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Monthly Archives: October 2010


Ok, so it’s 4am and I need to get some rest so I will come back and say a few more words about this amazing couple in the next couple of days. If I were to some it up I would say the following words: cold, windy, amazing, film, car headlights and the dirty dancing […]

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Zandra - wow, Dan, amazing. Love it.

Pobke - The lift! YES! The pastor in the church! YES! The little boy in aisle! YES! The frames! (That frame shot reminds me a lot of Christine Pobke’s work, do you know her?) HAHAHA. Love the frames. :) Loves!

Tenielle - DELISH-USH! Windswept photos…. are so very beautiful! Shadow and movement… light and love…. this wedding is so loverly!

Tim - Easy to see why you’re the “best”. I really love the very first photo. It is a beautiful and evocative piece of art.

Katie - Awesomeness + one billion.

Julia - AWESOME…..

Jeremy Beasley - Oh no you dideerrrrn’t *clicks fingers*. the black and whites are rocking my socks harder than the beastie boys right now. Nice work dizzler.

Jenny J - Oh you.

Michelle Moore - There’s an immediacy to these images that takes my breath away. I love the wind + the film.

John Benavente - dude..that second frame!

ryan flynn - so good. the headlight portraits are $$.

Gemma Carr - Oh My god, they ACTUALLY did the lift!!!! Nice.
Mr O’Day, you take wedding photos to a whole new level. Love ’em all!

Kelly Tunney - oooohhh I see it now (checked it out properly). Always a lovely post from you buddy. LOVE IT xo

Amanda Thorson - these are hot….what a beautiful bride, always laughing and smiling.

Stewart Leishman - Shit hot! Love the blue.

Hannalee Photography - I’ll say it again: very different! Love it!