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Soooooooo, Alex and Leo. I pretty confident the next few piccy’s will just about sum these two up. This is just a small teaser, I will share the full story in a while. For now, grab a coffee, beer, cigarette and a shot, kick back and enjoy. Alex (to me): “Dan we want to go […]

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Margaux Vié - Absolutly amazing :) I’m french and i’m sorry for my bad english, but I just want to tell you : I follow you since 2 years (I’m also a wedding photographer) and i just want become as good photographer than you. You’re enjoying my days when you publish a post ;) so thank you !

mackenzie - amaaaaaaaaazing

Anna Turner - AMAZE…….Sigh……….

James Frost - Super good man!

Josie - These are bloody good!!

Pretty Days - Amazing pictures Dan

ed peers - Yeeesssss!

Adam Cavanagh - Awesome!!!

Kim - Beautiful! Beautiful!!

Hanneke - Haha Woolworths wedding photographer :D

Beautiful series!!

louie - Holy Frig!!!

A Couple Of Night Owls - Smashed is Dan!

Matt Jones - Awesome work, love it :)

nirav - lovely my friend. I miss thee.

stephanie - Everytime you post I’m like a kid on Christmas. I can’t fathom how the couples must feel. Slayed.

Eric Ronald - Very cool to see you weave your magic in Melbournw town. Killed it!

Glenn - Your talent makes me sick in the face

Walter van Dusen - Outstanding photography and gorgeous couple.

Anthea - Love the shopping adventure to Woolworths :) you’re an amazing story teller Dan.

JK Blackwell - Oh my goodness… that dress! Love everything about this :)


A few days ago, Ruth and Ben celebrated one year of wedded bliss! It just so happens that I was there to capture their wedding a year ago at Chateau Solac in Bordeaux, France. I’ve been wanting to share this insane wedding for such a long time, so much so, as I was selecting the […]

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Jakub - What a wedding! Beautiful work Dan and Andrea.

Lucy Spartalis - You continue to reign supreme, Dan.
The millisecond I get engaged, I’m contacting you.

Jim - Cracking job boss, I’m shooting there next week. Now supercharged excited.

James Frost - Super bad ass post dude! Nailed it

Myekie - Immaculate. Masterfully captured. Just incredible Dan.

Alan Law - Fabulous as always!

Zosia - Holy Moly! This whole post is sublime, guys! Stunning work!

Linda - Those photos are AMAZING! What a talent you have! Wish I saw this before I got married…
Ruth and Ben always gorgeous x hope to see you both again soon xxx Linda

Andreas - Superb Dan!

Luke Chisholm - Dan, there’s only one of you… that’s for sure. When I see your work I know it’s yours in a heartbeat. I get lost in the way you see stuff every time I check out what you’re up to. Just brilliant in every way.

Fotografia Ślubna Gdańsk - I can say just only two words: Absolutely stunning! :D

JK Blackwell - Just wow! I especially love the shot of the girl with her face on the plate and the one of the girl playing the piano. Beautiful work.

Blue Colibri - Each image you take has a story in it, all together they make a tale.

Chris - Urgh Dan, you and Andrea are siiiiiiiick! This is SO lovely. Well done.(again!)

Elin - Dan, love your photography!! You really find the little details and capture the real moments! Sorry about asking a boring technical question, but what light/setting do you use for those evening shots, it looks really nice, keeping that ambient light.
All the best, Elin.

Chiara Natale - Uh! Absolutely genius!!! Love your work!!!


Ok, so here is the thing. I have been keeping these two secret for quite a while waiting for the green light to share this insane day. Meet Pia and Jonah, they got married last October and invited me to take some pictures at their intimate jewish rock festival of love. I had previously noticed […]

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Tahnee - Dan strikes again! Incredible. My goodness, what a beautiful story.

Eric Ronald - I love the energy in Jewish weddings which you captured so well. Beautiful work amigo.

Luke Going - You keep setting the standard Dan. Or shall I say you blow it out of the water? Whatever. You rock!

Megan Saul - I took your advice. Made a plate of tomatoes and mozzerella and scrolled. Good choice and boy do I love this wedding. Tell Josh to marry me now so I can give you an excuse to be back in the states. ;] <3

Alex Motta - This is amazing. Love your work bro!

mackenzie - i loved everything about this! i feel like i was there. you are brilliant!!!

Pretty Days - Always the same words about your work Dan… Incredible, Amazing, Love it…

David - Great work as always, Mr. O’Day.

Julia Jane - Oh my god, that day looks like epic fun!

Serafin Castillo - My mind blown, congratulations dude!

Jack Chauvel - Just Brilliant Dan.

Kim - Absolutely crazeee! Love them Dan! (The people and the photos)

micheal beaulieu - jesus, best ever, ever. I am hungry now.

Andreas - Superb Dan!

Paul Marbrook - These are incredible, very inspiring. What a fantastic day! :)

Jessica Tremp - There’s no wedding like a Jewish one. So beautifully and naturally captured. Love the shot of him taking her hand and leading her through the crowd after the ceremony.

IBB - such good memories! what a beautiful day

Jean-Laurent Gaudy - Impressive & wonderful work here Dan. You nailed it.

stephanie - I cry EVERY time I visit this blog. Which is EVERY time you post something. For me, you’re tops.

Shah Photography - Great story telling pictures convey what this wedding was all about

Blue Colibri - When i look at your images everything makes sense.

Brad - Dude this is epic! Pushed the boundaries again!

Ashdown & Bee - Beautiful photos of our signage, props and event styling concept that we created for this couple!

Jessica Fey - Bravo, Dan’o :)


Ok, yes this blog post is a little late in coming but I just realised I haven’t blogged about this and I had better get this post up before the 2014 AIPP ACT Portrait Photographer of the year is selected (next week). Last year I was fortunate enough to be given the title of 2013 […]

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Zöe - completely so much blooming AWESOME Dan.. love love love (as always x)
I love the joy and happiness you have managed to convey in that last frame – FROM FREAKIN SILHOUETTES – Dan you are a marvel!

Matt Smith - Do you have any workshops coming up Dan? Would sure love to do one!

Erik - Splendid images Dan!

James Frost - Art at it’s finest! All of theses fames are gold!

HayleyLane - Beaautiful! I love the 100 portraits, looks awesome :)

Blue Colibri - Congratulations! Im writing this second time i think my first note was dumped to spam. I’m really happy for your achievements and I’m really happy that i discover you a year ago. You been inspiration ever since and light never look the same. Thanks inspiration of the year.

Photographer Cornwall - Congratulations for this keep up the good work


So here we are again, Day two of “Andrea and Antonella get married everywhere that is awesome in the world“. You may remember the first instalment from these two a couple of months ago when I blogged a few piccy’s from their ceremony just over the border in a beautiful little 13th century church in […]

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Antony Turner - So worth the wait!

john benavente - always a pleasure Dan

Erica - amazing!

David Wickham - Man. That speed boat trip looked incredible! What a trip!

Jemima Phelps - Absolutely stunning wedding and images, Dan. I love how completely thrilled the bride looks! This has made my morning xx

Paige Jones - Wow! You really outdid yourself on this one. SO good.

Erik - Great pictures Dan!!!

Tasj Kremers - Stunning! I suppose you are getting there Danny. Yes definitely getting there x

Lauren - WOW. There are no words that adequately describe how lovely this wedding and these photos are. Amazing work Dan! x

Kim - Wow! Beautiful photos Dan’oday and an absolutely stunning place!

Ty - Feeling inspired and encouraged going through this series. Beautiful wedding. You nailed it, again :)

ed peers - This can’t be real…

Jack Chauvel - Dan.. this rocks my socks. One of your best yet.

Anya - Incredible as always when you post!

Olliveta - Oh Dan, I love love your photographs!!!

Stacy Squires Photography Christchurch - wow … what a wonderful wedding

Alyda - Too much awesome Danny. You are my fav!

Stephanie - What a treasure. Everything superlative that I can think of.

John Hope - Killer frames as always Dan!

Aga - I wanted to write you a sweet comment Dan, but I’m too busy writing a memoir entitled ‘Living the drea. 4 days in Monaco that changed my life forever’ and a song called ‘No words can decribe how talented Dan O’Day is’.

Big hugs Dan.

HayleyLane - This is truly special. These images could not be more perfect!


In October I popped over to Bali, Indonesia to document Arianne and Kane’s wedding day. I am going to have to summons the appropriate amount of time and energy to dedicate to a blog post that will do their unbelievable wedding justice… But for now, I thought I would share a small preview of whats […]

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Sotiris Stampoulidis - love your type of capturing the wedding moments

Luis Efigénio - Your work is amazing. Congrats

all the best from Portugal


James Frost - Oh boy! Killer frames my friend :)

Erica - so amazing. I NEEEEEEEED you to take photos of us!

Tyler - gorgeous, dude.

David Wickham - Amazing work as ever- creative, inspiring use of light and beautiful editing

ali - stunning. love these tones!

Tina - Oh my giddy Aunt. Stop it Dan O’Day!

alyda - excellent indeed mr o’day.

samm blake - good work danny boy!

Rachael - Maddness! There is so much awesome in this set of images, killing it!

Andrea Rose - Love this! Well played, sir. Beautiful.

john benavente - Dan, love your work, but you already know that!

Bianca Todd - Seriously?! This is awesome Mr O’Day- my favourite is the one with the petals x

Eric Ronald - I really like your photos.

Miriam - Stunning. That lighting where she was getting ready is to die for! So beautiful.

Ben Swinnerton - As always…just amazing!

David - Always amazing, Dan.

Mitch Pohl - STOP IT!!!!

Luke Hayden - This is insanely good!

Antony Turner - Amazing work Dan! I’m off to Bali in 2015 and the place looks amazing!

louie - MY EYES!!!!

Luke Chisholm - Man, this wedding is the bomb. So well captured!

Pretty Days - AMAZING Dan…

Priya Patel - Wow, amazing Dan! You’re crazy good.

Jesse Pafundi - Seriously?

Caitlin - Wonderful, as usual. Favorite image? The one where she’s on the stairs and he’s in the doorway – right above the lantern photo. OH I LOVE IT.

freedom - next level mr o’day!!! ;) wishing about now i could rewind time back to our bali wedding & time machine you there too to capture our day…incredible story telling!

Josie - These are bloody amazing!

Jarek Czachor - All shots are epic Dan O’Day, it was pleasure to see this :-)

Laura Babb - YESSSSSS! Awesome stuff.

Zosia - Oh man!! Those first few frames are just a goodness punch! I want more!

David - dude, awesome

Pretty Days - INCREDIBLE wedding…

HayleyLane - Wow….just….. WOW!

JK Blackwell - LOL – the last one got me!!

ALMA // - Love Bali…Love these frames Sir.

ARIANNE & KANE {FOREVER} BALI, INDONESIA | Dan O'Day - […] I posted a few photo’s from Arianne and Kane’s insane Bali wedding here. The night before that crazy day we took a walk around and grabbed some snaps.. Looking at these […]

martina - soooo good!!! makes me want to go to bali again.. WOW

Matt Smith - I love the stories you tell with your frames Dan! Its like reading a book only without the words…

Luke Hayden - Your work always impresses me, but this post is really special.