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Philippa got married today

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john benavente - you got your epic!

sammy - ohhhhhhhhhh my . i love the last shot. and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th too. So awesome… cant wait to see all the images you make this season :) xoxo

it's me todd - my brother, you have entered the the realm of absolute.. (ie. not subject to any limitation)..

Jesse Pafundi - You rock

alyda - that last image is ‘dave grohl’ awesome.

Zoe - I like what that Todd said and whole heartidly agree!

nirav - Love that last frame dude!

Christina - Amazing! All of them!

amber - goodNESS dan o’day, these are fantastic! love that last frame!

Sheye Rosemeyer - Third image down, I love very much.
Happy Monday, Meester Dan.

Len - That last image is just seriously epic! Love it so crazy muchly!

Thea - The 4th image is a stunner Mr O’Day… loving your work more then ever!

James Day - the last shot. truly brilliant photography.

kellie - i scroll up and down and up and down. your work makes my heart pound. absolutely extraordinary dan o’day.

Thommo - I second the motion that these photos be declared “rad”

michelle - bloody unreal.

caroline - stuuuuuuuuning. so incredibly striking, d o’d. you’re my idol. you hear me?

otto schulze - a tip of the hat in denver…superb!

nani annette - You mastered, once again, Dan. These frames are phenomenal!

Cols Thorpe - Where are the rest of your amazing pics! :) Thanks for brightening my Monday.. love it!! x

jason starr - sic man….fully sic

Pip - Just ADORE these ‘teaser’ shots. These are brilliant – thank you Dan. Mark and I loved having you as part of our day and we can’t wait to relive the wedding day for years to come, with memories made even better through your gorgeous shots.

anthony bergin - As FOB(father of bride)I loved these shots;the last one is an absolute cracker.Well done and Arise Sir David!

anthony bergin - that last comment should read Arise Sir Dan of course

Finally…Friday again! | Studio Home - […] 2. A stunning, sophisticated and moody account of a wedding. […]

Kirsten Mavric - That last shot is a ‘blow-it-up-big, please, sir’ …

Pobke - oh daniel…this is beautimous. you have such a visual gift… thank you for providing a feast for my eyes. what a treat!!

Kate Holmes - i could look at your work all day. It doesn’t get much better that.

You inspire me SO much Dan O’Day.

Thank you.


David - I know this is an old post, but that last shot is so f*cking amazing, I can’t let it go. Where do you find light like that?

{Forever} Amy & Julian

Amy and Julian are two amazing creatives – musicians…. I spent an afternoon in Sydney with them recently to shoot their Forever Session and as you will see below, we took our time and made an afternoon of it. I am shooting their wedding on Monday, October 3 this year, hopefully after getting to know […]

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Zoe - Oh Dan…..if I was told that I was only allowed to ‘like’ (in a facebooking kinda way) one persons work…forever more, I think I would have to pick yours!! WOWZERS!!! Love love love the above – big time! Thank you for sharing it x

Rog - rog was here.

john benavente - super cool couple and location! looking forward to the wedding post

Lyn - Amazing work, made me want to laugh, and cry and I almost feel like they’re old friends. So intimate.

Dayna - Amazing Amazing. Very much so.

Katie K - Holy crap!!! This is phenomenal Dan! So much feeling and intrigue and so compelling. Possibly my most favourite work of yours yet I think!

Lexie - Oh my Dan… Simply amazing!

Jason - Oh my. the whole thing is amazing, but those last 3 frames. OH MY. awesome work Dan.

Tyler Branch - ahh so refreshing to see new work of yours. always great dan.

romin - wow wow.

ALMA - shalagalawizaawiwiWOW!

Michael Wachniak - If today was “Opposite Day”, this would be the worst post. Ever. seriously though…amazing, Dan.

Payal Sehgal Mahajan - I can see that you are really enjoying yourself, Dan. Love this body of work! beautiful images.

Tracy - you are the best storyteller out there. Love them

Thea McGrath - ahhh Mr Oday – these are blowing my mind my friend – love love love but most love the set of them on the floor and you shooting above….. you just filled my (boring) day (in my new office job) with light and inspiration xo

Jakob - Duude. That is so awesome.

Stew - wow! i did an engagement shoot yesterday, & i won’t be posting it now!!

Thommo - BROTHER! Talk about knocking it up a notch! These are simply stunning!

coler - Jakob just sent this link my way after he went through the post three times.
Now I’ve gone through it three times.

Anya - I don’t think it gets any better than this. Thanks for sharing

Robyn Geering - WOWOWOWOW, you amaze me every time.

Sandy - um. wow!

michelle - these are stunning. and breathtaking. and what a beautiful day. and kudos to the tag “Big Fancy Tree with people in it” from another non-tagger :)

caroline lee - dan. DAAAAAAAN!

are you KIDDING me, my brother?

you have a gift, sir. in a world saturated with photography and visual images, it is really outstanding. i’m so amazed.

we must have you. must.

oz. soon. its a date?!


Trish - Dan you are so very awesome. These are raw and real and just loverly :)

caspix - Beautiful beautiful work <3

Steve Elmer - F*&$in’ awesome dude!

Andrea Ellison Photography - OMG…What Zoe said !

David Robertson - You strip people down to the core with your imagery and unravel them in a way that no one else could do. So very very impressive

Wouter - This is one of the best engagement shoot iv’e seen in a long time!

Justin - Brilliant series of images Dan! Love the lighting, the sweet moments captured, and the final colouring in your images. Very awesome & inspiring :-)

samm blake - you are so talented my dear friend. i would like to wear your eyeballs for a day and see the world how you see it. xoxo

simon - I’ve just started shooting and that’s inspiring. tres cool

Holly - I love them all!! There were very lucky to have you do their session – every image tells a story!

Narrelle Joy - I don’t think I’ve ever commented on your blog before, but felt compelled to this time. This is quite possibly my favourite blog post ever. So rich in story and emotion, and the realness of just being.
The first black and white of them laying in the grass, with the sunflare behind them – speechless.

Mandy Campbell - Holy fricking wow Batman! (Er, Spiderman?) Beyond incredible, I’ve actually lost the ability to string words together. You’re a magician.

kyle hale - Woah. Image 34 maybe the best portrait I’ve seen this year

Nils - AMAZING!!!!!! Goosebumps!!!!!

nik pekridis - Totally new “point of view” mate :)Kudos !
Still wait from you to create your profile @ http://www.pws.gr :)

Julian Beattie - Fantastic as per usual, Mr Day! And these two are awesome – Obviously .. I mean, just look at the dudes name! ;P

Jesse Pafundi - Just an incredibly emotional set of frames. Wow.

Teresa - Freakin’ amazing! So so stunning.

alyda - is this the raddest couple ever? yes they are. lucky they have the raddest photographer ever. loves.

Falcon - The tone, the colors.. oh my!

James Moes - Such style.

David Lee - Dan, this images are astounding! Not only is this a rediculously stylish couple, but you took these images to and in some case beyond fine art. I don’t envy the couple in trying to pick their favorites. You really did an incredible job capturing the feel and style of Julian and Amy. What a fun couple, what a fun shoot!

Sarah Williams - So. In. Love. with these x

Bek - Finally!!!! those last few (please don’t take this the wrong way), little people photos have at last jogged my memory since I saw your presentation at the wedding workshop in Melb….am I wrong? Does Jeffrey smart inspire you? Too lovely:)

mitch huntley - holy shit! your eye is paramount! probably the best set ever by anyone!

fer juaristi - there´s just a natural beauty on your work.

Ariel Renae - these are breathtaking.

Jason starr - I lost my nut on these pictures! Dan the man O’Day

gemma - A-MAZ-ING
one of the most incredible series I’ve seen in a long time. Beautiful work.

Mary Kathryn - Genius

Jeff Adams Photography - Simple, fresh! Grear ideas!

Brian Terry - Well done Dan. BT

Janet Palmer - Dan O Dan O Dan… how you kill me with your images, but mostly inspire me to get where I want to be…

I’d love you to come and photograph, husband and our crazy house one day lol

nirav - Incredible work man! Love the connection you guys had

Kell - MaN oh MaN Daniel O’Day. Have I told you lately that I think you’re great ;) Sorry for the late coming visit.

Anna - Stunning! The light – wow! The red dress – wow! Absolutely breathtaking!

David Ferguson | Brisbane - I would be looking forward to this wedding too. What an interesting couple with a really unique style. I look forward to seeing their wedding captured superbly by you! These are fantastic by the way, love your work.

mae - wow.

PJ Photos - this is so good!!!

Ieva - Wow just beautiful!

Pobke - i’m speechless… this is beautiful dan. really really beautiful. i don’t really know what to say. they’re stunning.:)

Cols Thorpe - Dan! Your crazy fan here! I am waiting to see your wedding pictures of this couple.. :)

Julia Manchik - Really really really like this shoot. Loved all the couch shots, and then that fabulous tree!

jeff marsh - frick

Ailsa - amazing! images full of inspiration, thank you for sharing

Teresa Dickson - Stunning images and a cool couple!

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