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Ok, so in the spirit of art, adventure (and procrastination). Myself and my good mate slash good photographer, Todd Hunter McGaw are setting out on a 5 day photo journey starting in Adelaide and finishing up in Melbourne Friday the 15th (Via Broken Hill). The aim of this mission was for us to take some […]

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Mary (& The Joel) - Finally! So good to see you doing something that matters. I’m only partially joking as the ridiculous and personal things are of utmost important. Don’t get a coffee stain on them on the first day.


Alan Woo - Sounds like an awesome trip guys. Enjoy the lil break from the weddings and have fun! I’m sure you will.

Bat - DOLL & BEAR MUSEUM IN BROKEN HILL. I may be shouting but I think the way you are dressed you will fit right in.
Travel safe!

Aga - That outfit really suits you Dan.

BT - Dan Onesie Day – brilliant! Looking forward to seeing the Fotas ;) BT


My first solo photographic exhibition was in 2006 at the Huw Davis Gallery (PhotoAccess). This show marked the beginning of my career in fine art photography and because of this, I have a sentimental attachment to this amazing gallery and to the inspiring people who run it.  No matter how much I become invested in the commercial side, my […]

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Paul Boundy - looking forward to seeing your work, recommended by my sisters erica and erin margan

Lisa - I wish I could make it to this exhibition. I am sure it will be amazing.

dylan - wish we could make it, love this image. best of luck.

Brian Terry - I’m in a taxi from Cork right now dude – seriously – best of luck with it….BT!

JK Blackwell - Ah… I am going to miss this one – I hope you’ll bring your exhibition to Sydney! x

gee - Something hidden in this image. Pretty scary. Other images on your blog takes attention away from it, kind of distraction but when i look just in to this image alone gives me chills. Very powerful stuff. Reminds me slow-mo scene in the woods from Antichrist the movie. Amazing.

Joana - That’s a smart way of lonikog at the world.


Every 12 to 18months I like to try and create a new body of fine art work and follow it up with a solo gallery show . Well, that time has come again! I officially invite you to the opening of my next show “I closed my eyes and saw this”. I am currently represented in […]

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gemma higgins-sears - how very very exciting! will be visiting!!

Kate - now this is exciting. Will be there!

Julianna - will your show come to Sydney too?

liz arcus - How very exciting Dan, I don’t think i will make it to the opening, but will still try, but i will do my best to visit whilst it is showing. :-)

Stew - Sweet, I’m down for a wedding during those dates, will have to pop in! :D

Tricia Itchy Eyes - Love your work so I wish I could be there but alas, different state. Hope you can pop some more up online after you’ve shown them so we interstate challenged folks can see.

Michelle F - I would love to see too but in a different country. Just love your work. Would be awesome if you could show some after the exhibition is finished.

john warren - yep – that’s the sh1t – I’m there !!!………..umm…….free booze??

Zach Hertzman - Looks great Dan – wish I could make it, good luck!

Amy - Awesome photo! Love your work.

Carolyn Wells - I love the title and this image! Exciting…I would love to be there.

Jody - Amazing – so moving I truly love it xxxx

bettina kingma - I would so love to Dan i’m sure it will be AMAZING. I will have to wait for the encore sadly, if there is one online :(. Love the title too, you are the MAN. x

fiona - f**king love this… oh shit am I allowed to swear on here? You really are really really good. It will be fantastic!

Bambino - Fabulous Dan! It’s such an accomplished feeling to hang your art on the walls of a gallery now and then and show the world your heart and passion. I wish I could get there to help you celebrate it. I’ll be with you in spirit (vodka perhaps) xx

Shane Shepherd - Great image, keeps you looking at it. Would love to come down for it, hope the opening is a success :)

Falcon - I was excited to hear about this when a friend mentioned it to me! Count me in :)

Samm Blake - cannot wait to see it all Danny . xo

matthew morgan - epic. i’d love to see the whole of work.

Christine Pobke - SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!!! :)


Below are a bunch of different pictures from the last 12 months (ish). Some are from stories I have shared already other’s are from stories I am still to share. Enjoy! (it’s a big one)

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Igor Demba - This is the money Dan! Hoping an amazing year for you buddy.

coler - good lord man. this is ridiculous. human highlite real shit right there.

Ben Adams - easily the best ‘best of 2011’ I’ve seen! you win.

Phil Chester - No comment will do justice to those images. Speechless.

Katie K - Your vision and your execution are astounding Dan. Blown away, as always.

Nick Evans - So many fantastic images! What a year!

Beck Lutfi - Amazing….that is all!

michele bowman - just fabulous in every way. i just adore your work. i hope you have a fabulous 2012!!

Cam - Super work Dan….

nima - absolutely amazing set of images and yea! can’t wait to see what you capture in 2012!

john - Dude! seriously.

john warren - dude …… ROCK !

Sheye Rosemeyer - Looking through this post was like a really brilliant massage where you start thinking up all the things you’re going to say at the end about how utterly amazing it was but by the time you get there you’re just all slack jawed and speechless. I got nothin.


MITCH POHL - Man…..that’s one heck of a post :-)

Julian - Oh Dan… what a year it has been! your work is so full of beauty and is simply breathtaking! Thank You

Emily Adamson - what a journey, I am a little speechless too. just beautiful.

Christina - Love it !!!

Ben Murphy - So immaculate…

joanna - Flippin heck! Speechless. Beyond beautiful. What a gift you have. WOW. Never stop. Roll on 2012

Myekie - I’m such a fan. Your artistic vision transforms my definition of what being a wedding photographer is and can be. Great work.

Kirra Cheers - Wow completely inspirational!

Bec - So much awesome. beautiful!

Tim - Not a bad portfolio ;-) LOL What a year – wow! I’d like to say onward & upward, but is there room to go higher? Inspiring.

julie harmsen - WOW. wow. w o w.

thestyleco - WOW – in love.

Kate - I do so love your work. That is all.

alicia price - Absolutely dreamy.

Doug Dobing - Dan. Absolutely gorgeous portfolio. The people. The places. The emotion. Beautiful artwork! Thanks for sharing. Cheers

Jenae - Wow – I really don’t have the words… amazing.

Zoe - oh oh oh – you do it for me every time – holy moley Dan – you are the Master of Light and all things great – I am head over heals in photographic love with your work – it makes my heart sing, and you always put a smile on my face when I see your blog posts. Thank you – ooh – and lovely to see Ginger and Pearl make a re-appearance :) xxx

Steve Gerrard - Terrible photos…. In OPPOSITE world!

Catherine Abegg - oh, dan. my heart is just bursting through my chest as i look at this… *sigh*

Bek - Wow what a year Dan – the third one down is amazing…they’re all amazing! You are so inspirational xx

Tate Needham - Love ’em!

Sheridan - Beautiful :)

Kerryn Lee - Oh my.

aimee - I love your photos, Dan. Tim and I have great fun playing ‘spot the bride and groom’ :)

Vanessa - Amazing. Completely love filled.

michelle - moster post. thanks for pleasing my eyeballs so.

freedom - yay! what a feast for the eyes! loved it, thanks so much for sharing. always inspirational. bring on two thousand and twelve…

James frost - Your insane to good ! Biggest inspiration !!!

Angie Baxter - Well… they’re ok, I guess…. :) So inspiring friend. x

tasj - freakishly amazingly stupidly awesome. can’t wait to see you in New York!! yay!!

Bettina - Dan love them all, colours, light you rock!

AmyPunky Photography - Amazing!!!

Andrew Cahill - What a treat, these are awesome.

ed peers - Unreal Dan. Your vision is incredible… hats off.

Bianca Kate - Wow,what an inspiration. You make me want to pick up my camera and start shooting this very second! Thanks for sharing…

Richard Ware - Love these Dan, you are rocking it. Loving the unusual composition….

Tenielle - Beautimous. I loved every frame. This post alone would make an incredible book!

Andy Gaines - Best best of post – EVER. Seriously, thanks for being awesome and inspiring. Great work. And on a slightly different note I’m absolutely gutted I can’t make your UK workshop.

Keep on keeping on mate

Lisa - Wow! I am speechless. Can not wait for the London workshop!

Felicia - such great work <3

Michelle F - Wow! Your images leave me speechless.

Colleen Conradie - I am also speechless…- Every image is like totally awesome..I think you should think about having some of your best photo’s made into a book – I will buy it for sure. Thanks for the inspiration Dan.


Andria Lindquist - man. how you do what you do. it’s an incredible thing with that camera. stunning.

Mark Creery - Awesome, Dan! A lifetime of great memories in a short time!


Pobke - oh my… but you seem to have included a few out of focus shots, like the couple high fiving?

hehhehe. LOVE your work mr o’day. as always. :)

Alberto llamazares - Absolutely amazing. Love your work! Happy 2012!

Nani H - I’m hardly ever speechless.

No words.

These are beyond all of them.

Kirsten Mavric - Oh my. Oh my. I stopped and stared at almost every frame. Amazing work.

Jesse Pafundi - What a spectacular collection of work. You have the skills.

Lyndzee Ellsworth - Not sure what this says about me but my absolute favorites are the last few on the blog of the elderly couple. That post was the first time I ever saw your work and it just spoke to me. Rog and I were in awe. We are still in awe. You amaze.

geneoh - umm the 5th image down is one of my favorites. I HAVE to smile when I look at it.

Jenn Stark - Dan, this post is so good! Lovely to have met you, hope our paths cross again soon!! x

Mary Kathryn - come. on.

absolutely, hands down, best series of photographs – frame after frame. Publish a book.

marina - AH MAZ ING. That is all.

Travis Shumate - Dan. So ridiculous. You are full of true creative talent and this post illustrates that. So genuine. So honest.

francesca - i have no words..beautiful is nothing to describe this marvellous year of pictures!!

Samm Blake - What an amazing year its been lil danny! You are a truly talented soul. You see the world in such an unique and beautiful way. such beautiful work. cant wait to see where the next 12 months could possibly take you..! xxx

amber - SERIOUSLY GUY!?!?! i want to marry your stuff! ha! SOOOO INCREDIBLE!! blown away, AGAIN! :)

Tyler Branch - you should be incredibly proud of these images. always a fan.

David - Hey Dan. We’ve never met. I first came across your work a couple of years ago and I keep coming back every now and then to take another peak. It’s among the best there is.

Alex Dimo - Wow some truly epic images!

Paul - Insanely Great. Think you just smashed 2011!

Jason de Plater - The pure honesty and minimalism in your images is uplifting.
You’re living my dream Dan! I’m looking forward to admiring your work in 2012.

fi(lle)ancée - Sublime.

jason starr - Killer shots dude…Killer too many faves!

Jess - amazingly inspiring work – I was just drawn into each image – look forward to following more of your incredible creations!!!

Kimberly Geneviève - beautiful! fantastic! phenomenal! I’m such a fan! xo

Rog - I support it. I’m inspired by it. I don’t believe it. I can’t understand it. It is you. You are the jetpack of the photography world. That was code. Let it sink in.

Johnna Brynn - after scrolling through these images, i feel like i walked through an era of time that has and hasn’t existed, if that makes sense… it’s like Dan created an entirely exclusive distinct period of history… like the “Dan Era” or something. ;) One of the most astonishing creations I’ve ever witnessed. Bravo.

Nancy - such an amazing collection, whatta year! cannot wait to see what 2012 brings!! rock on dan

Sarah Jane - Wow, these are some seriously stunning photos!
Love how you use lines & shadows so much, makes for such powerful images.

Shari DeAngelo - Dan, I love the way you see the world. It’s a really beautiful thing.

Jonathan Wherrett - Incredible work Dan, inspiring stuff. I hope 2012 brings even more adventure.

Julian Beattie - You win.

Nikki Bezel - Here’s one of my favorite quotes from a man who also has a lot of soul just like you.
” Hair is the first thing. And teeth is the second. Hair and teeth. A man got those two things, he’s got it all”. James Brown. Now I don’t know whether you still got teeth or hair, but I do know you got it all. Dan O’Day you’re amazing!

Deb - Dan
Another incredible body of work and a thrilling surprise to be included in your year wrap up. We are normal people made to feel special by you and your camera. We thank you for capturing our family and making us cry whenever we watch it and for allowing us to show the love and joy we have through your work.

George Conditsis Eurovideo Productions - Fantastic work Dan. You have a very unique style. Keep up the great work buddy.

ryan flynn - Unreal! Words are failing me at the moment, but these photos are what it’s all about. The song was wrong, it’s not all about the hokey pokey, it’s about this.

Jenny J - hope i don’t break your post w/ my millionth comment, but these are cray cray good.

ALMA // - Hooboy…Just perfect Dan!!!

Jazzy - <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 this post…

Why you should visit the 2012 Addon exhibition « The restless photographer - […] me, one image that stood out was that of Dan O’Day. It was the only work that specifically considered the image size, a small 12cm x 12cm and because […]

juanita - what an unbelievably inspiring collection of images! amazing work…

I’m in New York

I am in NYC at the moment and will be here for the next 2 weeks. Its down time for me so I have gone away to re-charge my battery’s for what is lining up to be an amazing 12 months ahead. I have so much news to share with you all and sooooo many […]

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Pobke - Love seeing NYC through your eyes, friend. :)

michelle - wow.

Kirsten - I LOVE NYC!!!! and you captured it well… @ weeks. lucky you!!! Enjoy!!

Pat Polis - Beautiful shots Dan, I particularly like the one with the sun setting over the girls head, lovely.

Vaughany - I L O V E LOOKING AT YOUR PHOTOS. You make me wanna shoot more DanO.

Elisse - My favourite is 20. Spectacular!

john benavente - wish I could unwind in NY :)

Tim - Great stuff. Glad you’re having some fun down time

Kellee - Awesome set Dan!

hilary wardhaugh - Daniel darling…Absolutely fantastic imagery, love the the style and production of these images.

alyda - looks like you’re owning the shit out of NYC. awesome images my friend :)

Jazzy - Dan these photos are Amazing, what did you shoot these with? Love the night shots, beautiful.

Monika - I’m so in-love with your work. Always look forward to your images. And your person project is so inspiring. Hop you will get a chance to spend a day with another couple to document their story. I wish I would have someone for you, I live near by NYC. Have a great time in big apple:)

Thommo - Awesome as always brother!

You sure know how to work that Fuji!

t-bone - dude.. i am pickin’ up what you’re puttin’down.. i’m diggin’ it dogg.. you’re layin’ some tracks of glory brother D & i am there for the shread sister.. bring the noise girlfriend!

romin - I was checking out the x100, but I’m completely sold now. Wow.

Kirra Cheers - Wow. Love them

Jordy - Amazing. This makes me appreciate the X100 even more.


  I’m not sure where to start with this blog post. I can’t stress enough how important I think it is for us to do personal work/projects as regularly as we can. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day routine, worrying about the most immediate task that needs to […]

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Amanda Thorson - Dan, I love this project…it’s amazing. The honesty in it is beautiful, you have a gift.

Stewart Leishman - The story , the images, the bloke who put it all together are truly extraordinary! Thanks for sharing.

Thommo - Bro,

There is such an amazing story to this images, you learn so much about Ginger and Pearl just from the frames you have shared!

I love them!

J Shoda - This project is brilliant and so beautifully done. Can’t wait to see how it progresses.

Josh - Lovely images. What an awesome & rewarding project!

Jennifer Chaney - Oh wow… you’ve totally inspired me. These pictures are amazing. Just amazing.

Mark dohring - Dan, the images of Ginger and Pearl embracing are so powerful. My eyes filled with tears.

Heather - Wonderful work, a touching look into their lives through your lens. I hope that’s what my future will be like with Jon. So many great details. What a treasure for their families!

Tracy - Thanks for sharing this project with us. I cant wait to see more and watch this project grow. Loved it

Lia - uh, I will cry.

Tyler Branch - what a rad project. really inspiring work.

Jonas Peterson - You the man, Dan.

Jess Marshall - Wow – the stories that exist in each and every image, all of the detail gives so much voice to their lives. Gorgeous Dan!

michele bowman - i am in love with every one of these photos!! what a beautiful idea and a great job capturing their love!!

abby - I wish I had pictures like this of my grandparents. Simply beautiful and heartfelt.

michelle - wow. i had to scroll quick so i wouldn’t cry. but it didn’t work.

Katie - This is truly beautiful Dan. Moving, inspiring and so sensitively told. Thank you for sharing. xo

Isabelle Paille - This is absolutely stunning, deeply touching. The light makes us feels as we should be looking at this in silence, as if it’s a prayer.

alyda - oh Daniel! Seeing these again just kills me. So honest & beautiful.

Thank you for showing us what real love looks like. I love my husband so much more than when we were married 10 years ago and I can only imagine the bond these 2 have after 65 years.

You have a gift lovely friend.

katie - hi :) great project! you can feel the amazing accumulation of so much more than physical things..

Catherine Abegg - Thank you for this… absolutely made my day…

Natalie Bice - It is hard to imagine an entire lifetime inside a little house like that but looking through this project I feel like I have seen it all. Amazing stuff mate, a really powerful and beautiful story. Can’t wait to see more of your projects.

Amy J. - I think this is some of the most beautiful photography I’ve ever seen Dan. In our current world of countless images of young, beautiful, hipster couples on every photoblog there is, it is so lovely and refreshing to see the capture of this age…this kind of time in life. Absolutely wonderful. You have inspired me, truly!! Bravo.

Anya - What an amazing story and how wonderful to see it told through your eyes Dan. LOVE.

Leah Kua - My heart is so with you in this Dan. There are no words to describe how this series makes my spirit feel.

Tim - Wow Dan. Really beautiful idea. Fantastically executed. I look forward to seeing more in this vein.

Jeremy Beasley - Only tears on a cheek and a smile on a face can do these justice. !@#$ing beautiful man.

samm blake - dan…. these are so beautiful. so beautiful… the first time you showed me these images.. they changed me.. they made me see and understand what love really is.. in the truest sense of the word. Pearl reminds me so much of my own nanna pearl.. silky terrier, fridge magnets, vegetable garden and her house.. I relive my childhood looking at these images. I wish I had images like these of my grandparents. Their family will treasure these images forever. You have inspired me so much with these images. xxx

Gemma Carr - Dan. You are an artist. Your images are so full of emotion, both your subjects, their surrounds and yours. You have totally taken me into Pearl & Ginger’s existence.
Such a talent.
The shot by the swing set, magic.

Nic Duncan - Your images have made me cry. Storytelling at its finest :-)

andi hatch - beautiful.


Marryam Lum - so beautiful…

Ashley Skjaveland - Dan …. simply amazing. Stunning, beautiful and real; all the things we need more of in our lives. What a beautiful couple. ox.

Lauren Wellington - so so gorgeous.. got me teary. So lovely to see that look in their eyes after so many years.. beautiful work Dan.

Mary Kathryn - Oh Dan…at first it was “oh how sweet” but midway the flood gates burst. This is the most moving series of photos I have ever seen. Absolutely phenomenal.

Caitlin Jacob - Stunning…Elo will be overwhelmed by these, methinks :)

Kelly Trow - Dan. This is beautiful. You are beautiful. I love watching your mind at work. I love seeing your world through your eyes. Keep rocking it. Miss you, friend xx

Michelle Fischer - These are just too precious. To me this is the essence of photography. What a gift to Ginger & Pearl, their family, you and the world. Thank you for sharing.

jeff ambrose - beautiful project dan. stellar work.

julie fitts - welled, my eyes welled. i’m very fond of g+p after seeing these images. beautiful.

Kelly Tunney - When you feel like it’s already been said, what’s left to say……. everyone’s words are so beautiful already. BUT……I look at these images again in their entirety and as I read through the reams of comments people have left, I cannot be more happier or proud of you. Yes, the images are beautiful and you have captured something very unique and special – but you did that, that is YOU who created it and not just the subject. Your ridiculous vision to see what so many others miss or take for granted is incredible. It’s to be commended, appreciated and cherished – just as you should be, my dear friend Daniel xx

Christine - yup. what more can i say that hasn’t been said? you know these make my heart pound, right? cause they do.

caroline lee - totally bawling over here, dan… these are just incredible. the images tell such a beautiful story. there is so much love in ginger + pearl’s eyes for each other. i love australia – i miss it so much. i think i’m ready to move back now…sniff, sniff. keep this up, mate. what a gift you have!! xo

Philippa - This is such a beautiful idea :)

Gea - Mag(ic)nificent.

Darren Van De Wint - Truly amazing work Dan!!!!! A project to be very very proud of!!

Julian Beattie - So inspiring! The rest has been said. Amazing, Dan.

Justin - Dan, Dan, Dan. It’s so inspiring to look at your images – I could easily spend a week just lost in your imagery from this post. Would love to shoot with you one day & learn how you process such amazing frames.

joanna brown - this is truely truely beautiful… so moving so precious, so fragile yet so strong and solid… love

Arlene Bax - I love it Dan, My Nan In-Law passed away this week, her and Gramps where married 66years I wish I has some photos like this to give the family.

sarah black - Incredibly beautiful. Gentle, respectful, so filled with love, and rich with story.

amari kenoly - truely inspiring.

Nicky Stone - What a lovely idea – beautiful photos – wonderful names – inspirational! Thank you.

kelly vv - wow dan! what a gift….from you, to them! their family (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren) are going to treasure these for so many years to come!! i WISH i had images like this of my opa….and my nans…..a love like that is a feat to be congratulated, that is for sure….beautiful project dan, absolutely heart-breakingly, soul achingly beautiful : )

Adrian - That is so beautiful. It makes me cry.

John Benavente - Exceptional body of work & exquisite use of light, hats off to you Dan!

todd hunter mcgaw - incredible stuff brother.. you got the skillz & you got the heart.. that’s the combo of destiny dude..

liz arcus - Dan, it was so very special to see these real honest raw and genuine images. Good on you for taking the time to document something so priceless like this. I have always regretted not photographing my great uncle and aunty that are now deceased. They lived in their home for over 60 years. My great uncle was born in the house that they lived most of their life. Being a distance away from me, i never took the time to make a photo shoot like this happen. The house they lived in was where my grandmother was born and lived for a very long time too. I would do anything to go back in time and record it. I always wanted to, but didn’t take them time. This project has made me totally learn a huge lesson, not to wait next time i have the urge to do something like this. Thank you for the huge lesson Dan. I have heaps of tears my eyes, but i am so glad you did this, for this gorgeous couple and their family .

brooke - oh, sweetness. what a beautiful tribute of a gorgeous couple. thanks for putting this up. it inspires hope.

Andreas - This is photography. Wow Dan.

Mar - The hand on the shoulder … the texture of their bare arms while holding hands … amazing.

Sharolyn - Lovely to see those three kookaburras on the line. Ginger and Pearl are such a beautiful example to us all. And I think it is SO important to celebrate couples who have made it the distance. Weddings seem to be getting bigger and fancier and more of a show these days. I hope so much that people marry for the right reasons and learn how to nurture a relationship over the years – for better, for worse, in sickness and in health, til death do us part. Great project!

caspix - Incredible series. Incredible. The low light ones are so captivating, so gentle. Truly love your work.

amber - dear dan, you blow me away with every.single.post. incredibile job my friend.

Sue Bryce - Beautiful capture of life Dan, I could smell scones and mothballs and I didn’t stop smiling.

jason starr - Truly inspiring Dan. Great Narrative, beautiful couple. Keep on truckin Bro.

jason starr - ps, love the wallpaper

David Robertson - a tear at HOTD and definitely bringing it back brother. photos with life, story that move people. THIS is why i love photography

Rhyanne - Absolutely beautiful… just stumbled into your work through a link. Glad I did… this series of photographs brought tears to my eyes. And my hubby and I just celebrated 9 years of wedded life a few days ago. Looking at Ginger and Pearl brings me inspiration – they are a rare happy ever after.

fiona andersen - I just cried… no words just silly tears. What a perfect piece of capture and art. I can literally feel the presence in their house. Dan what an amazing thing!! WOW

otto schulze - SUBSTANCE! work of substance. wonderful mate.

Fernando - How cool are these two. Makes me miss, my grandma :( sob. She has a fridge magnet collection too. So many that she doesn’t have room on her two fridges anymore. I think I will have to send you to portugal to photograph her for me :) awesome photos dude.

Dale Tidy - A grin and a tear on the cheek is how these photos left me. Thank you man, amazing work

Stelmer - Mr O’day… these are still as beautiful and moving as the first time that I saw them ALL that time ago at HOTD. You are one smooth operator Bro :)

AmyPunky Photography - What an amazing and thoughtful project! The photos are so moving and beautiful!

Nashville Wedding Photographers - i cried. amazing!!!!!!

Eleanor Gannon - Beautiful. Just beautiful. Everyone should have their story told like this.

Jennifer - This is really, really special.

Barb Uil - You. Are. Amazing!

Catherine - This is so moving, what a lovely project and gorgeous subjects. You’ve inspired me.

carly mclaughlin - look at all your comments! :) this is absolutely beautiful! i cried!! makes me think of my grandparents and admire what solid partnerships their generation made.. i hope hope hope i can create a foundation like this one you’ve described so awesomely, for my family to come.. your work is awesome dan! i found it through karissa at The LANE :)

Cols Thorpe - Dan, these are so beautiful! It made me cry..

Nani - This is the most beautiful blog post I’ve ever seen. Shed a tear. Or two. I’ve wanted to do something similar here in Finland, ’cause I feel that these are the true colors of life that I want to show to myself and others. The colors I want to see. I thank you, Dan.

Trish - These pictures inspire me as a photographer, and as a wife! Growing old together, and being so happy – that’s what I want. Thanks.

Christina - Simply beautiful! The individual shots of them outside made me smile… Beautiful use of lighting throughout, feel like I’m there with them. Amazing! I love it!!!! Pearl is one gorgeous gal : )

Colibriphoto - This is one of the most touching post I’ve ever seen. I am deeply mooved by this. Thank you so much for sharing.

Joshua Gull - Just got turned on to your photography Dan and then I come and find this. Truly incredible work and project. I’m blown away.

jeff marsh - man this is awesome

hannah - i just fell in love with this photo shoot.

Marno Muth - Pure beauty. Thank you for sharing these.

Tenielle - This is so beautiful Dan. So very beautiful. A testament to real love and real life. Two lives interwined for so many years, that they really are one in the truest sense. It must have felt amazing to use your wonderful skills on such a heartfelt project.

Robert Meredith Photography - Brilliant idea! Brilliantly executed mate! Really tells a story and gives you a feel for the couple and the life they have lived and shared together. I love the fact that in the living room filled with old quaint decorations and furniture, there is a big flat screen TV. Looking forward to the next one x

Stew - Very special. beautiful idea. Ginger and Pearl are fantastic! You are da man Dan! :D

Melissa Ellis - Wow! This story is beautiful. I love this shoot. Well done Dan, beautiful photos.

Kristy Morell - A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Dan!

Rog - Guy dude! Your vision kills me. I LOVE THIS.

Naomi - Wow, such beautiful photographs :) definitely brought a tear or two.. beautiful. x

joym - first visit to your site, i’ve never seen your stuff before but THIS. man. this is just. wow. i love it. photography at it’s best. you are an artist.

Gedas Girdvainis - LOVE IT!!!!!!!

joym - Pearl is just. beautiful. i keep pouring over your pictures. amazing. seriously.

Kristina Radcliffe - I want to meet Ginger and Pearl!! :)
These images are just precious… you are still one of my fav aussie photographer ;)

Thomas Laue - Dan, Thank you for sharing these photos with me and Yoko. It was very touching, I had tears in my eyes when you told us their story.

I wish you all the best with finding similar opportunities in the future. It enriches your own experiences, artistic level, feeds the soul. But sharing the photos and experiences with others, whether on this blog or through other means, gives so much to everyone who comes across it. It’s just amazing.

Thank you again, and see you soon! :)

Gray - this is just incredible. Ive shown most people I know this link… its just breathtaking.. top draw.

Mish Koh - Thanks so much for sharing these heartfelt and precious images. Amazing honesty .. displays true love that stands the test of time. Thanks to the couple and for sharing this with all of us Dan! Great meeting you too last sunday :)

Verity Stubbs - I’m normally just a silent stalker on blogs but this is such a stunning post I had to say WOW!!

Jennifer - So compellingly beautiful. The image of their hug under the shadow of the tree, in particular, will stay with me.

Claudia - WOW! this made me cry! You are an AMAZING artist. WOW!

Marieke - Truly amazing photos. I don’t know these people but you make them feel so familiar. Love it!

Mike F. - Love these! such a cute couple!

Sjoerd Booij - Absolutely amazing.. love the story, love the photos, love the colors.. it’s all love here, in spirit of this post I guess..

Zoe - Oh my goodness – these are deeply moving – from a personal point of view- I wish I had some images like these of my grandparents – and also on a professional level – this is the least photographed generation I would have thought – I really really really like these images – lots and lots, on so many levels.
Feel honoured to have been allowed to have seen them – they are so very special.
Thank you, Zoe :)

Alexa Catalin - Amazing work and project. I hope you’ll be able to continue it.

Luke Simon - Great Stuff Dan. It’s funny – one of the main differences between you and me, besides level of talent leaning your way heavily, is that you have gone and done what you’ve thought about doing..I see Sid and Joyce who have lived across the street for me for almost 60 years (no I’ve not lived there for 60 years) and have thought of doing the same thing as you have here…but have not done it…here’s the inspiration to ! Great work mate.

Emily - Amazing work. I came via your interview on iheartfaces.com.
I was thrilled to see a judge this week who has a unique vision and a real desire for storytelling. This project is wonderful and inspiring. Kudos to you and the gift you’ve given them and their families for years to come.

Jim Marsden - Really late to the party….this is amazing. Would love to see more :)

jess - Amazing Dan – loved this when first saw at HOTD, stunning emotion, captured so naturally, you,Ginger and Pearl are inspirations for many different reasons!

Louise - Extraordinary. Your words, as much as your images. What a love story you have captured and what a gift!

Jakob - Thanks for sharing. You’re an inspiration.

Mandy Campbell - Can’t quite believe I haven’t seen this post before now. Am sitting here in tears as I wish beyond everything that all the quirks and nuances of my grandparents’ lives and home and relationship had been captured before it was too late. What an extraordinary person you are. What a pure delight. Thank you.

Lucy - Really beautiful, very touching.

Vic - A very moving series… you’ve documented everything beautifully from their daily routine, to their companionship and commitment to each other. A lovely series.

Vic - A very moving series… you’ve documented everything beautifully from their daily routine, to their companionship and commitment to each other. A lovely series.

Lesley - What an amazing project and truly emotive photographs, thanks for sharing!

David Ferguson | Brisbane - Lovely mate, just a really nice idea and wonderfully executed.

Amber Fox - This is a beautiful project. Well done! Their love and gentleness is what is so beautiful.

Mandie - Absolutely beautiful project…and what an amazing relationship and collection of experiences to capture. I feel like I know their story now! Thank you so much, this post and these images enriched my day.

Trish - I never post comments. This is unbelievable. I am so touched. Thank you for letting me into the lives of Ginger and Pearl. These images are so real that I could almost smell the rooms.

Jessica Deane - This post is just beautiful!

mary kathryn - I think about this project often. It is a masterpiece, O’day.

Robyn Morrison - This is both incredibly beautiful and moving. Oldies tug on my heart string, especially those still in love after many years together. My old lady has dementia and is now in a home, i regret not photographing her more. You brought a little tear to homesick reminising eye!


Jenae - This is amazing. Beautiful Photography telling a beautiful story..

Holly Treadaway - Beautiful work Dan, just stunning! I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t be moved by this beautiful life story, very emotive and inspiring! Thanks for sharing :) Holly

Debbie - Truly made me wish I had this for my family – impressively done Dan. You should be proud of this.

James Harvie - Gorgeous and fabulous concept. Shows such character

Mish - So beautiful, so moving – the honesty and integrity with which you have shot Ginger and Pearl and their life together is life affirming. I am inspired by this series. Your work is wonderful.

joy - I think these are some of the most powerful images I’ve seen. Beautiful, emotional art.

Javier Abad - Amazing work!! Love it!

David Childers - Amazingly intimate work Dan, beautiful story.

Jocee - i’m going to cry. no, scratch that: i’m crying. this is one of the most… poignant, moving things i’ve EVER seen. the best ever. bless you for doing what you do.

Michelle Joubert-Martin Photography - I love this shoot, I just love it. I keep coming back to it, and it gets me all emotional every time. Well done x

What I have learned from other photographers - Jennifer Moher Photography - […] maintains a strong curiosity for people and in that, succeeds in capturing who they really are. His Ginger and Pearl blog post is easily one of the most beautiful collection of images I have ever […]