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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Matthew & Audrey – A Frame {forever}


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Zoe - fanbloomingtabulous as always Dan!

alyda - incredible danny

nirav - Whoop. There it is.

Phill - A beautifully framed witticism :~)

Andy Gaines - Yup! …again!

Jack - Really dig it dan :)

Tardy - nice

Sara - Love this.

jason starr - i want to see this 3 meters wide. Most excellent

Fotograf ślubny Lublin - Gorgeous frame.

Ryan Garland - I love all of these! You have a fantastically unique composition to your photos.

Louise & Jason {A few frames}

Meet Louise and Jason.. two amazing souls. The heavy rain on their wedding day had us all prisoners inside for the duration of the afternoon until finally the sky ran out of water and we made our escape. (Good things come to those who wait!)

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coler - what a badass vibe. mega awesome.

Zoe - A few frames of PURE LOVELINESS!!!!!!!!!!! love love love love as always – your processing makes my heart skip a beat (in a good way!)

Mark Dohring - Beautiful black and whites Dan. Love your processing, composition love it all. Awesome wedding photography.

Isabelle Paille - Loooove this one! Can’t wait to visit Sydney in December! :)

Tim - Yep, and again with the cool! Strangely I know Jason’s face…is he a Canberra lad?

corissa - i froze on that last frame. LOVE it!

matt sloan - gorg!

Tenielle - Adore each and every frame. Dang you and your brilliance Dan!

Louise - Wow. I’m speechless. You are a superstar, Dan! You made us look amazing (and made us feel so relaxed during the process – despite the freezing wind!). Can’t wait to see the rest of the shots! xx

Kevin Thornhill - Outstanding work Dan, you manage to capture the magic of the day and the energy of the couples you shoot so well.

Delia - I love how your couples seem to suit your style so well! Beautiful! Always is!

Pobke - beautiful as always, dizzy. :)

michelle - can i be honest and say i love the tags as much as the images. lots and lots :)

Fotograf ślubny Lublin - First is stunning!

Louis Blythe - Great Shots! Love the poll thingy!

Caroline - Wow, these are super!!!

Kirra - Beautiful,love the hands around the waist pic

Tardy - wow! what an amazing mood you captured

Robert, Catriona and the crew

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Alyda - So rad!!

James Day - I love the tags. Very amusing.

joanna Lincolne - spectacular pic, hilarious tag!!!

Christine - what is this?? a photo for ANTS?? :) hehehe. love it.

Thommo - Dan O’day – Wedding/Cloud Photography ;). Awesome dude!

Julia - Ants get the nicest skies!

jason starr - As always Dan…

James harvie - Stunning capture Dan, love your work mate James

Mark Dohring - Mr Myrmecology O’ Photography lovin it.

Zoe - the man does it again – I flaming LOVE that!

Robyn Geering - awesome.

Fotograf ślubny Lublin - I love this frame!

El - Excuse me, are you Dan ODay? This image is brilliant! xoxo

Ally & Mike

Once upon a time there was a boy named Mike and a girl named Ally. They fell in love and planned to get married in Sydney and asked me to photograph it! Of course I told them I would love to spend their wedding day with them and we all lived happily ever after. I […]

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Thommo - WOW! Just WOW! Awesome story telling brother

jsa - “people poking heads out of many random things photographer” is probably the best tag i’ve ever seen.

Tim - Beautiful record, as always. :-)

tasj - freak (but I mean that in the best possible way)

Dijana - Love the tag! Pics are ok too x

Katie - OMG, this is ridiculously good Dan.

Phil Chester - baller as always. Can’t wait for the NYC workshop.

bettina kingma - So amazing, blown away.

john benavente - YES SIR!

john warren - so I’m thinking – there’s a lot of head poking……..then I see the tag and piss myself – great work dude, up to your usual greatness !

alyda - this is like the biggest bag of goodie gum drops i’ve ever seen.

hunter - your kung fu is strong brother.. i’ve been looking for a ‘people poking heads out of many random things photographer’ for a while now.. looks like my search has ended ^_^

Karen Buckle - SO good.

Tenielle - So beautiful, they are a curious family indeed. Adore the shadow shots in front of the gorgeous old building and her expression coming down the aisle. Wonderful wonderful

Flávia/Brazil - Suas fotos são lindas!
O seu trabalho é muito bonito e inspirador. Obrigada por dividir conosco.

johnnabrynn - i feel like i just witnessed famous people in history… if they aren’t famous. they are now. because you, Dan, know how to find the glory and honor of a human being. xox

Theodoros Chliapas - sooo great…

Ian - Lovely work here mate.

Lyn - I simply love it. All of it. A special favourite would have to be that shot under the tree overlooking the harbour, amazingly beautiful.

Andy Gaines - Amazing, as usual! Your kung fu is indeed very strong indeed! Love the ‘hand in the church’ shot!

Andreas - Lovely !

samm blake - amazing… love love all the golden light shots in the church. so so many favorites in this wedding. you have given me quite the complex my friend.

Kelly Tunney - am I allowed to say killer combo?? Was a great day with many fond memories to share. You did awesome….again

Kelly Tunney - oh and look what you can do with a nikon on that last shot – even more clevererrrrrerrr daniel

michele bowman - so wonderful!! i love scrolling through your weddings. your work is fabulous.

Mark Creery - Beautiful work, Dan! It must have been nice to know Kell had your back.

Delia - So many gorgeous moments! I even shed a tear!

Giant Marco Polo - Mr Dan O’Day what a superb collection of images. A new Planking movement called Poking is about to craze the world.

Lyndzee Ellsworth - I’ve heard many good things about you and your work is inspiring. Keep on keepin on my friend.

jason starr - I was going to comment on my favourite shots, but the more I scrolled through the more I loved! So I thought I would just say TOTALLY SIC WEDDING BRO!!!!

joanna brown - Errrrr…… I was scrolling down muttering you are kidding me, and I gasped all the way down to the end. Utterly amazing. WOW

Christina Cleary - You captured it so well!!! Beautiful Bride!
Still, too many photos of me with my concentration face! haha!

C xx

Anna - You take my breath away! Amazing!

Sandra Henri - Wow, so many amazing shots from the one wedding! Just LOVE your work!

Julianna - I especially love shots of the make-up in progress through the window – how you don’t focus on the bride but the reflection of the background on the window!

David Robertson - you are a phenomenal artist my friend! every time i see your work i’m simply dumbfounded

David Robertson - seriously mate.. so so impressive

Rebecca - Fantastic set and great story telling!

Louis Blythe - Great Stuff Mate! I love what you came up with around dolton house! How good would it be to get a bride up that fire escape!


Robyn Geering - Sigh, just magic. You have taken the silhouette to a new level – every single one of them is just amazing.

Nick - Fantastic! Loving it dude!

Ben Swinnerton - Just….BRILLIANT!!!

Brisbane Wedding Photography - The pictures were really great. Loved the last three images. Definitely a job well done!

Kristian Leven - Just come across your work – very moving – love the compositions and use of light. Will definitely be following you in the future.