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Exciting times. Im currently working on my new website with the team over at Flothemes , this is good for many reasons. 1. I will be able to have a site that shows work of mine more recent that 2012 and b. I get to go through my weddings from the last couple of years and collate […]

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Eric Rene Penoy - Great selection of your work. I love all of it. You are a master and I cant wait to see more

Glenn Weaver - 100% ridic

Seth - 10/10 👍

Taylor Roades - 24mm or bust :D

Rodrigo Vargas - Holy sh*t… Probably one of the first times I end viewing a blog post and still wanted to see many more images.

Tim Williams - Hot dang bro!

Rach - This is a tiny bit wonderful. Always wonderful. Your work is true and honest and inspiring and real.

Sachin Khona - I made it to the end!
Love you Dan you bad ass mofo.

Anna Turner - Mind Blown……Shut up

Nicola - Such beautiful images Dan!! Ah-Maze 😍

Vaughany - Danny, Ze’s are zo nize!

Eric Ronald - Solid as images bro

SF - love it, dan

Rog - What else you got?

Madalena Tavares - Damn, Dan this is absolutely breathtaking. All of them. I would stay here all day to continue looking at stuff like this. You are seriously beyond gifted!

Mel Boulden - The master. No body sees like you do Dan O’Day.

chris prestidge - tha best !!!!!

Anthea Clarke - Such a varied and emotive collection of work. Thanks for sharing Dan!! :)

Marcos Sánchez - Insane. Love the colour as well.

Simone Anne - Absolutely gorgeous!! Love so many of them.

Yann M - Dan. Your work has been brilliant over the years. Wonderful images and glad to know a new site is coming ✔️

Rafał Bojar - Great work Dan!!!

Mark Byron Dowie - Amazing work. Big respect, these are great.

Jon - Absolutely powerful and moving images! So good!

dylan - so, uh, your rando’s are pretty damn good.
can’t wait to see the new site.

Erik - Simply Beautiful Dan!!!!

David Robertson - you’re a freak bro, an absolute freak

Catherine - Beautiful couple and beautiful photography.

Greg Coltman - Great collection of fantastic images.

Fotograf Nowy Sącz - Great selection! good job!


Im not very good with words. I never have been, really. So I’m just going to start typing and see what happens. So I guess, in short, a couple of weeks ago at the Australian Professional Photography Awards I was absolutely blown off my seat to be awarded 2016 AIPP Australian Wedding Photographer of the […]

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Morgan - Yes 10*

Anthea - Good on you for taking the risk! You deserve it because you are probably one of the hardest working people I know! This inspires me to be more creative and try out new things. Thanks for sharing :)

Rensche Mari - Congratulations! These images are so exciting, different and beautiful!

todd hunter mcgaw - BRO! ❤️

James simmons - Good game big fella! You da best!

Myekie - Dan you’re such an inspiration to me man! I wish that I had your courage to take risks and “Push it.” I have said it before and I will say it again , with your skill and vision you continue to re-define what wedding photography is and can be. You own it brother and thanks so much for sharing your gift with your clients and fans :)

Peter Lippert - Congratulations, Dan! “And the price goes to…. the right one!” Your work is truly exceptional, every time inspirational again. You deserve it!

chris prestidge - my fav always – inspirational !

brian rickey - Dude that’s epic. Hi fives!

Mark Byron Dowie - Amazing work. Seriously great.

Claire and Oliver {Literally} Rocked Out // Carriageworks Wedding, Sydney Australia

Oh man, this is the part I dread… How do I even begin with this wedding. Well, you know what. Im going to let the pictures take over and give it to you. In short, Claire and Oliver knew exactly how they wanted to architect the ultimate party if they could do it any way they […]

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Luke Hayden - I’ll never tire looking at your work. So much soul.

Milton Gan - Left me speechless. As always. Epic work brother (and Anna)!

Gerry - Hall of Fame.
Incredible work at incredibly hard light to handle..

Oli - M8.

acacia - This wedding looked absolutely spectacular. I barely have the words…

Eric Ronald - Loved this man. Not an easy one to shoot or edit I’d imagine. Nailed. Xo

Slawomir Urban - Amazing Location and a perfect story

Mark Creery - Beyond epic! This opened me up to seeing weddings differently. Thanks, mate!

Danelle Bohane - Oh Dan Oh Day! You are the bestest.

Seth - Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!

Angela Landua - Everything about this is just glorious, the wedding, your work Dan, stunning!

Kate Beinke - Magical!

Melissa Mills - Again! Freaking brilliant Dan.

Mike Vallely - Legend.

jesus caballero - not bad!!! :P LOL
WHAT A Crazy ROCK!!!!!! congrats!!! incredible work man!!!!!

Genevieve ( Miss Gen ) - Such a cool wedding! Great work, Dan

Matt - Holy crab balls! …nailed it though!

Wendy Maley - I freakin love that you didn’t go all psycho flash guy with this (not that you usually would anyway). It’s dark, it’s sensual and I love it.

Bettina - and nobody does it better!!

Ashley Douglass - This wedding was off the charts sultry and cool, and you captured so well. Love it!

Brooke - Wow! It’s nice to see the whole story Dan. Brilliant.

Braden Kenyon - Epic Venue!

Mark Pool - Massive well done. Great stuff.

Che Birch-Hayes - How did I not come across this blog before? Amazing images :)