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Ok, hello everyone and welcome to my very first blog entry !(on the new blog) . . . the blog world is a new world to me so it might take me a little bit to reach the “Jedi” standard of usage, so please be patient. I am going to use this blog primarily as a way to give all my lovely newly weds, their family’s and friends a bit of a quick sneak peek at a select few post wedding photographs as soon as possible after the wedding (whilst my team and I are locked away in the studio editing the rest)! Also, I will be using the blog to keep everyone up to speed with my on goings in the art world!

Now, in order to have a bit of material to fill up this white space, I am going to back track a bit and post a few shots from weddings past. I hope you all get a little something out of this blog and I will try and keep it as up to date as possible at all times.. wish me luck!

Ps, my spelling and grammar are far from my strongest points (hence the reason I decided to pursue a career with a camera instead of a pen) so I apologies in advance for all of my gramatile and speklling mistakesf! J


Siannon - i love your blog.
i went from start to finish, and love every bit of it.
your work is very inspiring.
i love finding photographers and looking through ALL their work. gives me a smile it does!
Keep up the awesome stuff! It’s wonderful.