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24 Hours and some change, with Leslie and Bradford in Austin, Texas USA

So last year I received an email from this legend named Bradford asking me to come out to Austin, Texas to document the day that he was to marry Leslie. I knew Bradford before this, as we had crossed paths a couple of times in the US at photography conferences, and I liked this guy […]

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Petar Jurica - you are crazy dude!!

Danelle Bohane - You are forever my favourite Dan x

Anthony Hoang - Absolutely incredible Dan.

Tomasz Wagner - Dan and Andrea with the unbelievable mic drops. This right here.

Meredith Adams - Oh my God, Dan. This is so amazing. It inspires me so freaking much for the next wedding I have coming up! Holy shit you’re too good. And Andrea’s words made me melt. Power team.

Keegan Cronin - Next level! Killed it!

Fiona Vail - GOSH Dan. just wow.

ALBERTO LLAMAZARES - Amazing,…in tears. Thanks for sharing

Mel Boulden - Oh my F***ing god Dan! Freakin amazing. You are the absolute bomb.

dazman - when i see your pictures it occurs to me that you travel in time at a different speed than everyone else, just saying :-)

Jean-Laurent Gaudy - Speechless. Thanks mate for sharing this with us.

Emilie White - wow, stunning. And that frame on the alter, how unique and cool. Love it

Sabri Aydi - awesone !!!

Cinzia - Superb work here!

chris prestidge - just wow – absolutely love

Marco Torre - Boom!!! Wow

Emily - Every single frame, so much love, just beautiful

nirav - So flippin’ good! Love this and the folks in the pictures too :)

pawan - This is incredible. Such a great story in pictures!

Amy Farrell - Eeek, so magical and geez that pair are super stylin, looked like such a fun wedding! Go team Dandrea xx

Seth - Woah, Dan, you surpassed yourself… AGAIN… ! Fucking incredible images.

Camila - I love this! Any idea where her dress is from? I’m in love.

Amy and Milton – The Wedding – Graciosa, Byron bay Wedding Photographer (if need be)

Amy and Milton…. Sigh… So there is way too much backstory to get into here, however here is the short of it: Milton and Amy are also wedding photographers (you can check their work here), so to be chosen by them to document one of the most important days in their life was a huge […]

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Thierry Joubert - Always amazing Dan and Congrats to Amy & Milton :)

Steve Fuller - Lovely work and great coverage Dan!

Josie - Great stuff as always! Love the last frame too :)

Louie - Dan…man…you the man!

Tahnee - INCREDIBLE DAN! As always. So much love in these photos :)

Joshua Mikhaiel - knocked it out the park Dan. Sterling effort!

Danelle Bohane - Absolutely incredible as per usual!

nirav patel - Dan…Dan…Dan (shaking head) you are ridiculously talented my friend.

JK Blackwell - LOL – that half naked dancer with a bow tie! Classic :)

Chiara - Ahaha! Simply unbelievable!

reportaż ślubny Warszawa - everything is inside, gestures, shades, light, emotion ;-)

Mark Charlton - Such a great variety of shots here, for what looks like a truly unique wedding.

Melissa Mills - Dan I can’t tell you how much you inspire me. This wedding is amazing. I just adore how you see the world.


Mark Edin - Amazing photographic work. So many fantastic moments captured.


So there we were… knee deep in rice patties… …just kidding. We were in Glasgow. We’d been asked to travel to a country we hadn’t been to before, and photograph the wedding of a set of fab wedding photographers, Gillian and Chris, in the surprisingly eclectic, Scottish city of Glasgow. So as Andrea and I […]

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Tahnee - Ahhhhhh Dan! Incredible, as always. As if we would expect anything less! What a beautiful celebration.

Mike - Oh wowzers. Absolutely smashed it! Beautiful work and I really enjoyed imagining the rally nice driving shots.

John Benavente - Killer frames Dan!

Caro - Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
So so good!
I laughed and cried and laughed and cried and ooh-ed and aah-eh
Gillian and Chris you know how to throw a paaartayyyy!!!

Siobhan - Oh wow! Gorgeous. Little dude in deckchair with party hat. Partied out :)))


Genevieve ( Miss Gen ) - Gorgeous work Dan!

Josie - There is so much LIFE and action in your photos! Awesome as always. Love the bride’s dress too!

James Bennett - You’re the king buddy. Incredibly well documented. Stellar job.

Katelyn - Killing it as always! Go team!

Eric Ronald - Really, really killer mate.

Thierry Joubert - ART Dan, ART….

Barry Forshaw - Awesome stuff. Quite a backdrop for the group shots!

Keegan Cronin - Amazing work!

Jack Chauvel - Incredible as always. You have been an inspiration ever since I met you those many moons ago. Never stop.

Mark B - Fab photographs. So many give a great sense of the fun aspect of the day and they all look so great.

chris prestidge - so epic mate, absolutely love all of this magic !

Glenn - My favourite wedding blog post ever, I could look at this a hundred times (and will)

Maria - Please could you tell me who is the designer of this dress ?

JK Blackwell - Love that they brought along presumably photographs of their parents/ grandparents at their weddings.

Rafael Sanchez - incredible .. clean work, history and places are well described, photography with a cosmetic care really great