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2011 AIPP Australian Creative Photographer of the Year

Well, not sure where to start with this. Since starting to shoot as a professional I have always set myself goals of achievement, both personal and professionally. After watching my first Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) Awards judging a few years ago I said to myself that it would be my dream to one […]

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Tracy - Congratulations, Dan. So very well deserved :)

Zoe - Oh Dan….oh my word – these pull me in, they are so beautiful….. x

Jono - Love all that negative space!

marissa fleming - well done dan! what you dream you can achieve and you have ;-)yay
keeping the bar high

Andrew Cahill - Congratulations Dan, stunning work, well done.

Shannon McDonald - Very well deserved. You’re pretty freaky yourself.

Josh Tilton - Much deserved Dan! Congratulations!

Jakob - Money, money and money. Well done, sir.

Alyda - So proud of you Daniel!!

Travis Shumate - Holy Moley. Very well deserved. Beautiful images.

todd hunter mcgaw - daniel, when i first saw you, i knew that you had a flame in your heart.. And under our blue skies, marble skies, i found a home in your eyes.. we’ll never be apart.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00ZHah-c0hQ..
dude.. i just got an email from your Mum.. the subject line is “my special little guy”..
ps.congrats big time on your accolades brother, you’re freakishly talented..
pps. please remember me when you’re famous ;)
ppps. absolutely!

Pobke - so proud of you my lil daniel… it’s so amazing to see your journey. when i first met you all those years ago, i never would have thought you’d be the superstar you are today. after all, i was in my car, you were the derro offering to clean my windscreen… i didn’t realise there was such talent within this dirty homeless guy washing windows with his little squeegee. and now lookatcha! dan o’day is taking the world by storm. i’ll never forget what you told me that one day… “But I ain’t never crossed a man that didn’t deserve it…Me, be treated like a punk, you know that’s unheard of. You better watch how you talkin, and where you walkin, or you and your homies might be lined in chalk.” i didn’t want to be lined up in chalk. so i told myself to never forget that. :)

loves you daniel. SO proud of everything you’ve achieved. i hope i’m even 10% like you when i grow up. you’re amazing.

Mandy Campbell - You’re awesome and you deserve every accolade. It was a thrill watching your images judged (and also watching you judge). Congrats.

Robyn Geering - A very huge congratulations to you – seriously awesome achievement, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of such success.

Thea - Congratulation Dan! Such an amazing achievement xo

Thommo - So proud of you dude!

Jason Vdm - Legend. A win for the good guys :) Look forward to seeing what’s next.

michelle - you’re clever :)

alyda - think Christine & Todd should have a comment off. Winner gets a hug :)

DJ Paine - well done sir. i saw two of your prints come up in judging down in sydney… and i knew both would do well. talk soon!

john benavente - too good dan!

tim - dude… amazing! well deserved & well done.

David Robertson - your talent and hard work is rightfully being recognised. massive congratulations mate

liz arcus - just beautiful Dan, i so proudly looked at these images at APPA knowing some of these were yours, and guessing the others were too…i loved pointing them out to some people at APPA and saying they were yours… i love them all very much. congratulations Dan :-) You are an inspiration to me and so many others.

sammypants - you are so talented Mr O’Day… you have an amazing gift of seeing the world in such a unique way. you have opened my eyes up to so much and have taught me so much more. so proud of you and all your achievements, this is just the very start. xoxo

Lev Kuperman - these are seriously breathtaking. no words…

MichelleK - Congrats again Dan. So beautiful.. and mighty inspiring.

Mark Dohring - Inspiring Inspiring Inspiring. A huge congrats. You truly inspire me Dan.

Adrian - Amazing work Dan. Truly inspirational. Love it.

Sjoerd Booij - Congrats!!

Tyler Branch - ya. really well deserved. you’ve got a great eye for life and that shows in the way you take pictures. congrats.

Anna - Congratulations! You are inspiring! I love your work!

TRacy - Posting these superb images is not in any way self-indulgent. It encourages the rest of us inspiring photographer. Thank you for sharing. And why the hell shouldn’t you celebrate your hard work and creativity. It’s all good.

Kellee Walsh - Congratulations Dan! These are incredible & you totally deserve the accolades.

David Ferguson | Brisbane - Congratulations Dan, I saw your name in the email the other day. Well done.

Delia - Wow, super impressive!! Congratulations!

Pete - Just found these by accident … or did I. It seems I needed to see them. Really beautiful. And congratulations.

Thomas & Yoko – (Just a little bit)

A couple of images I am working on from Thomas and Yoko’s wedding (couldn’t resist)

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samm blake - wow…..i LOVE.

Josh Tilton - F*cking superb work Dan.

Zandra - wow, Dan, that third one’s amazing!

ALMA - Sweetnesssssss.

john benavente - yoke here, yoko their, love!

Steve Elmer - Shiver me Timbers!!! BW radness just got amp’d. Word Brother ‘:P

Tenielle - Making my heart thump. It’s beautiful to know what it feels like to be loved like, it’s even more beautiful that you can capture that so intimately with 2 people. love.

Thommo - Brings back the memories man, These are sensational!

Dale Tidy - Gorgeous black and white close up

Mary W - So beautiful. I love your work.

Valerie (Colibriphoto) - Beautiful! The last one is absolutely BREATHTAKING!

mark dohring - Awesome images Dan, Looking forward to hearing you speak in a couple of weeks in Melbourne. Making the journey from good old Radelaide.

andy - amazing.
you are one of my fav.
the tones,your postprocessing absolutly fantastic.like your work man.
so long and thx you share this with us.

Bonnie - Beautiful! The homey, simple, and full-of-love mood of the wedding really shines through.

its beautiful here - in the mood for love…

Cols Thorpe - This is so beautiful… you are the best!

Rog - oh frick

Jayde - dan – it was such a privilege to be be able to come on this shoot with you and watch the way that you do things. it was so obvious that you love what you do and you are constantly in the moment. you are such an inspiration to me – and these images are amazing !!!!!

I’m in New York

I am in NYC at the moment and will be here for the next 2 weeks. Its down time for me so I have gone away to re-charge my battery’s for what is lining up to be an amazing 12 months ahead. I have so much news to share with you all and sooooo many […]

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Pobke - Love seeing NYC through your eyes, friend. :)

michelle - wow.

Kirsten - I LOVE NYC!!!! and you captured it well… @ weeks. lucky you!!! Enjoy!!

Pat Polis - Beautiful shots Dan, I particularly like the one with the sun setting over the girls head, lovely.

Vaughany - I L O V E LOOKING AT YOUR PHOTOS. You make me wanna shoot more DanO.

Elisse - My favourite is 20. Spectacular!

john benavente - wish I could unwind in NY :)

Tim - Great stuff. Glad you’re having some fun down time

Kellee - Awesome set Dan!

hilary wardhaugh - Daniel darling…Absolutely fantastic imagery, love the the style and production of these images.

alyda - looks like you’re owning the shit out of NYC. awesome images my friend :)

Jazzy - Dan these photos are Amazing, what did you shoot these with? Love the night shots, beautiful.

Monika - I’m so in-love with your work. Always look forward to your images. And your person project is so inspiring. Hop you will get a chance to spend a day with another couple to document their story. I wish I would have someone for you, I live near by NYC. Have a great time in big apple:)

Thommo - Awesome as always brother!

You sure know how to work that Fuji!

t-bone - dude.. i am pickin’ up what you’re puttin’down.. i’m diggin’ it dogg.. you’re layin’ some tracks of glory brother D & i am there for the shread sister.. bring the noise girlfriend!

romin - I was checking out the x100, but I’m completely sold now. Wow.

Kirra Cheers - Wow. Love them

Jordy - Amazing. This makes me appreciate the X100 even more.