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Ok, yes this blog post is a little late in coming but I just realised I haven’t blogged about this and I had better get this post up before the 2014 AIPP ACT Portrait Photographer of the year is selected (next week). Last year I was fortunate enough to be given the title of 2013 […]

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I don’t normally photograph families but if you are good friends with Christine Pobke (ridiculous family photographer) and she tells you to photograph her family, well… with trembling knee’s, you obey. It all began at 6:30 am on a Saturday morning in canberra, starting off at an abandoned cricket pitch, finishing off a few hours […]

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Erin - really, really awesome shoot. can’t get enough of that light! nice work!

Luisa Brimble - You make an ordinary setting look so darn extraordinary. I truly admire your work Dan!

Marina - Um, AH-MAZING! Love, love, love!

Pobke - Sooooooooo ummmmmmm. You know how I feel about these. I heart you and can’t thank you enough. Thank you for spending the day with us and making us feel so comfortable and relaxed and and and. You certainly have a gift, Mr O’Day, and we are so lucky to have you in our lives. :) And I wish I could take you up on your kind offer to shoot Pippa’s bday, but would you consider 45% off prints???! :) love you.

Justin - Ah Dan, you are too good!

Oli - That’s it, I’m knocking everyone up.

Laura Grace - Your love for these guys shines through in this one DO’D x

Shannon McDonald - What Luisa said!

Katelyn - So cute Dan! Love them.

Ben - So awesome to see the full post after so many previews :) Love it Dan.

Bek Grace - these. are. brilliant.

Natalie Champa Jennings - Gah! Stunning. The whole darn thing.

john benavente - you’re not bad at this family portrait business :)

James Bennett - Awesome broseph

Adele - Uhmazing !!! Geez that Pippa is the cutest. Gorgeous family.

catherine - Amazingness

Nick - There’s something vaguely familiar about this shoot!
Braddon massive represent!

Linda - Amazing work Mr O’Day! I looked at this with my niece and of course she fell in love with Pippa. I just loved them all! Beautiful.

amanda vanvels - too, too cute. that little pippa!!

Kelly - Um… wow. Just wow.

(and if you ever find yourself in Alberta, Canada please please please take my family’s photos!)

alyda - aaagghhhh! I love them. the photos, the family and you.

so good shman o’shmay

Gabbie - You should shoot families more often. So crisp, so minty fresh – I can almost smell the grass when looking at these.
Pobkes’ – you guys are gorgeous.
Gabs x

Glenn Weaver - These are all fantastic, but those two minimalist shots and the series of close-ups of Christine+Clinton made my eyes open twice as wide

Mark Dohring - Dan, Love them all bro.

Tasj - taking it to the next level Dan! gorgeous x

Julianna Koh Blackwell - Beautiful, beautiful shots Sir! :)

James - I second what Luisa said. I admire your extraordiness,

Luke Going - Beautiful work Dan. Just beautiful!!

Bek - Stunning! But not as usual….in a totally new and amazing way!! I’ve been thinking over recent months, who would I choose if I could have any photographer in the world to shoot my little family? Yeah…it would be you – totally you :)

Myekie - This work exemplifies why people need awesome professional photographers to document their lives. This work is truly outstanding Dan. I can only imagine the Joy you have brought to the Pobkes.

Kelly van Viersen - Dan these are amazing! I think you should consider shooting families ;)

todd hunter mcgaw - wow these are really nice.. do you think we could borrow pip so we can have a family shoot done too? when are you available dan?

Emily Vermaat - love following her on Instagram! Such an amazing lady!

Adrian - Love it. Made me giggle and smile! You totes should shoot families.

Robyn Geering - No no no, you should totes not do families in Canberra hahaha, or I might just have to hang my camera up lol. Nah, seriously, just beautiful.

Kath Scott - Gotta be happy with that!

Agi Davis - Fantastic and very honest family session! Love

LoCo - Best family shot everssss

Melissa Mills - If one day I am half as good as you I’ll be ecstatic! These images really made me smile. It was like watching a little movie about a really cute family and a super cute baby!

Colleen - You are brilliant Dan. Make a family shoot incredibly beautiful.

Katie K - So freaking AWESOME!

Laura Exarhos - Oh Dan, you never cease to amaze us all. Wow-wee you have the gift of the gab. What pressure you must have had shooting a fellow photographer AND a dear friend.
I love your signature shots of the huge open sky – simply a masterpiece. Mr & Mrs Pobke were lovin’ every second of it, it shows in their beautiful smiles.
Well done master Dan !!!!!!!

Megan Aldridge - Such a beautiful, sweet family story. Timeless and priceless!

Maree Smyth - So lovely and warming! Really beautiful photos.

dani - a beautiful day in the life of, for a beautiful family…awesome job Dan!!

Trish - Been waiting to see these, and so wonderfully worth the wait. Love being able to see this gorgeous family through your arty eyes. Love it all!

Jody Ryan - what a beautiful session.

Bianca Todd - Dan, these are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! What beautiful memories you’ve given this gorgeous family x

Armin - Gorgeous! Love rule!

Kimberly - Dan O’Day. These are gorgeous. Not hard to see why she forced you to do to this!

anda - amazing and so great to look at.

Delia - Aww these are so sweet – how cute is that bebe!

jesse - so so so good! you amaze me!

Seth - Incredible shots… one of the most beautiful family portraits I’ve ever seen…!

Nicole Firestone - these are fabulous of celebrity pippa and her family. so good!

Anni Payne - Very refreshing portraiture Mr. Jan O’Jay. Pobke’s, you look beautiful! xx

Kate Holmes - i got goose bumps…. so intimate and real.

Zosia - Well, you did a pretty ridiculously good job on the family photos :D

SHANE SHEPHERD - I’m glad you were ordered to take these Dan, cause they are super great :)

Andrew - Great set of images – thanks for sharing.

Kelly Lee Tunney - Some of my favourite people captured in an honest, true form of brilliance, Mr Dan. It was awesome to watch these evolve into the magic of your uniqueness. Clever, clever young man xx

xanthe - Pure magic…
Come and capture my family one day please. pretty please.

Danielle Stahl - This is just ridiculous!!! Amazing images of a beautiful family!!

gee - kick ass shots !!!!, so different from your other work (exposure wise)

gee - never mind screen brightness was screaming max !!!!, lmao, beautiful work sir.

Raj - Stunning photos x

Jack - Awesome! Love your work.

Bali photographer - so perfect, I love the story in this photo.

Monica - I am really loving the setting of the first few photographs – where is this mysterious abandoned cricket pitch!? I am constantly looking for good places to take pictures in Canberra.

Dikmie Kimie - Amazing photo… Luv it..