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Monthly Archives: September 2010


On one fine morning out at Lake George, myself and my partner in crime Christine took some pictures of one another.. I shot film, Christine shot digital, I said potato she said potata ? You can see some of the images Christine took of me in the same session here. I love shooting film, I do […]

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Mysweetmuse - Lu just said to me “What is Christinepobke doing there in the forest?? Is she lost? With the ALPACAS????” Hehehehehe Beeeeeautiful series….love it!!!

Tracy - How hot are those Llamas? Christine’s a bit of alright too :) seriously, that first frame is heavenly.

todd hunter mcgaw - mr o’day, love your work brother.. 3rd & last pic = killers fo shiz!.. (nice modelling pobsicle)

Michelle Moore - LLAMAS!!! Awwwwwwww shaeeeeeeeeeeet. hehe. Oh yeah der…. Christine looks GAHORGEOUS :) Lovely frames!!

Jeremy Beasley - the first frame has this incredible feeling about it, beautiful

Mark - Seems like Christine has the wispy hair look down pat. Cool-looking alpacas too! Nice work!

Marissa Rodriguez - I love the lamas!!! I want one now :) Christine is beautiful I just love her!

Christine Pobke - i love llama. :) thanks for being such an artistic friend. now would it be too narcissistic if i put up a frame on my wall? maybe not if you sign it first. :)

alyda - lovvvvveeee these Mr O’Day. That Christine girl is hawt!

John Benavente - can’t beat film. period.

Robyn Geering - such a hot babe you are Christine, and I just love that first frame to bits. Awesome work.

Loren - Really beautiful film work : )

Julian Beattie - Awesome, Dan!

matt sloan - those are some funny looking kangaroos! ;) lovely photos!

Kirsten Mavric - Do you mind me asking what film you used? :)