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Ok! So I’m a few months late to the game on this one but I was sitting here this morning thinking to myself –I said it in last weeks blog post and ill say it again– ‘I really would like to blog more.’ I pull myself out of bed try to summon the energy to select a wedding to share and then it hits me! I haven’t blogged about any of the AIPP Awards this year! Win Win, images already selected, all in one place all ready for upload!

>Back story<

Much earlier this year the ACT NSW AIPP Print Awards were held in Sydney, I entered along with a bunch of other extremely talented picture makers. You can never let your guard down at these awards as you never know what amazing images other photographers have been able to create throughout the year so my mantra is “try not to second guess the judges and just enter images that my guts tell me I really really like.” In some cases it works in your favor (in a big way) and other cases completely not in your favour (in a big way) one example is the first image below #67nextprintplease .

I was completely stoked to win the Wedding Category for the local ACT local awards and with entrants like The Infamous Kelly Tunney, this can be no easy feat (*nervous laugh*). We then had the national awards later in the year where millions (ok, hundreds) of photographers met in one arena to have their years’ work judged in front of three rooms of 5 judges, over three days. Just imagine the last montage in “The Karate Kid” where all the different karate dojo’s from around the country gather under one roof and “sweep the leg” to the final face off. Anyway, very, very, very long story short I ended up as a finalist for the National Gong of AIPP Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year along with my fellow finalist Ryan Schembri and the victor James “Jimmons” Simmons (go son)!

Hats off to everyone that put their work out there to be awarded, scrutinised, exposed (pardon the pun) in front of so many. It takes guts (and a bit of cash).





David - *I just came here for the pictures* if there was an international award surely you’d win Dan. Your work to me is immense.

Rob - Dude that b&w with the groom in the shadow and the bride in the light is insane!!!! So flippin good! Congrats on the award :)

A FEW FAVES FOR NOW // Jess and Scotty {Denmark Wedding, WA}

I was having a conversation with my good buddy Samm Blake a while ago, we were saying to each other, “We should be able to make the time to “share” a story from every wedding we shoot. It doesn’t need to be long, it just needs to be something. As professionals, we should be able to deliver that at least for every wedding we document.” Of course, without having access to that ‘button’ that would enable us to stop time… this isn’t always a reality.

I know I don’t blog often and there are so many stories I am dying to share. I guess the craziness of life and travel get the better of me and my main focus a lot of the time is just to get the stories back to my couples and then, if I manage to make the time to blog, I will.

From this day forth! I am going to make a greater effort to share more of the unique stories of the couples I am fortunate enough to document. Even if its just “A Few Faves For Now”. Let’s call it my New Years resolution. TODAY: I am going to start with just a small selection from Jessica and Scotty’s celebration from almost 2 years ago now. Their wedding took place in Denmark, WA. This wedding felt extremely real… and I say that with the best intentions. This wedding has stuck close to me for a long time. I can’t explain it, it just has.

If you would like to see more from this story just let me know and I’ll share the full story soon. A huge thank you to lovely Rae Marie for coming along as co-pilot on this one.

Love, Dan.


Pretty days - Amazing pics Dan

V. Opoku - Brilliant work as always man, that first frame is a killer.
I am looking forward to this series.

Katie - Yes! Share more! I’m so glad your resolution is to share more because I could look at your art all day! If you ever shoot in Austin, TX please maybe just consider me for a second shooter?! Love your work!

Antony Turner - Yes Dan! Show more mate. BTW – are you coming back to the UK anytime soon?

Jozef Povazan - There is such a flow in your images I love to look at them. Kudos, great work. JP

Josie - You are such a wicked story teller! Yes, more please!

Anthea - Beautiful :) Can’t wait to see more of your couples and stories in the new year!

Pedro Bellido - cool! very good pics :)


So, a group of us photographers were having drinks to celebrate an industry event in Sydney a few months ago. As I was talking to Amy and Milton (Milton who is a fantastic wedding photographer; you can see his work, here ), we discovered that I would be in Italy while they would be in Paris at the beginning of their whirlwind European adventure for the winter.

Conversations bounced around, “we’d love to get photos of us taken” and, “it’s just a pity you’d be so close, and yet so far!”

A few moments later –whilst Amy was taken away into another conversation— Milton gave me the side-tilt with his head (suggesting secrecy) and told me there might be a proposal in the works while they were in Paris. He graciously said it would be amazing to get photos of the event and we spoke about how it would be a pity I’d be in the wrong country at that time.

Well, as soon as I heard that story, I knew I had to adjust my plans to be there.


The plan was simple: We’d rendezvous in Paris, we’d walk around till the sun was right about to go down, and then Milton would drop to one-knee and pop the question. I’d look down, check my lens cap was off, and then nab their fleeting moment.

In reality: After wandering around shooting for a couple of hours, just as the sun was going down (our prime time shooting window), our taxi driver got lost. A slight disheartenment from myself (and obviously Milton), with a side-tilt glance and a bit of a wink, I suggested to Milton and Amy, “Why don’t we meet up again tomorrow afternoon and have another play in the sun?”

The first set of images are from Day One (otherwise known as, The First Attempt):



And so ended Day One.

The below sequence of images are from the second afternoon we spent together (otherwise known as The Afternoon slash Evening of Success):




By the way, at this stage, Amy still has no idea what’s about to happen.




Light was lost again, but it didn’t matter so much this time, as Milton spotted the light pole that would illuminate the perfect stage for what was about to happen next…





Milton inspects the light pole. Looks at me. Gives me the knowing nod… I’m in position.




I actually got man tears.

Josie - Gosh I love your work! Your use of the wide angle lens is an inspiration. Beautiful story telling :)

Ryan - Wow! Killer shots dude. Loved every party about this one.


Soooooooo, Alex and Leo. I pretty confident the next few piccy’s will just about sum these two up. This is just a small teaser, I will share the full story in a while. For now, grab a coffee, beer, cigarette and a shot, kick back and enjoy.

Alex (to me): “Dan we want to go shopping at Wollies for the shoot.. We want to celebrate something we do most days of the week as a couple”

Dan (thats me): “I love you guys”.



A few days ago, Ruth and Ben celebrated one year of wedded bliss! It just so happens that I was there to capture their wedding a year ago at Chateau Solac in Bordeaux, France. I’ve been wanting to share this insane wedding for such a long time, so much so, as I was selecting the images I kept slapping myself on the forehead wondering why I’d been hiding this little gem of a story for so long. Anyway, finally, here it is! Ruth and Ben’s epic wedding.. You might be able to tell that they were a pretty happy bunch and it was amazing to see how close the families were; hugs and laughter central.

Also, huge shout out to my amazing second shooter Andrea from All Grown Up Weddings for shooting this day with me. She has a few crackers appear below as well. I hope you enjoy. // Dan


One more shout out to the talented stylists / planners for this wedding from Marry me in France  - Nice work team.


Ok, so here is the thing. I have been keeping these two secret for quite a while waiting for the green light to share this insane day. Meet Pia and Jonah, they got married last October and invited me to take some pictures at their intimate jewish rock festival of love. I had previously noticed these two from afar at a couple of their friends weddings I also happened to photograph, so I kind of had a suspicion of what I might be in for (hey there Yvonne, Boruch and Bec and Max if you are watching)! – This is what it is all about, celebration, love, food and styling at its finest. Speaking of which Pia is the crazy talented owner of stationary and event and styling company Mrs Ink and Co . Today is extra great as Pia and Jonah’s wedding is also featured in the brand spanking new issue of Hello May (out today).

I would also like to give a huge shout out to James and Andrea from All Grown Up Weddings for shooting this epic occasion with me, also a massive high five to the highly skilled ladies behind the flowers, The Sisters . Might want a grab a coffee and set aside a good 10 mins for this one. Enjoy