!!

Lucie Zeka - congrats