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Ok, yes this blog post is a little late in coming but I just realised I haven’t blogged about this and I had better get this post up before the 2014 AIPP ACT Portrait Photographer of the year is selected (next week). Last year I was fortunate enough to be given the title of 2013 […]

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Zöe - completely so much blooming AWESOME Dan.. love love love (as always x)
I love the joy and happiness you have managed to convey in that last frame – FROM FREAKIN SILHOUETTES – Dan you are a marvel!

Matt Smith - Do you have any workshops coming up Dan? Would sure love to do one!

Erik - Splendid images Dan!

James Frost - Art at it’s finest! All of theses fames are gold!

HayleyLane - Beaautiful! I love the 100 portraits, looks awesome :)

Blue Colibri - Congratulations! Im writing this second time i think my first note was dumped to spam. I’m really happy for your achievements and I’m really happy that i discover you a year ago. You been inspiration ever since and light never look the same. Thanks inspiration of the year.

Photographer Cornwall - Congratulations for this keep up the good work


If we go a little way back, some of you may remember Ginger and Pearl: the amazing couple I spent a few days with trying to tell the beautiful story (with my photographs) of a life they had built together. My time with them inspired thoughts for a new project. I am interested in documenting […]

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john benavente - epic friend, epic! congrats to you!!!

Cam - Beautiful work mate, you’re truely one of a kind.

Amanda - What an AMAZING album Dan! Honestly, it’s truly inspiring. Makes me wonder what the HELL I’ve been doing with myself. Certainly not reveling in the beauty that is life, that’s for sure. Love it love it love it. ox

Nick - What a magical little treasure you’ve made for these guys! Good on ya Dan!

Julia - Bravo Dan! The greatest reason for doing this art distilled in one book. I totes love it.

michelle - holy crap.

Scott Surplice - Incredible Dan! Sad to hear about Pearl. Makes this gift even more special.

Kate Robinson - So beautiful!! A simple, meaningful, beautiful piece of art that will be treasured forever! I love how your photos are so honest, and your use of light is amazing. x

Tash - Magical and breathtaking….what a beautiful story you have told…and priceless images and memories for their family to treasure…thank you for taking us on the journey into the lives of Ginger and Pearl…..So sad to hear of her passing

Will Kim - This is beautiful. Simply beautiful

Tess - aww! I love this beautiful story so much! Congrats Dan!

anthony hoang - What an amazing gift.. Love is something that should be treasured forever. Beautiful and congrats!

Kirsty Aksentiew - AMAZING on so many levels Dan

Christian Pearson - Thats magnificent Dan. Congrats and bought tears to my eyes. You’ve beautifully captured the passage and ultimately the passing of time in such a tender artistic way. Well done.

Darren Van De Wint - In the hands of the right person picture and story making is a powerful thing. You have showed that with this beautiful body of work. Congratulations not so much for winning the award which is of course great too but for actually doing it in the first place.

rowe - i adored these images when i first saw them and the book is beyond beautiful… the wooden box, the typography, the layout… the paper ~ its all AMAZING! congratulations dan!

Alyda - What a gift you have daniel. These images are an amazing legacy for this family that will be treasured forever.

Oh and awesome work ‘other Todd’. You’ve got the skillzzzz

Janet - I still remember seeing Ginger and Pearl for the first time almost 2 years ago… still one of my favourite “stories” and collection of work of yours Dan, love love love…

Jenae - Speechless. The book, the images are all very deserving of the praise they have received. Truly heartfelt work.

Nick - Incredible. You are a photo god!

Glenn Stephenson - A stunning document Dan O’:)

Jules - Killer as always, dude. I remember seeing this way back — still awesome and moving as ever!

Suzie - Beautiful Dan. And lovely work Todd and Jo! x

Jonathan - Beautiful Dan, what a gift. Congratulations!

Mary - Wow Dan, what a wonderful gift you have given this family.

tanya tindale - i have the hugest lump in my throat.. simply beautiful………

Bettina Kingma - Beautiful Dan, so much heart in this.

Reni - How incredibly beautiful! What a great project.

joanna brown - Be still my beating heart…
Truly beautiful in everyway. x

Robyn - This project is so phenomenally beautiful. This was how I discovered your work. I love oldies and I love what you do. Hopefully it’s now on sale and it can take pride of plac on my coffee table.

Jodie Chapman - Sheesh. Pass the tissues. In the words of Rose Dewitt Bukater, “you see people.”. (Yes, I just quoted Titanic.) Absolutely wonderful, Dan.

Seth Carnill - I’ve said it before and I will say it again Dan… this work is incredible… stunningly beautiful and so moving. I’ve haven’t yet been able to look at these images without shedding a tear or two. Congrats, not many people make me cry ;)

Libby - Ginger & Pearl stood out from the moment I saw the beautiful box, the gorgeous end pages, and their effortless, comfortable love a few year’s ago. Your win is even more amazing when you consider that in the Photojournalism & Documentary category it was up against photo books portraying war torn and disaster ravaged countries. Just goes to show that intimate, observational photography of ordinary folk is equally worthy. I imagine Pearl would be chuffed. Congrats to you and a hug for Ginger!

rich - well deserved! congratulations dan – amazing … absolutely amazing work

Claudia Rose Carter - This is so well deserved. What a beautiful story, a beautiful ethos, a beautiful album and a beautiful blog showcasing it.

Madeline Druce - Amazing work Dan! It’s so inspiring to see stories like this told. We often focus so much on the early stages of a relationship. It’s so lovely to see, years down the track, the strength of a bond continuing. Love this.

Kristyn - oh my, this makes my heart ache and smile in the best of ways.

Kathryn Jolly - Beautiful and inspirational. I think I will do this for my parents and pass it onto my kids. Great idea. You got me thinking! Wonderful photography, really enjoyed seeing this.

Jessie - Exquisite. A story so worthy of being told. Beautiful work yet again, Dan.

Caro - This is wonderful. I think everybody deserves photographic stories like this!
Congratulations Dan on winning the Documentary Book of The Year.

Scout - Fantastic, well done. Seeing these images again gave me that ‘feeling’ once more.

Happiness. Perfection. Moving.

Nikki Bezel - Words are almost impossible in this case Dan, so I’ll just keep it simple and say so, so, beautiful. Congrats with your head on win, well deserved.

Myekal Benham - This series has always rendered me a blubbering mess after viewing. Amazing work my friend. This takes it up to 11.

Rich Ware - Dan, this is amazing! One of the best books and collection of photographs I have ever seen. SO SO GOOD!!! LOVE IT!!!

Raj - I clearly remember the emotion these pictures evoked inside me when I first saw them last year. Love, love, love this book full of your magic. Such a priceless gift…you rock Dan.

Delia Farrell - Oh gosh, I teared up just looking at that. What a beautiful gift to treasure.

scott thomas - reminds me of when I once photocopied an entire software manual ;)

maz - This work is awesome and so human. It’s a gift which would be treasured by the family for generations to come.

Kama - Stunning work, huge congrats to you. Where can you buy that book? I would love to have one

Jack - Nice work on the album and I love the look of the packaging.

Heath - Yeah that’s sick, love the way you’ve shown it blog style too.

Matt Smith - At first I was like wow that packaging is the most amazing I have ever seen! Then drawn to reading the story I was like wow what a humbling and generous project/gift to this amazing couple and their family.

I have wanted to photograph the elderly for sometime starting with my incredible neighbour who at 94 year of age still speaks of his beloved wife as though she was still here with him everyday we cross paths. Love is truly what makes the world go round and this is a solid reminder.

Thanks for sharing Dan, truly incredible body of work man.

GINGER AND PEARL’S STORY {FEATURED} IN WHITE MAGAZINE | Dan O'Day - […] Issue. To find out more about this couples amazing story, it all started here, and then it went here and then of course, today’s […]

Matt Smith - Most amazing album every! Where did you get that box!!! Its awesome.

2013 ACT AIPP PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR | Dan O'Day - […] album of the year with was Ginger and Pearl – you can view a post of their beautiful album here. I want to thanks everyone who pushes themselves to enter these awards, the standard is incredibly […]


Last week saw the annual gathering for the AIPP Australian Professional Photography awards (APPA) in Melbourne (Australia). I was over the moon to receive 1 Gold award, 2 Silver Distinctions and 1 Silver award for my four prints entered. The standard of work on show was unbelievable, I can confidently say that I am super […]

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Stew - Well done Master Dan’O! Be proud, as you are one of the best too! Your perspective, your work and your lateral thinking blows my mind often. Thank you. :)

David Ferguson | Brisbane - Congratulations on it all mate. Love your work.

Shanna - You’re a rockstar. Love your work Dan! :)

Jenn Stark - Seriously Dan. I can’t stop staring at the first image – it should be like the national flag of all wedding photographers. Congrats on everything, well deserved!! x

James frost - That black and white is rad ! Keep bring art to photography dude !!! :)

alyda - so proud to call you a friend danny boy. you are an inspiration and also very funny. yay xx

skelator - you complete me.

marina - Awesome x

ALMA // - Insanity Senior O’Day

David Campbell - Killer work! Congrats on the achievement too.

Andreas - Sweet! Love the shots! Keep making good stuff !

Julianna Koh Blackwell - You go Master O’Day!

Ben - Inspiring work Dan O’day!! Congrats on all the accolades :)

Delia - Congrats on the incredible achievement Dan!!

Tanya Love - Oh, I didn’t realise that crazy portrait shot was yours! I loved it, the colours are so vibrant, very, very cool!x

Bridget - Massive Congratulations Dan. We can see why you’ve picked up those awards. Wonderful news!

Scout - Fantastic shots and words from the heart.

aga - This is beautiful, congrats friend!

Gemma Higgins - just adore that last image! One of my favorites of the awards… Awesome stuff Master O’Day! xx

Jonas Seaman - Congratulations Dan!! So inspiring!!

2011 AIPP Australian Creative Photographer of the Year

Well, not sure where to start with this. Since starting to shoot as a professional I have always set myself goals of achievement, both personal and professionally. After watching my first Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) Awards judging a few years ago I said to myself that it would be my dream to one […]

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Tracy - Congratulations, Dan. So very well deserved :)

Zoe - Oh Dan….oh my word – these pull me in, they are so beautiful….. x

Jono - Love all that negative space!

marissa fleming - well done dan! what you dream you can achieve and you have ;-)yay
keeping the bar high

Andrew Cahill - Congratulations Dan, stunning work, well done.

Shannon McDonald - Very well deserved. You’re pretty freaky yourself.

Josh Tilton - Much deserved Dan! Congratulations!

Jakob - Money, money and money. Well done, sir.

Alyda - So proud of you Daniel!!

Travis Shumate - Holy Moley. Very well deserved. Beautiful images.

todd hunter mcgaw - daniel, when i first saw you, i knew that you had a flame in your heart.. And under our blue skies, marble skies, i found a home in your eyes.. we’ll never be apart.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00ZHah-c0hQ..
dude.. i just got an email from your Mum.. the subject line is “my special little guy”..
ps.congrats big time on your accolades brother, you’re freakishly talented..
pps. please remember me when you’re famous ;)
ppps. absolutely!

Pobke - so proud of you my lil daniel… it’s so amazing to see your journey. when i first met you all those years ago, i never would have thought you’d be the superstar you are today. after all, i was in my car, you were the derro offering to clean my windscreen… i didn’t realise there was such talent within this dirty homeless guy washing windows with his little squeegee. and now lookatcha! dan o’day is taking the world by storm. i’ll never forget what you told me that one day… “But I ain’t never crossed a man that didn’t deserve it…Me, be treated like a punk, you know that’s unheard of. You better watch how you talkin, and where you walkin, or you and your homies might be lined in chalk.” i didn’t want to be lined up in chalk. so i told myself to never forget that. :)

loves you daniel. SO proud of everything you’ve achieved. i hope i’m even 10% like you when i grow up. you’re amazing.

Mandy Campbell - You’re awesome and you deserve every accolade. It was a thrill watching your images judged (and also watching you judge). Congrats.

Robyn Geering - A very huge congratulations to you – seriously awesome achievement, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of such success.

Thea - Congratulation Dan! Such an amazing achievement xo

Thommo - So proud of you dude!

Jason Vdm - Legend. A win for the good guys :) Look forward to seeing what’s next.

michelle - you’re clever :)

alyda - think Christine & Todd should have a comment off. Winner gets a hug :)

DJ Paine - well done sir. i saw two of your prints come up in judging down in sydney… and i knew both would do well. talk soon!

john benavente - too good dan!

tim - dude… amazing! well deserved & well done.

David Robertson - your talent and hard work is rightfully being recognised. massive congratulations mate

liz arcus - just beautiful Dan, i so proudly looked at these images at APPA knowing some of these were yours, and guessing the others were too…i loved pointing them out to some people at APPA and saying they were yours… i love them all very much. congratulations Dan :-) You are an inspiration to me and so many others.

sammypants - you are so talented Mr O’Day… you have an amazing gift of seeing the world in such a unique way. you have opened my eyes up to so much and have taught me so much more. so proud of you and all your achievements, this is just the very start. xoxo

Lev Kuperman - these are seriously breathtaking. no words…

MichelleK - Congrats again Dan. So beautiful.. and mighty inspiring.

Mark Dohring - Inspiring Inspiring Inspiring. A huge congrats. You truly inspire me Dan.

Adrian - Amazing work Dan. Truly inspirational. Love it.

Sjoerd Booij - Congrats!!

Tyler Branch - ya. really well deserved. you’ve got a great eye for life and that shows in the way you take pictures. congrats.

Anna - Congratulations! You are inspiring! I love your work!

TRacy - Posting these superb images is not in any way self-indulgent. It encourages the rest of us inspiring photographer. Thank you for sharing. And why the hell shouldn’t you celebrate your hard work and creativity. It’s all good.

Kellee Walsh - Congratulations Dan! These are incredible & you totally deserve the accolades.

David Ferguson | Brisbane - Congratulations Dan, I saw your name in the email the other day. Well done.

Delia - Wow, super impressive!! Congratulations!

Pete - Just found these by accident … or did I. It seems I needed to see them. Really beautiful. And congratulations.

2010 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize

These last few days have been surreal to say the least.  A couple of months ago I entered one image into the 2010 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize, not only the richest contemporary art prize in Australia but the world, receiving 238,000 entry’s this year across both the photography and painting category’s (so obviously I crossed […]

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KIp - Kudos Dan. Huge.

Tim - That is some very BIG wow! Excellent and congrats.

Michelle Moore - Congrats Dan! What an AMAZING honor!!! I LOVE that first image – the story is beautiful. Well deserved :)

Samm - your awesome :)

Mark - Congrats on your great success, Dan!

Katie - So happy for you Dan! x

Kristen Cook - You deserve every bit of it and more Dan. Enjoy the high x

J Shoda - Congrats! Those are some beautiful images.

julie harmsen - Congrats Dan. I keep getting lost in that first one especially. :)

Alicia Kennison - Fantastic achievement for your stunning work. Congratulations, very well done. :)

Kelly Tunney - You already know my words Daniel…. I have the highest praise & respect for you. I always have xx

Stewart Leishman - Well done! It’s my favourite of all the entries. It reminds me of the show “Six Feet Under”

Jenny J - Crazy proud of you, little fukker!!

Jenny J - oh, and thanks for my new soundtrack for the evening (Neverending Story)

Caspix@mac.com - Oh my goodness that is HUGE! What an incredible journey… I love dupont, saw him talk once and have been an avid follower of his work since. Congrats dan

Gemma Carr - Ride the wave Dan, such a wonderful achievement. The image is stunning.

kylie - Congrats Dan. So well deserved !

michelle - Congratulations Dan!!! So totally deserved xx

John Benavente - killin’ them dude!

Chris Morrison - Congrats mate! That is awesome news – keeping kicking ass and putting yourself, and Canberra, on the world photography map :)

Alan Woo - Awesome stuff mate, totally deserved!

Tina Wagga Wagga - Congratulations Dan, beautiful and well deserved

Kristen - Look at you! Big guy on campus! I am so proud.

Christine Pobke - dizzle face. i’m so proud that i got to watch you accept your award that night. i can haz so many photoz from that blurry nite! hehehe. so happy that the industry recognizes talent when they see it. xoxox love you mucho.

Susan Stayer - Congratulations to you, Dan! I’m a huge fan of your photography. You kick ass!

mary scurrah - Congrats Dan, well done and most of all well deserved!!

scotty - whoa. congrats dude.

Bek - WOW wow wow!!!! Truly awesome stuff Dano :)

Hannalee Photography - Both such stunning images. Congratulations, well deserved!

[Mo]hammed Khaled - I went to the State Library the other day, and I have to say, this photo was my favorite. The theme, framing, and mood just clicked!
Keep us updated on any future exhibitions you have.

Mark - Dan, You’re on fire man. Congratulations well deserved. Thanks for the info you sent back to me last month. I just received a small time award and I was happy as Larry I can’t image how you would be feeling with all your accolades of late. Well done. Thanks for inspiring me and many others.


Well…. I finally got there and it was well worth the wait. Yesterday I returned home after spending a week in Melbourne for the 2010 AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPAs). The 2010 APPAs are like the photography industry’s Oscars. Over 700 photographers from all across Australia submit over 3000 prints to be judged by […]

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Christine Pobke - sir dizzler, you are amazingly inspirational, uber funny, and a wonderful friend. thanks for constantly putting a smile on this worker’s face – you deserve ALL of these accolades and MORE. your talent goes beyond these awards, and the world is gonna see Sir Dizzles-A-Lot everywhere, very soon! mark my words! xoxox loves you and am so very proud.

michelle fiona - wow wow wow. wow.

Samm blake - Congrats Dan!!!!! These images are awesome!! :) Xoox

Mark - Congratulations Dan, Your work is amazing! 1 point off the perfect ton you join the likes of Sir Don Bradman. 99 not out!

Jonas Peterson - Huge congrats, Dan. Which print scored the 99?

Katie - You are such an inspiration Dan. Love your work, love you, and feel very privileged that I was there for that amazing moment in your life and career. To infinity and beyond for Dan O’Day! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist throwing that in there seeing as Toby is watching Toy Story as I type, and it just seemed too appropriate!!) Many congratulations to you, clever. xo

Gemma Carr - I have been wondering which were your award winners. I got to see them at the awards, but didn’t know they belonged to.
Awesome& inspirational stuff Dan, and well deserved wins.
You’ve set the bar pretty high, you should be very proud.
Enjoy!!! :)

Kristen Cook - Totally well deserved Dan, seriously. what an amazing, wonderful achievement for you. I am so excited to see how things shape up for you over the next few years and what dizzying heights you reach. Onwards and upwards friend x

John Benavente - well done mate, your work is awesome!

Robyn Geering - seriously amazing news – congratulations. Such a prestigeous award to such a deserving person.

Beth Jennings - Well done Dan, you deserve every minute of the glory, savour it!! you’ll probably crack the category next year! xx

Lelle - Wow buddy, that is some amazing stuff, your a bit clever!!!

Nicole Ramsay - You rock!!! Totally awesome achievement. I was wrapped with my two silvers and it’s no wonder you’re full of excitement. Most deserving I say. Lovely to meet you too!

Tim - Congrats Dan – that’s an amazing outcome. So is it the top photo which brought home the trophy?



caspix - Dan, these images are inspiring and visionary – can’t wait to see what the future holds for you

Steph - Congrats again Dan. I particularly LOVE the last pic, what a handsome man!! You’re the best. Xoxo

tasj - Congratulations Dan! Beautiful work!!

Dean Bolton - Totally stunning images. I would have scored the 99 a perfect 100. I can’t stop looking at it. It’s been said many a time already… but congratulations!!!

suzie edwards - I’ve watched your journey with interest and admiration Dan – so much more ahead. Keep on keeping on.

Interview with Dan O'Day | Wedding & Fine Art Photographer | Photo Challenges, Photography Tutorials and Camera Tips - I Heart Faces - [...] Professionally, I would have to say received the Illford Trophy for highest Scoring Print at the 2010 Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA). (This was on my bucket list under the “as if” [...]