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Ahh.. I love my job.

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Karen Buckle - This is art! You are so clever Dan!

hailey - and a beautiful frame it is! lovely work!

samm blake - beautiful.

Pobke - so sneaky!! :) me lovey. (that’s a step up from ‘me likey’)

Trevor Mace - yup i was there and this sneaky shot captures the happy vibe of the day

Beata English - Love it. So beautiful and I adore the black and white. Is this film?

Jessica O'Brien - This was such a wonderful day which has been captured perfectly

Thea Mcgrath - ahh lovely! can’t wait for the rest!

David Robertson - Absolutely. Amazing.

John Benavente - nice mood!

Stewart Leishman - Nice work brother! Film is not dead ;)

Tenielle - You are Brilliant. So simple, yet says sooo much.

Vanessa Parker - As one of the bridesmaids I can definately say- Dan in the Man!

He made the whole day so much fun!!

Beaaaautiful :)

jenny Mace - Hi Dan what a great shot! makes a mother proud and thanks for making their day so special Jenny

Renee Gill - oh this is so amazing i cant wait to see more…. what a day! love your work

Rodrigo Vargas - I keep coming back to check the rest of this post but alas… no update! Dying to see the rest of this wedding Dan. Hurry up and post it already!! :)

Alan - Sweeet dude.

Jeremy Beasley - Dearest Mr. O’day, you rock my moderately sized socks. I wanna get married just so I can see more of your ridiculously good photos. May the photos be with you.


This month the Australian Pro Photography magazine CAPTURE published it’s annual publication fittingly named … um.. “The Annual” – (Should have thought that one through a bit more). Anywho, absolutely honored to have my work featured in this edition alongside so much Australian talent. Go get yourself a copy at your local newsagent or bookshop.

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alyda - so proud of you my friend. look at you go :)

Tracy - Congratulations, Dan. So well deserved. will def be getting a copy to see who else in it it too! :) Congrats

LisaK - Totally deserved! Love your work Dan : )

Bianca - Big Big Big Contratulations Dan!

Rodrigo Vargas - Congratulations! Your stuff’s pretty awesome, so no real surprise! :)

Susan Stayer - Congratulations! That’s great news! You belong in there!

kylie - I buy this mag every month and found myself with a big smile on my face when I read the article featuring yourself !

Alan - Wooo sexy!

Terence - That is awesome Dan. Well done.

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Leo & Laura

My biggest post to date, for my biggest wedding to date. Laura and Leo’s wedding was my first big Greek/Italian wedding and I loved every second of it…. Thanks for taking me along for the ride guys, I want to say so much more but I might just let the pics speak for themselves (for […]

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amber - you, my friend, surpass amazement. seriously this is beautiful- still drooling over that shot of the b&g tocuhing noses

alyda - i want to marry these photos! your best mr o’day!

Katie - DAN!!!! This is AMAZING. Absolutely your best work I’ve seen yet. Wow, wow, wow. The getting ready & ceremony shots in particular are just phenomenal. Also loving the BW dancing series.

Charles - LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Man, there is nothing like culture. Greek and Italian is the perfect receipt for fun. LOve the intimate pics of the couples a lot, friend. Another job well done. All the shots are uber wicked. Dancing shots, i Likeeeee tooooo

Phill - Epic. And a whole lexicon of other superlatives. In 26 volumes.

Tracy - loving the black and white series of shots

Thommo - Bro, These are ridonkulous!!!!! The photos have captured the day exactly as it happened!!

You have blown me away!

Amanda Thorson - you have a real gift…not many photographers are artists as well.

Pobke - dan. it sure must be nice to be you. :) love every moment of this beautiful wedding. rock on, brother friend. (in case you can’t tell, i’m clapping as i’m typing this… bravo! encore!!)

Jeremy Beasley - If you only had one wedding to say how wicked dan-the-man-o’day was at shooting wedding pictures, this would be it. Nailed it bro, wicked B&Ws too

suzanne - Oh yeh…This post is EPIC! In more ways than one! The getting ready shots are incredible! But I think my fav is the dress-in-the-air-dancing shots! They made me smile from ear to ear! :)

mandy - I adore this wedding Dan! So many incredible moments captured :) Love love love the dancing!!

Julian Beattie - Your best yet, Dan. Great stuff!

Mark - Great stuff, Dan!

Amy A - Awesome! Love, love love it!!!!

David Paterson - Well done son! Laura and Leo must be thrilled. I told you I would be keeping an eye on this one! Laura holding the old photo… very nice!

Tonelle - Laura!! What amazing wedding pics! Looked like a wonderful wedding!

Laura - Dan-Oh-Day, you made my Day! Oh how happy I am right now. You captured our day so darn well, I couldn’t thank you more. The comments are coming thick and fast on how great the quality of shots are. Thank you ever so for doing such an amazing job and i feel terrible that you were up all night, but i’m sure it’s worth it with all the praise you’ve been getting. Sei molto bravo! Salute to Dan-the-man! A big X

Gemma Carr - YOU ROCK! wow, just wow.

Anya - WOW! Beautiful touching work!

Anh - biggest wedding = biggest post = EYES POPPING for moi!!!!! Luv lurve love it so much .. the emotions and the colors are just so raw!!!! My fav!!!!

stephanie - you did a great job at capturing the details of this wedding. I love the use of no flash in a lot of the before and getting ready shots. I love how dark they are and the mood created by this. you did a great job!

Rodrigo Vargas - POW! Awesome stuff Dan. Awesome.

David Lee - DAN, these are incredible man!! You really captured the beauty of the day with the tiny little details!

Thea Mcgrath - Oh Dan – I love love love the shots of them dancing with the purple and white banners above them! PS I also Love your new branding – matched you perfectly xoxoxo

michelle - beautiful.

james (not o') day - That dress shot with the shoes below. Killer shot. However, I can’t really just pick that one image out from the rest, because seriously, there’s not a shot out of place. Exquisite set.

Bianca - Hi there – I am a bride in Canberra. I chose my wedding photographer a long time ago…unfortunately I didn’t know about you at the time though and payments have been made so there’s no “going back”. I rarely comment on blogs but I just thought I should say that you are a brilliant photographer and the bride is stunning! Honestly I wish I was invited…it looks like so much fun!!! Congrats to the bride and groom (proves Canberra is a small town…I have seen a lot fo the faces about town) and congrats you as their photographer. What a beautiful couple and family…salute! bianca

Tyler Branch - superb work Dan

James Boddington - Great work! Gotta love a big fat Greek wedding

Matt Ebenezer - Awesome work Dan. Really impressive coverage!

Shaun Guest - Great work mate. Really well found/caught images. Fantastic storytelling.

Terence - Words are so inadequate sometimes. Very inspiring.

Jodi Mc - Speechless Dan – LUUUUURVE every image. Sublime. (We met in Melb last week – booked into HOTD for you so you better bring it…..).

jason starr - I love it. Really captures the energy of a greek wedding.

Dan O’Day, Australian Wedding Photographer - […] almost hauntingly beautiful backdrop of the Australian outback, as well. You can find the full post here but it’s definitely worth taking the time to have a look at the rest of his catalogue of […]