At the beginning of 2012 myself and my good friend Samm Blake decided (after a few conversations over sake in a tokyo alleyway bar) that we would like to create platform for educating photographers and creatives that are running their own businesses or are looking to run their own business. We wanted to guide them not only effectively, but in a way that displays who they are as an individually as they  focus on the elements of a solid creative  business. And never forgetting the importance of creating and using their  creativity in all elements of their craft.

The industry that we share is a saturated with so much talent. To stand out, it is crucial to longevity to be creative in your business and everything  you produce. That is why Samm and I created a 3 day workshop entailed Art & The Heart to help encourage and nurture individuality (as a brand) artists across the world and help distinguish their talent.

In 2012 we held Art and The Heart in Melbourne {Australia}, Manhattan {New York}, Cork {Ireland}, London {England} and Southern Highlands {Australia}. So far this year, we have also held an AATH Retreat in Byron Bay {Australia). The response from these experiences has been overwhelming for us to see, and we cant get enough of watching the progress of the alumni grow month by month after the workshop. To get a bit of an idea of the fun we have for these three days, you can click (below for a quick peek):







With this, we have now just launched our final dates for 2013 (woo hoo) they are:

Toronto, Canada – 23-25 July (Register here)

Puglia, Italy – 20-22 August (Register here)

Palm Springs, USA 24-26 September (Register here)

Perth, Australia, 15-17 October (Register here)

At this stage we are unsure if we will be bringing Art & The Heart into 2014 so this may be the last chance to experience this particular workshop with myself and Samm Blake. Here is a bit of a look back over the last year… Hope to see you in this year’s highlight reel!





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June 27, 2013
You guys are the bomb! The more time since the workshop, the more and more I loved it and found it made such a difference. And it wouldn't have been a AATH blog without Sammy in there!
June 27, 2013
AMAZING.. one day I'll do this.. hope you do some more in the future!
July 8, 2013
Wow, nice locations!

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