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Last year, I spent a couple of day’s down the coast at Guerilla Bay.. I was there shooting for an exhibition I was holding later that year. I took this pic of Bec on the rocks.. Aside from the boat and the birds, it felt like we were the only two people awake at that […]

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Katie - Superb. Love those birds – my favourite bit. :-)

alyda - x60

Christine Pobke - what birds, kk?

hehehe. i adore the silhouette – you can’t tell whether they’re two people kissing or one big man pondering. (i’m choosing to ignore the fact that you said it was bec – it’s my own interpretation!) :)

kristen - dude, that’s so personal.

Beth Jennings - Love this man, nuff said

mujzisme - wow super nice =)

Jai Long - Best.


The first time I met Alicia was 2007 in Berlin. I never asked her what she did for a living and Alicia never asked me, we shared a brief conversation through a mutual friend outside a hostel in the heart of the city and then parted ways. It was purely by chance that two years […]

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Christine Pobke - So beautiful… man, those close up shots are pure magic, Dizzler. What an absolutely gorgeous wedding.. ENCORE, ENCORE!

todd hunter mcgaw - dude.. close up b/w action (027) is so awesome I think I might be pregnant!

Alicia - Wow – Love it Dan – You rock… It was the most amazing day of my life, and I am so happy you and Christine were there to capture every moment of it!! Leesh X

Eva - As per ToddyMctodderton, but I’m pregnant with TWINS!!! Adoring the bouquet against black….

Katie - Love love love love love love. Love. Love. Love love love. Should I go on? LOOOOOOVE. So many favourites.

alyda - Gold distinction! x 58

ps. great! Now my husband is pregnant – good one Dan!

John Benavente - nailed it!

Kristen - Cut it out, Dan.

caspix - Dan, you are king of the up close portrait… so gorgeous

Nicole Landgrebe - WOW, you have an amazing style…. just gorgeous…..


Well…. I finally got there and it was well worth the wait. Yesterday I returned home after spending a week in Melbourne for the 2010 AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPAs). The 2010 APPAs are like the photography industry’s Oscars. Over 700 photographers from all across Australia submit over 3000 prints to be judged by […]

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Christine Pobke - sir dizzler, you are amazingly inspirational, uber funny, and a wonderful friend. thanks for constantly putting a smile on this worker’s face – you deserve ALL of these accolades and MORE. your talent goes beyond these awards, and the world is gonna see Sir Dizzles-A-Lot everywhere, very soon! mark my words! xoxox loves you and am so very proud.

michelle fiona - wow wow wow. wow.

Samm blake - Congrats Dan!!!!! These images are awesome!! :) Xoox

Mark - Congratulations Dan, Your work is amazing! 1 point off the perfect ton you join the likes of Sir Don Bradman. 99 not out!

Jonas Peterson - Huge congrats, Dan. Which print scored the 99?

Katie - You are such an inspiration Dan. Love your work, love you, and feel very privileged that I was there for that amazing moment in your life and career. To infinity and beyond for Dan O’Day! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist throwing that in there seeing as Toby is watching Toy Story as I type, and it just seemed too appropriate!!) Many congratulations to you, clever. xo

Gemma Carr - I have been wondering which were your award winners. I got to see them at the awards, but didn’t know they belonged to.
Awesome& inspirational stuff Dan, and well deserved wins.
You’ve set the bar pretty high, you should be very proud.
Enjoy!!! :)

Kristen Cook - Totally well deserved Dan, seriously. what an amazing, wonderful achievement for you. I am so excited to see how things shape up for you over the next few years and what dizzying heights you reach. Onwards and upwards friend x

John Benavente - well done mate, your work is awesome!

Robyn Geering - seriously amazing news – congratulations. Such a prestigeous award to such a deserving person.

Beth Jennings - Well done Dan, you deserve every minute of the glory, savour it!! you’ll probably crack the category next year! xx

Lelle - Wow buddy, that is some amazing stuff, your a bit clever!!!

Nicole Ramsay - You rock!!! Totally awesome achievement. I was wrapped with my two silvers and it’s no wonder you’re full of excitement. Most deserving I say. Lovely to meet you too!

Tim - Congrats Dan – that’s an amazing outcome. So is it the top photo which brought home the trophy?



caspix - Dan, these images are inspiring and visionary – can’t wait to see what the future holds for you

Steph - Congrats again Dan. I particularly LOVE the last pic, what a handsome man!! You’re the best. Xoxo

tasj - Congratulations Dan! Beautiful work!!

Dean Bolton - Totally stunning images. I would have scored the 99 a perfect 100. I can’t stop looking at it. It’s been said many a time already… but congratulations!!!

suzie edwards - I’ve watched your journey with interest and admiration Dan – so much more ahead. Keep on keeping on.

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