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Monthly Archives: October 2016


Exciting times. Im currently working on my new website with the team over at Flothemes , this is good for many reasons. 1. I will be able to have a site that shows work of mine more recent that 2012 and b. I get to go through my weddings from the last couple of years and collate […]

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Eric Rene Penoy - Great selection of your work. I love all of it. You are a master and I cant wait to see more

Glenn Weaver - 100% ridic

Seth - 10/10 👍

Taylor Roades - 24mm or bust :D

Rodrigo Vargas - Holy sh*t… Probably one of the first times I end viewing a blog post and still wanted to see many more images.

Tim Williams - Hot dang bro!

Rach - This is a tiny bit wonderful. Always wonderful. Your work is true and honest and inspiring and real.

Sachin Khona - I made it to the end!
Love you Dan you bad ass mofo.

Anna Turner - Mind Blown……Shut up

Nicola - Such beautiful images Dan!! Ah-Maze 😍

Vaughany - Danny, Ze’s are zo nize!

Eric Ronald - Solid as images bro

SF - love it, dan

Rog - What else you got?

Madalena Tavares - Damn, Dan this is absolutely breathtaking. All of them. I would stay here all day to continue looking at stuff like this. You are seriously beyond gifted!

Mel Boulden - The master. No body sees like you do Dan O’Day.

chris prestidge - tha best !!!!!

Anthea Clarke - Such a varied and emotive collection of work. Thanks for sharing Dan!! :)

Marcos Sánchez - Insane. Love the colour as well.

Simone Anne - Absolutely gorgeous!! Love so many of them.

Yann M - Dan. Your work has been brilliant over the years. Wonderful images and glad to know a new site is coming ✔️

Rafał Bojar - Great work Dan!!!

Mark Byron Dowie - Amazing work. Big respect, these are great.

Jon - Absolutely powerful and moving images! So good!

dylan - so, uh, your rando’s are pretty damn good.
can’t wait to see the new site.

Erik - Simply Beautiful Dan!!!!

David Robertson - you’re a freak bro, an absolute freak

Greg Coltman - Great collection of fantastic images.