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Lara and Cass get Married – Kangaroo Valley Wedding Photographer – Sometimes

Well well well…. What do you get when a wedding photographer named Lara marries the love of her life, Cass – Then employs the help of some of the best in the biz to bring their vision together for the best day of their lives (so far)… You call it Lara and Cass’ wedding. So grateful you […]

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Amanda - Wow ahhh this is just a little bit amazing…like a lot amazing!!

Glenn - These photos are so good I just want to punch you in your stupid talented face

Barbara - Gorgeous wedding and fabulous photography! Thank you for inspiring a whole generation of photographers :)

Alastair - Is Dan. Is good. 👌🏼

Thierry Joubert - Always a pleasure to see your stories man…

Lecinda - Epic couple, epic celebrations, epic photos!! <3

Veri - fantastic work Dan, nailed it always. just the time waiting all the pics to load killing me.

Jean-Laurent - Love it buddy!

Marina - Such beautiful memories, such a pure love, so much fun! You tell stories like no one else. Keep doing that, it’s wonderful to see.

Pedro - Fuck. You and your clients rule. And yes, I agree with Glenn above: I just want to punch you in your stupid talented face <- you're that good.

Gabri - Oh you did it again! So good. ;)

Jai Long - Boom!

Nirav - Damn buddy…

Anna Turner - Amazing work DO’D xxx

Tamarin - Absolute magic Dan and Andrea x

Adam - Lovely Dan!

Millie - Wow, wow and wow, beautiful story telling, I feel like I was there.

Steve Fuller - Documentary wedding photography at it’s finest. Great work guys!

stephanie - legendary! i always look forward to your posts.

Chiara - Simply absurd! I love it!

Antony Turner - Oh man, what a story! You’re killing it Dan!

Jesse Pafundi - Ridiculous story telling. Youre the best there is.

Avangardphoto - Those night shots were amazing.

Amy and Milton – The Wedding – Graciosa, Byron bay Wedding Photographer (if need be)

Amy and Milton…. Sigh… So there is way too much backstory to get into here, however here is the short of it: Milton and Amy are also wedding photographers (you can check their work here), so to be chosen by them to document one of the most important days in their life was a huge […]

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Thierry Joubert - Always amazing Dan and Congrats to Amy & Milton :)

Steve Fuller - Lovely work and great coverage Dan!

Josie - Great stuff as always! Love the last frame too :)

Louie - Dan…man…you the man!

Tahnee - INCREDIBLE DAN! As always. So much love in these photos :)

Joshua Mikhaiel - knocked it out the park Dan. Sterling effort!

Danelle Bohane - Absolutely incredible as per usual!

nirav patel - Dan…Dan…Dan (shaking head) you are ridiculously talented my friend.

JK Blackwell - LOL – that half naked dancer with a bow tie! Classic :)

Chiara - Ahaha! Simply unbelievable!

reportaż ślubny Warszawa - everything is inside, gestures, shades, light, emotion ;-)


So there we were… knee deep in rice patties… …just kidding. We were in Glasgow. We’d been asked to travel to a country we hadn’t been to before, and photograph the wedding of a set of fab wedding photographers, Gillian and Chris, in the surprisingly eclectic, Scottish city of Glasgow. So as Andrea and I […]

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Tahnee - Ahhhhhh Dan! Incredible, as always. As if we would expect anything less! What a beautiful celebration.

Mike - Oh wowzers. Absolutely smashed it! Beautiful work and I really enjoyed imagining the rally nice driving shots.

John Benavente - Killer frames Dan!

Caro - Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
So so good!
I laughed and cried and laughed and cried and ooh-ed and aah-eh
Gillian and Chris you know how to throw a paaartayyyy!!!

Siobhan - Oh wow! Gorgeous. Little dude in deckchair with party hat. Partied out :)))


Genevieve ( Miss Gen ) - Gorgeous work Dan!

Josie - There is so much LIFE and action in your photos! Awesome as always. Love the bride’s dress too!

James Bennett - You’re the king buddy. Incredibly well documented. Stellar job.

Katelyn - Killing it as always! Go team!

Eric Ronald - Really, really killer mate.

Thierry Joubert - ART Dan, ART….

Barry Forshaw - Awesome stuff. Quite a backdrop for the group shots!

Keegan Cronin - Amazing work!

Jack Chauvel - Incredible as always. You have been an inspiration ever since I met you those many moons ago. Never stop.

Mark B - Fab photographs. So many give a great sense of the fun aspect of the day and they all look so great.

chris prestidge - so epic mate, absolutely love all of this magic !

Glenn - My favourite wedding blog post ever, I could look at this a hundred times (and will)

Maria - Please could you tell me who is the designer of this dress ?

JK Blackwell - Love that they brought along presumably photographs of their parents/ grandparents at their weddings.

Rafael Sanchez - incredible .. clean work, history and places are well described, photography with a cosmetic care really great