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{Mexico} – The What If Conference

I am super extremely over the moon stoked to announce that I have been asked to speak at the What If Conference in Cabo, Mexico next year as one of “The Innovators”!!! (that’s better than a kick to the face right?) There are many reasons I am so excited about speaking at this conference. 1. […]

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nirav - This is insane Dan!! Dude, you are on a roll and deserve every bit of the awesomeness in your life.

bryan - awesome Dan! congrats!

Michael Wachniak - you. deserve. this. (and more) :)

Mark Dohring - You may be walking on water soon at this rate. Huge congrats mate. Well done.

Brian Terry - Nice one dude. Delighted for you. B

Hair of the Dog 2011 // 5-7 Feb Brisbane

Hair of the Dog (HOTD) is a three-day AIPP event held in Brisbane each year and it’s all happening again from 5-7 Feb. It is full of all things awesome, with a fantastic line up of speakers and workshops taking place. I am extremely humbled to have been asked to be one of the speakers […]

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Christine - dear daniel: i would so love it if you could please sit on the stage with a blindfold on, and a mic in one hand, whilst saying everything that comes into your brain. i need to know what goes on in there. only then will i truly feel like i “know” you better. love, your friend christine. (pobke) (remember? your friend you’ve been friends with for over a year now.)

samm - I would like to learn more about your impending marriage to THM.

Jonas Peterson - Sausages. Talk about sausages.

stew - Hmmm sausages… and lamb handles!

samm - I would like to learn about your advanced angry birds techniques. thanks in advance.

Alicia Kennison - Talk about making pretty ‘pikchures’ and stuff and things. People like that.

Gemma Carr - I see you are getting some great responses to your request :) Gotta love it.

Matt and Katie | Photographers - Very few photographers have an apostrophe in their name. Even fewer still have one so well positioned as yours. Please teach us 1) How to obtain an apostrophe and 2) How to position our apostrophe once we have obtained it. The people need to know.

Tenielle - Rub your belly and pat your head at the same time, or is it rub your head and pat your belly? Even better, rub Todd’s belly and pat your head.

Kindest regards


Fiona Andersen - Oh my goodness…. I feel ashamed and horrified that I haven’t been on your blog before. DAN you are not only one of the funniest people I have had the pleasure of meeting but your work is utterly amazing!!!! I have no words but to sit here gob smaackked at how frigin talented you are!!! WOW……WOW


Ok, so I have just returned from the most amazing trip overseas. I spent some time in San Francisco and Seattle. I met so many amazing people and I can say without a doubt that many of them will remain good friends of mine (hopefully) for many years to come. Obviously I took lots of […]

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Sarah Rhoads - Dan O’DAY!!!!!! Get out of town! these are beautiful my friend. We cannot begin to thank you and Christine enough for capturing us during this sweet season of our lives. we will cherish these for forever. thank you thank you!!

Lauren Hewitt - Hey Dan, these are great! I love the 4th one, in the grass with the purple flowers. Beautiful! was it a play trip or work trip? How beautiful is San Fran?!

Thommo - Bro, These are stunning. I love the first and third shots.

Michelle Moore - Magnificent! I love the film shots in here. So lovely seeing Seattle through your eyes. Can’t wait to see more from your time on the West Coast!

Dan Glindemann - Beautiful photography Dan #3 and #4 are amazing!

Katie Kolenberg - Beautiful work my friend. Can’t wait to see more!!!

Christine Pobke - WAHOOLES! :) you know me likey. me likey a lotz. :) (PS miss you.. sad face. see you in a jiffy!)

Jenny J - Seattle misses you!

alyda - that black&white one of S&C is gangbusters!

Zandra - oh, I love that one of ocean beach!! That deserves to be framed and on a wall. My wall, preferably. ;)

John Benavente - cant wait to see the rest!

Marion Jones - Hey Dan! Great to see you’re back. These are beautiful!! I love them. I especially like the first and the last one, you got style. Hope to catch up soon…

Angie Baxter - Fantastic Dan – LOVE them!

Leah Kua - TOO MUCH gorgeousness for one blog post to hold.

Kristen - These are lovely. However if you come back, you will put us all out of our jobs. You can still come back though.

Jeremy Beasley - Dan! These are great, looks like you had a ball. The walking through the street couple is my fav :)

Lauren Carroll - AMAZING as always. I love looking at your work!

johnna brynn - Dan! fabulous to see your work! i had the incredible pleasure of hanging and shooting with your buddy, christine, in connecticut this past wkend. She is fabulous! So.. i think i’ll meet u in november?! as i’ll join the Voice workshop as well. :) Great work, thanks for inspiring…

Julian Beattie - Dogfather grooming shot… Hands down, the best minimalistic funk on film, ever.

Ian - Every morning when i wake up for the past week my regime has been in order as this. Check up on little baby Emma, make a cup of coffee( beans first with a touch of milk then stirred till it becomes paste like then add water, my wife Karla thinks im a lunatic ), then hit the hyperlink to you and read and watch.

I love it and find myself getting more and more absorbed into your fabulous works ;~)