I think the post I found (below) on a weather bureau site says it all really… 22 November 2008 had, by far the toughest shooting conditions of 2008!…

Dominic and Mya’s ceremony took place at the outside courtyard of the NewActon precinct  http://www.newacton.com.au/. Just as Mya was about to make her stunning entrance down the isle, a brief but sudden strong gust of wind (complete with light spray) occurred. For a second I thought the sky was going to open .. but Hallelujah! Someone up stairs was smiling down on Dom and Mya and the rain held off for the entire duration of the ceremony. Even though the weather was “in a mood” so to speak, it certainly didn’t stop Dominic, Mya and the crew from having a blast.. We laughed, shared some (tasteful) jokes, ran for shelter, had a few drinks and shivered together. In the end I think we captured some of my favourite shots of the year! Thanks for letting me share your wedding day with you guy’s… I had a fantastic time.

Posted November 21st, 2008 by Anonymous There is an almost unprecedented weather warning for N.S.W. from the Bureau of Meteorology. Weather map 21/11/08 showing low systems IDN28500 Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology NSW Top Priority for Immediate Broadcast NSW SEVERE WEATHER WARNING Damaging Winds, For people in the Illawarra, Southern Tablelands, ACT, South Coast, and higher parts of the South West Slopes forecast districtsDAN-O'DAY-PHOTOGRAPHY---DOM-&-MYA-013

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