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Soooooooo, Alex and Leo. I pretty confident the next few piccy’s will just about sum these two up. This is just a small teaser, I will share the full story in a while. For now, grab a coffee, beer, cigarette and a shot, kick back and enjoy.

Alex (to me): “Dan we want to go shopping at Wollies for the shoot.. We want to celebrate something we do most days of the week as a couple”

Dan (thats me): “I love you guys”.


Margaux Vié - Absolutly amazing :) I’m french and i’m sorry for my bad english, but I just want to tell you : I follow you since 2 years (I’m also a wedding photographer) and i just want become as good photographer than you. You’re enjoying my days when you publish a post ;) so thank you !

mackenzie - amaaaaaaaaazing

Anna Turner - AMAZE…….Sigh……….

James Frost - Super good man!

Josie - These are bloody good!!

Pretty Days - Amazing pictures Dan

ed peers - Yeeesssss!

Adam Cavanagh - Awesome!!!

Kim - Beautiful! Beautiful!!

Hanneke - Haha Woolworths wedding photographer :D

Beautiful series!!

louie - Holy Frig!!!

A Couple Of Night Owls - Smashed is Dan!

Matt Jones - Awesome work, love it :)

nirav - lovely my friend. I miss thee.

stephanie - Everytime you post I’m like a kid on Christmas. I can’t fathom how the couples must feel. Slayed.

Eric Ronald - Very cool to see you weave your magic in Melbournw town. Killed it!

Glenn - Your talent makes me sick in the face


A few days ago, Ruth and Ben celebrated one year of wedded bliss! It just so happens that I was there to capture their wedding a year ago at Chateau Solac in Bordeaux, France. I’ve been wanting to share this insane wedding for such a long time, so much so, as I was selecting the images I kept slapping myself on the forehead wondering why I’d been hiding this little gem of a story for so long. Anyway, finally, here it is! Ruth and Ben’s epic wedding.. You might be able to tell that they were a pretty happy bunch and it was amazing to see how close the families were; hugs and laughter central.

Also, huge shout out to my amazing second shooter Andrea from All Grown Up Weddings for shooting this day with me. She has a few crackers appear below as well. I hope you enjoy. // Dan


One more shout out to the talented stylists / planners for this wedding from Marry me in France  - Nice work team.

Jakub - What a wedding! Beautiful work Dan and Andrea.

Lucy Spartalis - You continue to reign supreme, Dan.
The millisecond I get engaged, I’m contacting you.

Jim - Cracking job boss, I’m shooting there next week. Now supercharged excited.

James Frost - Super bad ass post dude! Nailed it

Myekie - Immaculate. Masterfully captured. Just incredible Dan.

Alan Law - Fabulous as always!

Zosia - Holy Moly! This whole post is sublime, guys! Stunning work!

Linda - Those photos are AMAZING! What a talent you have! Wish I saw this before I got married…
Ruth and Ben always gorgeous x hope to see you both again soon xxx Linda

Andreas - Superb Dan!

Luke Chisholm - Dan, there’s only one of you… that’s for sure. When I see your work I know it’s yours in a heartbeat. I get lost in the way you see stuff every time I check out what you’re up to. Just brilliant in every way.

Fotografia Ślubna Gdańsk - I can say just only two words: Absolutely stunning! :D

JK Blackwell - Just wow! I especially love the shot of the girl with her face on the plate and the one of the girl playing the piano. Beautiful work.

Blue Colibri - Each image you take has a story in it, all together they make a tale.

Chris - Urgh Dan, you and Andrea are siiiiiiiick! This is SO lovely. Well done.(again!)

Elin - Dan, love your photography!! You really find the little details and capture the real moments! Sorry about asking a boring technical question, but what light/setting do you use for those evening shots, it looks really nice, keeping that ambient light.
All the best, Elin.


Ok, so here is the thing. I have been keeping these two secret for quite a while waiting for the green light to share this insane day. Meet Pia and Jonah, they got married last October and invited me to take some pictures at their intimate jewish rock festival of love. I had previously noticed these two from afar at a couple of their friends weddings I also happened to photograph, so I kind of had a suspicion of what I might be in for (hey there Yvonne, Boruch and Bec and Max if you are watching)! – This is what it is all about, celebration, love, food and styling at its finest. Speaking of which Pia is the crazy talented owner of stationary and event and styling company Mrs Ink and Co . Today is extra great as Pia and Jonah’s wedding is also featured in the brand spanking new issue of Hello May (out today).

I would also like to give a huge shout out to James and Andrea from All Grown Up Weddings for shooting this epic occasion with me, also a massive high five to the highly skilled ladies behind the flowers, The Sisters . Might want a grab a coffee and set aside a good 10 mins for this one. Enjoy






Tahnee - Dan strikes again! Incredible. My goodness, what a beautiful story.

Eric Ronald - I love the energy in Jewish weddings which you captured so well. Beautiful work amigo.

Luke Going - You keep setting the standard Dan. Or shall I say you blow it out of the water? Whatever. You rock!

Megan Saul - I took your advice. Made a plate of tomatoes and mozzerella and scrolled. Good choice and boy do I love this wedding. Tell Josh to marry me now so I can give you an excuse to be back in the states. ;] <3

Alex Motta - This is amazing. Love your work bro!

mackenzie - i loved everything about this! i feel like i was there. you are brilliant!!!

Pretty Days - Always the same words about your work Dan… Incredible, Amazing, Love it…

David - Great work as always, Mr. O’Day.

Julia Jane - Oh my god, that day looks like epic fun!

Serafin Castillo - My mind blown, congratulations dude!

Jack Chauvel - Just Brilliant Dan.

Kim - Absolutely crazeee! Love them Dan! (The people and the photos)

micheal beaulieu - jesus, best ever, ever. I am hungry now.

Andreas - Superb Dan!

Paul Marbrook - These are incredible, very inspiring. What a fantastic day! :)

Jessica Tremp - There’s no wedding like a Jewish one. So beautifully and naturally captured. Love the shot of him taking her hand and leading her through the crowd after the ceremony.

IBB - such good memories! what a beautiful day

Jean-Laurent Gaudy - Impressive & wonderful work here Dan. You nailed it.

stephanie - I cry EVERY time I visit this blog. Which is EVERY time you post something. For me, you’re tops.

Shah Photography - Great story telling pictures convey what this wedding was all about

Blue Colibri - When i look at your images everything makes sense.

Brad - Dude this is epic! Pushed the boundaries again!

Ashdown & Bee - Beautiful photos of our signage, props and event styling concept that we created for this couple!

Jessica Fey - Bravo, Dan’o :)


Ok, yes this blog post is a little late in coming but I just realised I haven’t blogged about this and I had better get this post up before the 2014 AIPP ACT Portrait Photographer of the year is selected (next week). Last year I was fortunate enough to be given the title of 2013 ACT AIPP Portrait Photographer of the year, as well as winning the Album category. Below are the top 4 scoring images images I had entered in the portrait category. The book I won album of the year with was Ginger and Pearl – you can view a post of their beautiful album here. I want to thanks everyone who pushes themselves to enter these awards, the standard is incredibly high and I don’t take a recognition like this for granted. Thank you to all of the judges, print handlers and volunteers that donate their time to this event every year. I would like to also thank all the amazing people that came out in primary colours for my 100 portraits project (below) – you all rock. I hope you enjoy the piccy’s below!


Below are some images of Ginger and Pearls book.

Zöe - completely so much blooming AWESOME Dan.. love love love (as always x)
I love the joy and happiness you have managed to convey in that last frame – FROM FREAKIN SILHOUETTES – Dan you are a marvel!

Matt Smith - Do you have any workshops coming up Dan? Would sure love to do one!

Erik - Splendid images Dan!

James Frost - Art at it’s finest! All of theses fames are gold!

HayleyLane - Beaautiful! I love the 100 portraits, looks awesome :)

Blue Colibri - Congratulations! Im writing this second time i think my first note was dumped to spam. I’m really happy for your achievements and I’m really happy that i discover you a year ago. You been inspiration ever since and light never look the same. Thanks inspiration of the year.

Photographer Cornwall - Congratulations for this keep up the good work


So grateful to the team at White Magazine for Featuring Ginger and Pearl’s story in their current Issue. To find out more about this couples amazing story, it all started here, and then it went here and then of course, today’s post.

This is a journey that (hopefully) everyone that reads wedding magazines and scrolls through wedding blogs should aspire too.


Sachin Khona - You da man, Dan.

Blue Colibri - congratulations!

HayleyLane - Beautiful story! I love that magazine :)


Recently I posted a few photo’s from Arianne and Kane’s insane Bali wedding here. The night before that crazy day we took a walk around and grabbed some snaps.. Looking at these pictures now forces me to pinch myself.. I am one lucky duck to do what i do. I hope you enjoy.

James Frost - Off the chains dude smashed it!

Emily - Pefection. Every single frame.

Zoe - The connection between the couple, that light, that place – wow, so so beautiful x

Crisal - You really do have the best job and are the best at it. Love your work Dan. xox Cristal

Sarah Williams - Beautiful x

ALMA // - Mantap Bli!!

Oli - Bugger. One of the few out there who’s shots you can spot a -mile- away (and I didn’t work that out just because i’m on your blog right now #fyi #bro #boom). Brill, moite.

Lauren Scotti - AMAZING shots. Great work!

Nick Evans - You little beauty!

Weeli Goh - Absolutely incredible! Well deserving of the Photographer of the Year award!

JDIZZ - You are a photo sensei Danny boy.

michelle - stunning.. soulful.. incredible light and colour..

Mal Peacock - What a great way to end the day

mackenzie - gorgeous. i can feel the air.

Lindsay Anne Dransfield - Ohhh these are amazing. What an awesome place to go for a wedding!

Taylor Roades - killer.

Caitlin - LOVE, as usual. The black and white especially!

chris prestidge - love.love.love

HayleyLane - Breathtaking! An amazing experience captured forever :)

Alice - Beautiful stuff! Look at those skies!