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In February this year I exhibited a new body of fine art work in Melbourne at the gallery I am currently represented by, Catherine Asquith Gallery. I wanted to then bring the show back home to canberra, back to the gallery that gave me my start in the fine art photography world, Photoacces {Huw Davies […]

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alyda - so bummed we could not make the show danny. your images are just incredible. such a talented boy x

jeff marsh - ya, bro

sammy blake - it is so good to see all these images hanging all the walls. through all the resistance you made it through !!! so proud of you my dear! and so proud I get to be one of you muses and be one of the subjects in your art! hahaha ;) I’ll climb up another giant termite mound for you any day. see you sooon dannny! xoxoxo

chris prestidge - my favourite work of yours yet, absolutely love this series dan!

Justin - excellent work! are any prints available for purchase?

Lucky - So I guess this is more evidence that wedding photographers aren’t just hack photographers like some people would like to believe. :)

Amazing work Dan, I really love the consistent theme you have throughout the work. The 2nd picture down is my winner, but it’s not a competition so it doesn’t really matter. :)

Stew - Wonderous.

Kate Robinson - Beautiful, beautiful work Dan! Must be so amazing to see it in the gallery, off the computer and actually printed! Bit of a rarity these days.

Kirsty Aksentiew - AWESOME Dan. Absolutely amazing work

Chatti - You are amazing.

steve bebb - humbling, how damn talented you are. proud of you for taking this leap.

Josh Mikhaiel - So so impressive Dan, Love the fine art style coming through. Really really beautiful frames.

Bek - Hah! When I saw the title of this post I thought “fantastic, he’s going to post his collection of random sleeping people”!

Still…..not disappointed, not one bit! Well done, lovely work!

Shauna - Oh, Mr. O’Day…. beautiful.. breathtaking..chilling..inspiring..thought provoking. What a brilliant series.

kellie - d.o.d. you continue to continue to be such a incredible source of inspiration. thank you.

JK Blackwell - Wish I was there! Looks amazing man! Hope you get to show in Sydney one day :)

Scout - So awesome man, I will always love the beach shots.

MARSOTTO (THIS & THAT) - […] Attimo stool by Maddalena Casadei 2010 and art by Dan O’Day. 2. Paris side table with handles by Jasper Morrison 2010 and art by Scott Peterman. 3. Tilt console […]

Kristian Leven - What this proves is that you’re not just a very fine wedding photographer, but an incredibly talented photographer full stop. Love these mate.

ed peers - That room is now a holy place.

Matt Smith - Impressive Dan, love the space too! Congratulations


My first solo photographic exhibition was in 2006 at the Huw Davis Gallery (PhotoAccess). This show marked the beginning of my career in fine art photography and because of this, I have a sentimental attachment to this amazing gallery and to the inspiring people who run it.  No matter how much I become invested in the commercial side, my […]

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Paul Boundy - looking forward to seeing your work, recommended by my sisters erica and erin margan

Lisa - I wish I could make it to this exhibition. I am sure it will be amazing.

dylan - wish we could make it, love this image. best of luck.

Brian Terry - I’m in a taxi from Cork right now dude – seriously – best of luck with it….BT!

JK Blackwell - Ah… I am going to miss this one – I hope you’ll bring your exhibition to Sydney! x

gee - Something hidden in this image. Pretty scary. Other images on your blog takes attention away from it, kind of distraction but when i look just in to this image alone gives me chills. Very powerful stuff. Reminds me slow-mo scene in the woods from Antichrist the movie. Amazing.

Joana - That’s a smart way of lonikog at the world.


Last week saw the annual gathering for the AIPP Australian Professional Photography awards (APPA) in Melbourne (Australia). I was over the moon to receive 1 Gold award, 2 Silver Distinctions and 1 Silver award for my four prints entered. The standard of work on show was unbelievable, I can confidently say that I am super […]

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Stew - Well done Master Dan’O! Be proud, as you are one of the best too! Your perspective, your work and your lateral thinking blows my mind often. Thank you. :)

David Ferguson | Brisbane - Congratulations on it all mate. Love your work.

Shanna - You’re a rockstar. Love your work Dan! :)

Jenn Stark - Seriously Dan. I can’t stop staring at the first image – it should be like the national flag of all wedding photographers. Congrats on everything, well deserved!! x

James frost - That black and white is rad ! Keep bring art to photography dude !!! :)

alyda - so proud to call you a friend danny boy. you are an inspiration and also very funny. yay xx

skelator - you complete me.

marina - Awesome x

ALMA // - Insanity Senior O’Day

David Campbell - Killer work! Congrats on the achievement too.

Andreas - Sweet! Love the shots! Keep making good stuff !

Julianna Koh Blackwell - You go Master O’Day!

Ben - Inspiring work Dan O’day!! Congrats on all the accolades :)

Delia - Congrats on the incredible achievement Dan!!

Tanya Love - Oh, I didn’t realise that crazy portrait shot was yours! I loved it, the colours are so vibrant, very, very cool!x

Bridget - Massive Congratulations Dan. We can see why you’ve picked up those awards. Wonderful news!

Scout - Fantastic shots and words from the heart.

aga - This is beautiful, congrats friend!

Gemma Higgins - just adore that last image! One of my favorites of the awards… Awesome stuff Master O’Day! xx

Jonas Seaman - Congratulations Dan!! So inspiring!!

Lucie Zeka - congrats


Every 12 to 18months I like to try and create a new body of fine art work and follow it up with a solo gallery show . Well, that time has come again! I officially invite you to the opening of my next show “I closed my eyes and saw this”. I am currently represented in […]

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gemma higgins-sears - how very very exciting! will be visiting!!

Kate - now this is exciting. Will be there!

Julianna - will your show come to Sydney too?

liz arcus - How very exciting Dan, I don’t think i will make it to the opening, but will still try, but i will do my best to visit whilst it is showing. :-)

Stew - Sweet, I’m down for a wedding during those dates, will have to pop in! :D

Tricia Itchy Eyes - Love your work so I wish I could be there but alas, different state. Hope you can pop some more up online after you’ve shown them so we interstate challenged folks can see.

Michelle F - I would love to see too but in a different country. Just love your work. Would be awesome if you could show some after the exhibition is finished.

john warren - yep – that’s the sh1t – I’m there !!!………..umm…….free booze??

Zach Hertzman - Looks great Dan – wish I could make it, good luck!

Amy - Awesome photo! Love your work.

Carolyn Wells - I love the title and this image! Exciting…I would love to be there.

Jody - Amazing – so moving I truly love it xxxx

bettina kingma - I would so love to Dan i’m sure it will be AMAZING. I will have to wait for the encore sadly, if there is one online :(. Love the title too, you are the MAN. x

fiona - f**king love this… oh shit am I allowed to swear on here? You really are really really good. It will be fantastic!

Bambino - Fabulous Dan! It’s such an accomplished feeling to hang your art on the walls of a gallery now and then and show the world your heart and passion. I wish I could get there to help you celebrate it. I’ll be with you in spirit (vodka perhaps) xx

Shane Shepherd - Great image, keeps you looking at it. Would love to come down for it, hope the opening is a success :)

Falcon - I was excited to hear about this when a friend mentioned it to me! Count me in :)

Samm Blake - cannot wait to see it all Danny . xo

matthew morgan - epic. i’d love to see the whole of work.

Christine Pobke - SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!!! :)

2011 AIPP Australian Creative Photographer of the Year

Well, not sure where to start with this. Since starting to shoot as a professional I have always set myself goals of achievement, both personal and professionally. After watching my first Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) Awards judging a few years ago I said to myself that it would be my dream to one […]

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Tracy - Congratulations, Dan. So very well deserved :)

Zoe - Oh Dan….oh my word – these pull me in, they are so beautiful….. x

Jono - Love all that negative space!

marissa fleming - well done dan! what you dream you can achieve and you have ;-)yay
keeping the bar high

Andrew Cahill - Congratulations Dan, stunning work, well done.

Shannon McDonald - Very well deserved. You’re pretty freaky yourself.

Josh Tilton - Much deserved Dan! Congratulations!

Jakob - Money, money and money. Well done, sir.

Alyda - So proud of you Daniel!!

Travis Shumate - Holy Moley. Very well deserved. Beautiful images.

todd hunter mcgaw - daniel, when i first saw you, i knew that you had a flame in your heart.. And under our blue skies, marble skies, i found a home in your eyes.. we’ll never be apart.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00ZHah-c0hQ..
dude.. i just got an email from your Mum.. the subject line is “my special little guy”..
ps.congrats big time on your accolades brother, you’re freakishly talented..
pps. please remember me when you’re famous ;)
ppps. absolutely!

Pobke - so proud of you my lil daniel… it’s so amazing to see your journey. when i first met you all those years ago, i never would have thought you’d be the superstar you are today. after all, i was in my car, you were the derro offering to clean my windscreen… i didn’t realise there was such talent within this dirty homeless guy washing windows with his little squeegee. and now lookatcha! dan o’day is taking the world by storm. i’ll never forget what you told me that one day… “But I ain’t never crossed a man that didn’t deserve it…Me, be treated like a punk, you know that’s unheard of. You better watch how you talkin, and where you walkin, or you and your homies might be lined in chalk.” i didn’t want to be lined up in chalk. so i told myself to never forget that. :)

loves you daniel. SO proud of everything you’ve achieved. i hope i’m even 10% like you when i grow up. you’re amazing.

Mandy Campbell - You’re awesome and you deserve every accolade. It was a thrill watching your images judged (and also watching you judge). Congrats.

Robyn Geering - A very huge congratulations to you – seriously awesome achievement, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of such success.

Thea - Congratulation Dan! Such an amazing achievement xo

Thommo - So proud of you dude!

Jason Vdm - Legend. A win for the good guys :) Look forward to seeing what’s next.

michelle - you’re clever :)

alyda - think Christine & Todd should have a comment off. Winner gets a hug :)

DJ Paine - well done sir. i saw two of your prints come up in judging down in sydney… and i knew both would do well. talk soon!

john benavente - too good dan!

tim - dude… amazing! well deserved & well done.

David Robertson - your talent and hard work is rightfully being recognised. massive congratulations mate

liz arcus - just beautiful Dan, i so proudly looked at these images at APPA knowing some of these were yours, and guessing the others were too…i loved pointing them out to some people at APPA and saying they were yours… i love them all very much. congratulations Dan :-) You are an inspiration to me and so many others.

sammypants - you are so talented Mr O’Day… you have an amazing gift of seeing the world in such a unique way. you have opened my eyes up to so much and have taught me so much more. so proud of you and all your achievements, this is just the very start. xoxo

Lev Kuperman - these are seriously breathtaking. no words…

MichelleK - Congrats again Dan. So beautiful.. and mighty inspiring.

Mark Dohring - Inspiring Inspiring Inspiring. A huge congrats. You truly inspire me Dan.

Adrian - Amazing work Dan. Truly inspirational. Love it.

Sjoerd Booij - Congrats!!

Tyler Branch - ya. really well deserved. you’ve got a great eye for life and that shows in the way you take pictures. congrats.

Anna - Congratulations! You are inspiring! I love your work!

TRacy - Posting these superb images is not in any way self-indulgent. It encourages the rest of us inspiring photographer. Thank you for sharing. And why the hell shouldn’t you celebrate your hard work and creativity. It’s all good.

Kellee Walsh - Congratulations Dan! These are incredible & you totally deserve the accolades.

David Ferguson | Brisbane - Congratulations Dan, I saw your name in the email the other day. Well done.

Delia - Wow, super impressive!! Congratulations!

Pete - Just found these by accident … or did I. It seems I needed to see them. Really beautiful. And congratulations.

Hair of the Dog 2011 // 5-7 Feb Brisbane

Hair of the Dog (HOTD) is a three-day AIPP event held in Brisbane each year and it’s all happening again from 5-7 Feb. It is full of all things awesome, with a fantastic line up of speakers and workshops taking place. I am extremely humbled to have been asked to be one of the speakers […]

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Christine - dear daniel: i would so love it if you could please sit on the stage with a blindfold on, and a mic in one hand, whilst saying everything that comes into your brain. i need to know what goes on in there. only then will i truly feel like i “know” you better. love, your friend christine. (pobke) (remember? your friend you’ve been friends with for over a year now.)

samm - I would like to learn more about your impending marriage to THM.

Jonas Peterson - Sausages. Talk about sausages.

stew - Hmmm sausages… and lamb handles!

samm - I would like to learn about your advanced angry birds techniques. thanks in advance.

Alicia Kennison - Talk about making pretty ‘pikchures’ and stuff and things. People like that.

Gemma Carr - I see you are getting some great responses to your request :) Gotta love it.

Matt and Katie | Photographers - Very few photographers have an apostrophe in their name. Even fewer still have one so well positioned as yours. Please teach us 1) How to obtain an apostrophe and 2) How to position our apostrophe once we have obtained it. The people need to know.

Tenielle - Rub your belly and pat your head at the same time, or is it rub your head and pat your belly? Even better, rub Todd’s belly and pat your head.

Kindest regards


Fiona Andersen - Oh my goodness…. I feel ashamed and horrified that I haven’t been on your blog before. DAN you are not only one of the funniest people I have had the pleasure of meeting but your work is utterly amazing!!!! I have no words but to sit here gob smaackked at how frigin talented you are!!! WOW……WOW